Lucky Man Finds Rare, 1-in-a-Million Albino Crawfish

Written by Opal
Published: February 3, 2023
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There are plenty of rare and elusive animals in the world. Whether it’s the Amur leopard, vaquitas, or Javan rhinos, it’s always interesting to see creatures that are hard to locate. A fisherman that films his adventures happen to catch himself doing just that when checking one of his traps.

With a channel name like “Bass Fishing Productions,” you can expect some high-quality angling content. A young man named Bobby started his Youtube account in hopes of showing the world the critters he finds in the waters of south Florida

Bobby was checking one of his traps inside a tunnel to see if he caught anything worth documenting. Surprisingly, he reached in and pulls out an albino crawfish! A true albino crawfish is so rare, you have a one in five million chance of spotting one! 

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He places it in a clean tank in his home and asks his viewers for name suggestions. A top-rated comment on the upload says, “The “albino” crayfish is called a “white specter”. They’re so cool. I think you should name him Reaper.” 

Prickly Cave Crayfish (Cambarus hamulatus) from Tumbling Rock Cave, Jackson County, Alabama, USA
Prickly Cave Crayfish (Cambarus hamulatus) from Tumbling Rock Cave, Jackson County, Alabama, USA


Because it is a variety of the Electric Blue Crayfish, the White Specter Crayfish is included under the same species. Florida is the home state of the Electric Blue Crayfish, notably the regions east of the St. Johns River, multiple places south of Levy and Marion Counties, and as well as a portion of the Florida Keys. 

In actuality, they are the sole variety of crayfish that are endemic to Florida. These crayfish have been intentionally developed to be white from Electric Blue Crayfish so they can effectively reproduce with their blue relatives.

More About White Specter Crayfish

While actual lobsters don’t exist in freshwater, this crayfish is also referred to as the vanilla crawfish or vanilla lobster. This unique White Crayfish, in contrast to most of them, is extremely active and spends a lot of time scavenging the aquarium’s floor for food. 

An omnivorous scavenger, the white crayfish will consume practically any animal or plant-based meal. The White Crayfish matures swiftly and reproduces readily in aquariums. The White Specter Crayfish may react violently to other creatures in the aquarium as it gets older and becomes relatively possessive.

It’s not uncommon for people like Bobby to keep these creatures in domestic tanks. In fact, most information online about white crayfish and albino crawfish is relative to how to keep them as a pet. With the right care, these crawfish can live for five to six years. 

It’s crucial to maintain them in an aquarium with lots of places to hide if you intend to keep this crayfish among other crayfish or other big fish and invertebrates. Watch Bobby’s entire adventure catching this creature below! 

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White cancer with claws isolated on a white background.
White cancer with claws isolated on a white background.
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