Manchester Terrier vs Miniature Pinscher: What Are The Differences?

Written by Hannah Ward
Updated: October 14, 2022
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Manchester terriers and miniature pinschers are both small dogs with incredibly similar appearances. They’re so alike that it’s easy for anyone unfamiliar with the breeds to confuse the two. However, there are still some essential differences that can be used to distinguish them.

This article will discover everything you need to know about Manchester terriers and miniature pinschers, including their behavior and temperament. We’ll also discuss what they look like, how big they are, and where they originate.

So join us as we discover all of the differences between Manchester terriers and miniature pinschers!

Comparing Manchester Terrier vs Miniature Pinscher

A Manchester terrier differs from a miniature pinscher in color, size, and build.

There are two categories of Manchester terrier – standard size and smaller size. The smaller Manchester terriers are known as toy dogs. There is only one size category of miniature pinschers, which can be quite similar to Manchester terriers.

However, there are also some differences between them.  

Manchester TerrierMiniature Pinscher
OriginUnited KingdomGermany
SizeToy – up to 12 pounds
Standard – 12 to 22 pounds
7.7 to 11 pounds
ColorBlack & tanBlack, grey, red, brown, fawn
AppearanceLong tapering nose, narrow skull, small eyes, deep chest, rounded earsSturdy, short-coupled, long nose, narrow ears
TemperamentEnergetic, loyal, affectionate, courageousSmart, courageous, confident, likes to chew, can be stubborn
Lifespan15 – 17 years12 – 16 years

Key Differences Between Manchester Terriers and Miniature Pinschers

The lovely Manchester Terrier in a garden
Manchester terriers are always black and tan in color.


The main differences between Manchester terriers and miniature pinschers are size, color, build, and temperament.  

Standard-sized Manchester terriers are larger than miniature pinschers in weight and height. Manchester terriers are always black and tan colored, while miniature pinschers are much more varied. Both dogs have high-energy, but miniature pinschers can be more stubborn to train.

Let’s discuss all of these differences below.

Manchester Terrier vs Miniature Pinscher: Size

There are two types of Manchester terrier – standard and toy. Toy Manchester terriers weigh anything up to 12 pounds, while standards usually weigh between 12 and 22 pounds. Standard Manchester terriers can be about 6 inches taller than their toy counterparts.

Miniature pinschers, known as min pins, are of a similar size to toy Manchester terriers and weigh between 7.7 and 11 pounds. They also stand between 10 and 12 inches high at the shoulder.

Manchester Terrier vs Miniature Pinscher: Color

Although both Manchester terriers and miniature pinschers have short, smooth coats, one of the most noticeable differences is their color. Manchester terriers have a striking black and tan color, which tends to cause a resemblance to a Doberman. Their muzzles are usually tan, and there is often a patch of tan underneath their throats.  

Miniature pinschers are typically solid colors such as black, grey, red, brown, and fawn.

Manchester Terrier vs Miniature Pinscher: Appearance

At first glance, miniature pinschers and Manchester terriers look to have the same build. Manchester terriers have a long nose and a narrow skull with large, pointed ears. The main part of their ears has a rounded shape. They also have a deep chest, although it is not particularly broad.

Miniature pinschers have a slightly stockier build than Manchester terriers and are short-coupled. This means they have a shorter distance between their front and back legs. Like Manchester terriers, miniature pinschers have long noses and large, pointed ears. However, their ears are much narrower.

Manchester Terrier vs Miniature Pinscher: Temperament

Miniature pinscher - red min-pin portrait
Miniature pinschers can be stubborn and strong-willed at times.


Despite their small size, miniature pinschers are energetic dogs that can be strong-willed and stubborn at times. They are courageous and make excellent watchdogs as they are always alert and suspicious of any strangers or strange noises. Miniature pinschers have a habit of chewing things, particularly small toys. They are best suited to being around adults and older children rather than young children. In addition, so long as they are properly socialized from a young age, miniature pinschers are good both with other dogs and other small pets.

Manchester terriers also have high energy levels and are more active and energetic than miniature pinschers. This makes them good pets for an active owner. They are eager to please, learn quickly, and form strong bonds with their owners. They are also alert and make good watchdogs as they rarely miss anything. However, Manchester terriers have strong hunting instincts due to their origins, so they can sometimes be aggressive towards other small pets.

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The lovely Manchester Terrier in a garden
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Where did Manchester terriers and miniature pinschers originate?

Miniature pinschers originated in Germany more than 200 years ago, although the actual timeline is disputed.  Not a lot is known about their history, but they are thought to be descended from German pinschers, dachshunds, and Italian greyhounds.


Much more is known about Manchester terriers and some of the earliest ones date back to the late 1600’s.  They originated in England and the breed was formed from black and tan terriers and whippets.  Their main purpose was rat and rabbit hunting, and most Manchester terriers still retain their hunting instincts today.

Is the Manchester terrier under threat?

Immediately following the Second World War there was a serious decline in the numbers of Manchester terriers which resulted in their being classed as a vulnerable breed that was in danger of extinction by the Kennel Club.  Since then the numbers have improved somewhat, but they are still one of the most vulnerable breeds of dog in the UK.

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