March 17 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: June 29, 2023
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Your birthday falls toward the end of Pisces season if you’re a March 17 zodiac sign. And what a special season to be born in! Pisces are the final sign of the zodiac, making them wiser than their years and dedicated to the emotional betterment of humanity. But in what ways is your specific birthday a part of you, especially when we take a look at it through the lens of astrology?

By utilizing the patterns and symbols found in this ancient practice, we can learn a lot about someone’s personality and preferences. A Pisces born on March 17th is likely a very different person compared to a Pisces born on February 24th! But in what ways might your personality differ, and what can you learn about yourself using astrology? Let’s dive in and find out now!

Infographic of March 17 Zodiac
As March 17 Pisces are connected to the number 8, they may feel a great drive to help people.

March 17 Zodiac Sign: Pisces

march 17 zodiac

A March 17th Pisces may find themselves deeply invested in the moods of others.


A water sign with a mutable modality, Pisces suns best represent a shifting river, carving out and shaping canyons and the lands around them. As the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, all Pisces suns bear the weight of every other sign of the zodiac on their shoulders. However, they bear this weight joyously. There is an age as well as a youthfulness inside every Pisces, a person who is fully aware of their place in this world as well as how young and exciting that world is!

Water signs are naturally intuitive, particularly from an emotional perspective. If you’ve ever met a Pisces, you may have picked up on the fact that they seem a bit psychic. Pisces suns are deeply connected to their emotions as well as the emotions of others. Often considered empathetic, Pisces suns are receptors for everyone’s emotional states, whether they want to be or not.

A March 17th Pisces may find themselves deeply invested in the moods of others. Mutable signs are highly adaptable, which is why many Pisces suns change their own emotional states in order to help others. They flow around others but are forever altered by them, something that can leave an optimistic and loving Pisces sun feeling drained and misunderstood. But this is only the beginning of what a Pisces is like. For even more insight, we need to turn our eyes to the heavens.

Ruling Planets of a March 17 Zodiac: Jupiter and Neptune

march 17 zodiac

The average Pisces lives life as if it were a dream.

©Johan Swanepoel/

Aquarius, Scorpio, and Pisces are the only signs of the zodiac that have two ruling planets throughout the history of astrology (Taurus and Virgo have comets or asteroids as modern rulers, so they are hotly contested). In traditional or ancient astrology, Pisces was ruled by Jupiter. In our modern-day interpretations, Pisces is ruled by watery Neptune, the planet ruling our seas and waters.

But to fully understand this mature and complicated sign, we need to take both planetary interpretations and compare them side by side. When we look at Jupiter, this gas giant rules our possibility for expansion, primarily in a philosophical and educational realm. It is extremely optimistic, generous, and even a bit lucky. On the other hand, mysterious Neptune rules our dreams, meditative states, and spirituality. It is in charge of our abstract thought.

The average Pisces lives life as if it were a dream. Deeply creative and positive, Pisces suns embody both Jupiter and Neptune simultaneously. There is an endless expansiveness in each and every Pisces, but this expansion takes place within. Spiritual, mystic, and even a bit odd, Pisces suns are constantly seeking answers (as Jupiter asks) but inside themselves, not outside themselves (as Neptune asks).

This dreamy expansiveness helps a Pisces make connections in others that most cannot even begin to see. There is a mystical nature to every Pisces thanks to Neptune. By looking inward, Pisces suns become aware of their inner realms and use this knowledge to help others expand, grow, and seek more in their lives, just like Jupiter prefers!

March 17 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Pisces

march 17 zodiac

While adapting is certainly a strength for the fish, most Pisces struggle with feeling unknown by others.


How can we describe the final sign of the zodiac? In many ways, we can’t, because Pisces suns tend to shape so much of themselves around others. Like fellow mutable signs Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius, Pisces are adept at making things work, no matter the group they find themselves in. Given that Pisces suns are so emotionally in tune with other people, their personalities often morph and shift based on who they are spending their time with.

