Man Casually Hovers Too Long in Absurdly High Cliff Jump

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: August 11, 2022
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Cliff jumping is considered a type of extreme sport that is awfully dangerous for amateurs. Nevertheless, those who are unprepared and inexperienced tend to take these dives without much forethought.

Sometimes, cliff jumping is done with equipment like a parachute, which turns it into base jumping. Some cliffs are sky high while others are more moderate heights that invite even those who don’t consider themselves thrill seekers.

There is a lot of risk for cliff jumping, though. Those who engage could suffer serious consequences like concussions, dislocated joints, fractures, broken bones, paralysis, and even death.

People who take this extreme sport seriously employ the necessary skills to safeguard them from injury. For amateurs, getting away unscathed is a stroke of good luck.

Overhanging cliff against white background
In addition to death, jumping off cliffs can lead to serious injuries, including paralysis.


Cliff Jumper Stays in the Air for an Unbelievable Amount of Time

This clip starts off with a shot of a young man wearing sneakers and black pants. He seems quite relaxed, even though he’s about to embark on a major cliff jump. This isn’t a moderate or easy jump—this is a feat that should really only be completed by pros.

The man starts with a couple of shuffling steps as if he might be hesitant, but he continues forward into a full sprint. The space from where he started on a small trail surrounded by trees to the cliff’s edge is surprisingly short. Nevertheless, he manages to make it onto the cliff’s edge, taking a high jump with arms upward.

The camera pans over to capture him as he descends toward the water. You can see this is a rather small lake—the camera view captures the edges of the water meeting the grass as the cliff jumper holds his position front and center, his arms waving about as he tries to remain balanced through the fall.

The fall lasts only a few seconds but it’s the kind of jump that when watching makes you want to look at your watch. You anticipate he’ll hit the water much sooner but as those seconds pass, you start to really recognize just how high he was when he started.

Finally, he hits the water feet first and the splash he makes is as if he had made himself into a huge cannon ball. You can imagine the impact on his body and why he made the smart choice to keep his sneakers on. The crowd that was watching exclaims in surprise and the video cuts shortly after, as you watch the waves he made reverberate throughout the water.

Watch this incredibly high cliff jump performed by an amateur.

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Hamilton Falls Vermont
In the natural surroundings along Cobb Brook is Hamilton Falls, a popular spot for swimming and picnicking
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