Little Lion Cub Lets Its Instincts Get the Better of It and Chases a Fully Grown Wildebeest

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: November 15, 2023

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An adorable Asiatic lion cub walking in the safari
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Young ones are so impressionable. They watch our lives and what we do and try their best to mimic what we say and do. This is no different in the animal kingdom. Let’s see a lion cub who tried to be just like his mother on a hunt.

Lion Cub Sighting in the Maasai Mara

The above video takes us to the Maasai Mara in Kenya, Africa. Within the Maasai Mara, we are at the Ol Kinyei Conservancy. This conservancy has 18,700 acres. According to the Gamewatchers Safari, they have this to say about the conservancy.

“Ol Kinyei Conservancy is home to only two small, safari camps, the Porini Mara Camp and Porini Cheetah Camp, both of which accommodate a maximum of only 12 guests each at any given time – making this not only an exclusive experience.” 

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This video was uploaded by the Maasai Sightings YouTube channel. They offer their description of what happened in the video below.

“Hunting activities typically start when cubs are only 6 weeks old. The little ones learn by closely watching their mothers and the other lionesses in their pride. They rely on the care of the elders in their pride until they’re a minimum of 16 months in age.” 

Lion Cub Vs. Wildebeest

Animals in Movies

Lions are carnivores.

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At the start of this video, we see a lion cub with his mother. He can see her movements, and he aspires to be like her in every way. He has undoubtedly seen her hunt and kill prey. So, at 32 seconds, this cub saw two lone wildebeest, and he made a small attempt to chase it down. However, he quickly stops and walks the other way. He knows these are way too big for him to try and take down at his age.

When Do Lion Cubs Start Hunting?

Ever heard the phrase, “Don’t grow up too fast?” Well, that can’t be said in the wild animal kingdom. In the wild, you do need to grow up fast to survive. Mothers will start to teach their cubs the skills of hunting at just six weeks old. They are by no means ready to brace the world and complete kills on their own. However, they are taught young so that they can quickly adapt to how life is for them in the wild.

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