This mutability is both a blessing and a curse for a Pisces. While adapting is certainly a strength for the fish, most Pisces struggle with feeling unknown by others. It’s easy for a Pisces to mask their true feelings so that they don’t burden others with them. But when they are truly hurting, many Pisces don’t express this pain. They often assume the people in their lives are just as psychic as they are and are always disappointed when these people can’t simply read their minds.

Still though, a Pisces cares about people more than they care about themselves. They would prefer to lose themselves in someone else, something greater than they are. Whether it be a humanitarian mission, an art project, or a whirlwind romance, Pisces are here to feel everything so strongly that they forget themselves. There’s a beauty in that, but there’s also a sense of sorrow in such an existence as well.

That’s why it’s important for a Pisces to find ways to ground themselves in this world. Dreamy Neptune holds many Pisces suns in a vice-grip of emotional analysis and spiritual becoming. But it’s important for a Pisces to practice mindfulness, boundary setting, and more to feel whole in themselves.

March 17 Zodiac: Numerological Significance

march 17 zodiac

A Pisces so connected to the number 8 sees the natural cycles of things.


Does this ring true for you, March 17th Pisces? Perhaps we can get a bit more specific. Taking a look at your individual birth date, we add the digits in 17 to get 8. The number 8 is a potent number in astrology. Fellow water sign, Scorpio, is the eighth sign of the zodiac. And the eighth house in astrology refers to community, shared things, and cycles. Looking at the number 8 sideways, we see infinity. 

A Pisces so connected to the number 8 sees the natural cycles of things. This is a weighty number to an already weighty sign. A March 17th Pisces is special because they instinctively feel how things should begin, progress, and end, forever, into eternity. This is already a skill that most Pisces suns possess; as the final sign of the zodiac, the fish understands that endings are as important as beginnings.

When we turn to numerology and angel numbers, the number 8 is associated with cycles as well. It is also closely tied to authority, power, and how we can help others with such power. A Pisces connected to the number 8 may feel an even greater drive to devote themselves to their fellow man, offering their knowledge and leadership skills in their trademark, empathetic way. Connecting to people in order to make or break cycles and patterns: that’s what this Pisces birthday understands better than others.

March 17 Zodiac in Relationships and Love

march 17 zodiac

To love a Pisces, you need to ensure that boundaries are set.

©Marko Aliaksandr/

With all of their wisdom and understanding of our world, a Pisces born on March 17th likely values love more than many other things. In many ways, love is one of the greatest and most elusive things in our world. The ephemeral and the mysterious attract every Pisces sun, which is why they view love as such a precious thing. But many Pisces find it difficult to sustain love. Their gentle, compassionate hearts are often used by people less tender than they are.

Because a Pisces sun will give their partners everything. They want desperately to be subsumed into the depths of who they are with, tangled in the person they love emotionally and spiritually. A Pisces born on March 17th might easily be taken advantage of in a relationship, something they might not even realize is happening before it’s progressed too far.

Still, though, a March 17th Pisces is a sensitive and available person in a relationship. They will know what their partner needs long before their partner even realizes it. To a Pisces, love is a means of becoming. Even if a relationship doesn’t work out, a Pisces sun will still see the beauty and the value of falling in love again and again with new people.

To love a Pisces, you need to ensure that boundaries are set. A Pisces often views romantic boundaries as limiting, but these boundaries are important for both parties to consider. It isn’t a failing, to set firm expectations in a relationship, something a Pisces may have to get used to. Love is one of the most beautiful things in this life, after all– but it isn’t worth sacrificing yourself for!

Matches and Compatibility for March 17 Zodiac Signs

march 17 zodiac

While fire signs may find the average Pisces a bit too emotional for their energy levels, this can still be a wonderful match.


For water signs like Pisces, other water signs speak the same language as the fish. Likewise, earth signs will help ground a dreamy Pisces in reality. While fire signs may find the average Pisces a bit too emotional for their energy levels, this can still be a wonderful match. The same, too, for air signs: communication may be difficult at first, but air signs truly spark endless creativity in a Pisces!

