Man Bravely Attacks Mountain Lion To Save His Dog (Graphic!)

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: October 19, 2023

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In a bizarre incident, a mountain lion attacks a dog and the owner jumps into the fray to save his beloved pet. There’s nothing as sweet and wholesome as a relationship between a human and his dog. Domestic dogs are often referred to be “man’s best friend.” This is because of their centuries-old history of intimate relationships, loyalty, friendliness, and connection with humans.

This Video May Be Graphic To Some Viewers: To See The Footage, Proceed Below

Watch a mountain lion attack a dog in a bizarre incident.

If you’re a dog owner, you’d likely do just about anything for your furry friend. A video uploaded to the YouTube channel, “Phil Poling,” shows an unbelievable moment in which a man attempted to save his dog.

Mountain lion perched on a rock near city with humans
Mountain lions are capable of inflicting significant harm, or even death.

The footage starts from what appears to be a semi-truck and shows a cougar running across a dirt road in the middle of the woods. A brown Labrador retriever quickly runs after the large cat, as if to take him down. 

Cougars, also known as mountain lions, are ferocious beasts that may weigh up to 180 pounds. When a mountain lion attacks a dog or human it could be quite dangerous as they are capable of inflicting significant harm, or even death. While encounters are uncommon and the likelihood of an attack is low, they are formidable creatures that can cause severe harm to a person or a dog.

The video continues with the cougar picking up speed as it lunges to attack what appears to be a golden retriever. This footage is hard to watch, as the innocent canine is instantly taken down by the powerful feline. 

Golden retriever stands on the grass and looks forward
What appears to be a Golden Retriever in the video below, sustained fatal injuries.

As the two animals wrestle on the ground, you can see a man come from behind the truck with a machete in his hands. He’s not planning on letting anything, even a big cat, get between him and his dog. 

Mountain lions mainly attack the head and neck, although they can sometimes hurt other regions of the body. If a cougar attacks your dog, which is rare, he or she will almost certainly have bite injuries that will necessitate sutures or surgery, depending on the extent of the assault.

The dog parent in this video towers over the cougar and begins hacking at it, attempting to get the cat away from his dog. Giving up doesn’t seem to be an option for this big cat but you can say the same thing about the man protecting his best buddy. 

Eventually, the dog, which has three legs, to begin with, scoots away. He has injuries that obviously need medical attention. The man stands on top of the cougar, holding it down over a pool of blood. According to the comment section of the video, the poor pooch had to be put down later that day due to his injuries. 

While we wish there were a better ending to this video, it’s a gruesome reminder to be aware of your surroundings, especially when in the forest. 

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