Man Builds Army of Obese Raccoons In Hilarious Video

Written by Opal
Published: August 3, 2022
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Former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, James Blackwood, is appropriately named “Raccoon Whisperer,” online. Blackwood lives in Churchville, Nova Scotia, on a modest, unassuming four-acre plot. The thing he loves most about where he lives is the wildlife in his backyard.

While most people with acreage may experience a stray deer every once in a while, James shares the land with a nursery of raccoons. People often think that raccoons are only around to steal and forage in every place they shouldn’t. Whether that’s your trash can, recycling, or even your garage. 

The truth is, raccoons are fairly shy, sweet animals, and Blackwood showcases just that on his Youtube channel. In one of his videos, you can see him giving these critters an entire bucket of grapes before hand-feeding them hot dogs as they climb all over him. There’s no question how he got the nickname, “Raccoon Whisperer.” James seems to find great joy in spending time with these animals from the comfort of his back porch.

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After dining on grapes and hot dogs, you’d think the raccoons would be stuffed. An average adult raccoon in the wild weighs, at most, 20 pounds. As you’ll see in the video below, the ones that visit James are quite rotund, weighing between 50 and 60 pounds each. To top off the previous goodies, he gives the raccoons a dessert consisting of vanilla cookies. 

Hey, we can’t knock an animal for eating something so delicious. James mentions that the animals appear to be hungry because of the cold weather. We have to question if they’ve stopped foraging in the wild, knowing they can get tastier food from Blackwood. 

Raccoons are year-round active animals since they do not truly hibernate. In order to spend the majority of the winter resting in their dens, certain raccoons, particularly those throughout northern regions, such as Canada, may accumulate body fat in the spring and summer.

So, at this point, these wild animals have dined on red grapes, hot dogs, and vanilla cookies. Sounds like quite the meal. The Raccoon Whisperer wants to ensure his favorite furry friends are taken care of for the night. He gives them a nightcap of pet food, just in case they’re still hungry. 

One comment under his video reads, “I like this guy’s personality. He’s like that grandad that shows you all the great things about the simple things in life.” We couldn’t agree more. 

It’s incredible how close the raccoons get to the camera. They have no problem eating out of the palm of James’ hand or even relaxing on his shoulder. At one point Blackwood mentions that raccoon mothers have dropped off their young at his porch and left them. While they may not have a parent within their own species, it’s safe to say James makes a great substitution.

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