With all of this said, here are only a few matches for a Pisces born on March 17th:

  • Scorpio. As the eighth sign of the zodiac, a March 17th Pisces will feel naturally drawn to a Scorpio sun. These two water signs will communicate well together and enjoy talking about the great mysteries of our world while taking good care of one another.
  • Pisces. Sometimes, Pisces suns do best with other Pisces. Both of these signs will connect immediately and feel as if they have found someone who truly understands them.
  • Virgo. Pisces opposite on the astrological wheel, Virgos will know how to take care of a Pisces’s gentle heart. And a Pisces will naturally help a Virgo connect to their more abstract emotions.
  • Aquarius. Dreamy and inspiring, Aquarius and Pisces are side by side on the astrological wheel, making them deeply attracted to one another. This match may need to work harder to communicate, but it can be a beautiful pair dedicated to the betterment of humanity.

Career Paths for a March 17 Zodiac Sign

march 17 zodiac

Rehabilitation, therapy, and other counseling positions match well with wise and compassionate Pisces.


The receptive nature of Pisces makes it easy for this sign to work in a number of careers. Emotional involvement comes naturally to most water signs, and Pisces are invested in helping others heal. Rehabilitation, therapy, and other counseling positions match well with wise and compassionate Pisces. Anything in the psychological realm will suit this water sign well, as will more abstract careers such as hypnotherapy, dream work, or even medium careers.

Creative careers are also within a Pisces’s wheelhouse, as these sun signs are often creative beyond measure. Composing music, painting pictures, taking photos, writing poetry, acting, singing, dancing — anything artistic that you can think of, Pisces suns are great at it! Given their youthful energy and desire to teach, working with children in a creative field may easily appeal to the fish as well.

Finally, many Pisces find that careers involving water matter to them. Whether that means becoming a marine biologist, a professional diver, or an Olympic swimmer, Pisces are connected to the fish for a reason! Neptune makes it easy for this sun sign to thrive in water, no matter what form that happens to take.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on March 17th

What other Pisces suns call March 17th their birthday? Take a look at this incomplete list of some of the most influential and famous Pisces that have been born on March 17th throughout history!:

  • Francesco Albana (painter)
  • Gottlieb Daimler (inventor)
  • Homer Plessy (civil rights activist)
  • Alfred Newman (composer)
  • Patrick Hamilton (playwright)
  • Bayard Rustin (civil rights activist)
  • Nat King Cole (pianist)
  • John La Montaine (composer)
  • Jim Gary (sculptor)
  • Robin Knox-Johnston (yachtsman)
  • James K. Morrow (author)
  • Pattie Boyd (model)
  • Kurt Russell (actor)
  • Dana Reeve (actor)
  • Rob Lowe (actor)
  • Billy Corgan (singer)
  • Alexander McQueen (designer)
  • Stormy Daniels (actor)
  • Grimes (singer)
  • Morfydd Clark (actor)
  • Hozier (singer)
  • John Boyega (actor)
  • Katie Ledecky (swimmer).

Important Events That Occurred on March 17th

march 17 zodiac

On this date in 1845, both self-rising flour and rubber bands received patents.

©Tanya Antusenok/

We couldn’t possibly list all of the events that occurred on March 17th throughout history. However, here are some big ones that have happened that are worth mentioning, even centuries ago:

  • 432: the traditional day associated with Saint Patrick’s kidnapping and the formation of St Patrick’s Day
  • 1521: Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines on a voyage 
  • 1845: both self-rising flour and rubber bands received patents
  • 1861: Italy was officially unified on this date
  • 1905: the Quantum Theory of Light was finished by Einstein
  • 1938: Barcelona was bombed as part of the Spanish Civil War
  • 1963: Mount Agung erupted in Bali
  • 1969: Golda Meir became Israel’s first female Prime Minister
  • 1995: Varivax, a chickenpox vaccine, was approved in the United States.

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