Lioness Proves Herself the Braver and Crosses a River Her Mate Won’t!

Lion and lioness drinking at the watering hole
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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: October 24, 2023

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Coming to a crossroads in life can often seem very scary. Whether that means we as humans have to decide between two careers, two different states, or even two different people we might love. The same can be said of animals in the wild animal kingdom as well. Whether it means they have to decide between the crossroads of pretty to go after, other animals to trust, or places to go. Well, we see two lions coming to a crossroads by this river in the video posted below.

Watch the Incredible Video Posted Below!

Crocodile-Infested River in Kruger National Park

Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) swallowing an Impala - Kruger National Park (South Africa)

Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) swallowing an Impala – Kruger National Park (South Africa).

The next YouTube video takes us to the Kruger National Park, located in Southern Africa. This video was uploaded by the Maasai Sightings YouTube channel, which has more than 599,000 subscribers to their amazing videos! They frequently share videos from Africa on animals, such as wildebeest, wild dogs, lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, crocodiles, and more! They share their description of what happened in the video below.

“The Nile crocodile is quite widespread throughout sub-Saharan Africa, the Nile Basin, and Madagascar in rivers, freshwater marshes, and mangrove swamps. On average the Nile crocodile is between 4 meters (13.1 feet) to 4.5 meters (14.7 feet), weighing around 410 kg (900 lb). Although the lion has a lot of advantages over the crocodile in terms of a fight, the crocodile would win in a fight against a lion. The crocodile is simply too large and powerful for the lion to defeat.”

Bravery Vs. a Crocodile Filled River

At the start of this video, we see two lions that are at the edge of the shoreline of the river. A male and a female need to cross this river. However, one very important thing to remember is that this is Africa, and the Nile crocodile is ever present in these waters. And these lions are all too familiar with that. 

The lioness takes her shot and knows that this is a crossroads she must pass. She enters the water slowly and starts swimming. But, the male lion seems frozen; he cannot pass this crossroad. He is too fearful for what lurks below. 

How Many Nile Crocodiles Are There?

The Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) of the genus Crocodylus is a large reptile that is central to Africa. These beasts can weigh up to 1,650 pounds and reach 20 feet long. 

It is estimated that there are anywhere from 50,000-70,000 Nile crocodiles in Africa! With these sheer numbers, it is no wonder that animals that try to cross the rivers of Africa at every turn are being hunted! 

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