March 18 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: June 29, 2023
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As a March 18 zodiac sign, have you always felt a bit different from others? There are likely a great number of reasons for this, but your sun in Pisces may indeed be one of them! As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces suns carry the weight of all prior signs on their shoulders, learning lessons and personality traits from each. Yet, Pisces are adaptable and young at heart despite their wisdom and unique emotional intuitions.

What else makes you special if you have a birthday on March 18th? That’s what we’ll try to answer for you today. Not only will we be dissecting the Pisces personality in this article, but we’ll also see what it might be like to be a Pisces born specifically on March 18th. Let’s turn to astrology, symbology, and even numerology for some insight now!

Infographic of March 18 Zodiac
Given their emotional intuition, it’s easy for March 18 Pisces to make a career in the fields of psychology and healing.

March 18 Zodiac Sign: Pisces

march 18 zodiac

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces suns understand that their place in this world is in a connective role.


All water signs are deeply in-tune with their emotions, but Pisces might be the most connected to their inner workings. The mutable modality of Pisces also makes it easy for this sign of the zodiac to connect to others on deep, almost psychic levels. Pisces suns are capable of being anything to anyone, even though this can occasionally lead to blurred boundaries and a sense of misunderstanding when it comes to a Pisces’s true self.

While being adaptable is certainly one of the strengths of Pisces, it’s easy for this water sign to adapt too much. All Pisces suns benefit from alone time because of their emotional receptivity. They often need their own space to recharge away from the influence of others. Because Pisces suns give so much to so many of us without asking for anything in return or acting high and mighty about it. 

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces suns understand that their place in this world is in a connective role, a role that allows them to bring people together using their keen psychic abilities. With a big heart and an innocent mindset, all Pisces suns are adept at forming lasting connections. They long to be part of the bigger picture, especially a humanitarian, dreamy picture.

But what makes a Pisces this way? What influences are there over this particular astrological sign that makes Pisces so giving, in-tune, and creative? As with all things astrology, we turn to the planets for answers. 

Ruling Planets of a March 18 Zodiac: Jupiter and Neptune

march 18 zodiac

Pisces has Neptune to thank for its modern-day interpretation.

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Every sign of the zodiac has a ruling planet. But, when we look at traditional and modern astrology side by side for insight, some signs of the zodiac have two ruling planets. And Pisces is lucky enough to be one of those signs. Like Aquarius and Scorpio, Pisces has two planetary rulers that should be interpreted in order to get a full picture of this complicated sign. And Pisces’ two ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune!

Large, optimistic, and ruling our philosophical leanings, Jupiter was Pisces’s ancient ruler. There is an expansive mission inside every Jupiter-ruled sign. Just take it from adventurous, bombastic Sagittarius, the sign that calls Jupiter its ruler in modern astrology. Whether it be through travel, religion, education, or other means, Jupiter asks the signs it rules to grow, expand, and joyfully share whatever knowledge they learn with others.

But Pisces has Neptune to thank for its modern-day interpretation. Ruling our seas on this physical plane, Neptune primarily rules elsewhere when noted in a birth chart. Our abstract thought, dreams, meditative states, and creativity all fall under Neptune’s domain, which is why Pisces carries all of these traits with them on a daily basis. When combined with Jupiter, the full picture of a Pisces comes to life.

The average Pisces longs to connect with others in abstract ways. The largesse of Jupiter allows a Pisces to easily share their ideas, no matter how obscured they might be by Neptune. And Pisces suns are ever-optimistic, something they also owe to Jupiter. Living in the realm of dreams and creativity, Pisces suns are the perfect balance of abstraction and action, of intuitive Neptune and ambitious Jupiter.

March 18 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Pisces

march 18 zodiac

The average Pisces is consistently adjusting to the emotional realms of others.


There is a sensitivity in every Pisces sun that often goes undervalued or misunderstood. In many ways, this sensitivity is their biggest strength and weakness. While gentleness and conscientiousness are important and beautiful traits on their own, many people view Pisces suns as too soft or quiet for our modern times. That’s where the mutability of the average Pisces comes into play. Their adaptability often saves them from appearing too sensitive.

By adapting instinctually to the emotional climates of others, many Pisces suns appear as if they are chameleons. They are diverse and unique, often hard to pin down. Not only are Pisces suns capable of changing themselves to better connect to others, but they do so with such a willingness that it’s hard to say no to this psychic confidant. The average Pisces is consistently adjusting to the emotional realms of others so that they can take care of others properly.

However, with such a desire to help others comes a lack of helping themselves. Many Pisces suns risk emotional burnout, hence their need to retreat and recuperate some of their psychic energy. It’s hard being so receptive to everything and everyone all of the time. Finding outlets for their creative and caretaking energies away from people may be an important piece of the Pisces puzzle to work on.

Still, all Pisces suns long to feel everything as deeply as they possibly can. Each Pisces sun longs for romance, to lose themselves in love with another person. As the final sign of the zodiac, there is wisdom here, an understanding that love is ultimately what each and every one of us seeks in a lifetime. A Pisces may just need to learn how to pursue love safely and confidently.

March 18 Zodiac: Numerological Significance

march 18 zodiac

To be a Pisces so connected to the number 9 is to be a sage in our world.


What makes you different, Pisces suns born on March 18th? In what ways do you differ from all of the other Pisces birthdays? When we turn to numerology and angel numbers for an answer, the number 9 becomes clear. Adding up 1+8, the number 9 manifests and portends an understanding and an age, a wisdom that aligns well with the average Pisces already. 

This is the final number in our single-digit numerical alphabet. So too, does Pisces represent the final sign of the zodiac. And March 18th is one of the final dates of the Pisces season. So much finality should not be feared. In fact, this specific Pisces birthday may have a greater grasp and understanding of our world compared to other Pisces birthdays. The number 9 is an extremely powerful number in numerology, and it is a lucky number in astrology as well.

Jupiter is connected to the number 9, as the ninth sign of the zodiac is Sagittarius. The ninth house in astrology speaks of the same expansive principles that Jupiter values, including an interest in philosophy, spirituality, and more. A Pisces sun so closely linked to the number 9 may always be wise beyond their years, capable of expressing their intricate, dreamy ideals easily with others.

To be a Pisces so connected to the number 9 is to be a sage in our world. This Pisces birthday readily understands when endings need to occur when something has reached its point of usefulness. This can help combat the average Piscean desire to overcommit or overreach, especially when it comes to relationships with others. It’s alright for things to end so new things can begin, and a March 18th Pisces knows this instinctually.

March 18 Zodiac in Relationships and Love

march 18 zodiac

Loving a Pisces means loving them deeply.

©Marko Aliaksandr/

As we’ve already mentioned, love is something sacred to a Pisces. In many ways, a March 18th Pisces views love as a true ending, a homecoming, a beautiful thing that should be treasured as long as they live. Even if a romance ends, a March 18th Pisces will still see the beauty in it. They will take the lessons learned from their past loves and carry them forth into the future, as the final sign of the zodiac does with all things.

Still, given just how much love and romance mean to a Pisces, it’s easy for this sign to lose themselves in a relationship with someone else. Deeply intuitive and committed to helping their partner grow, a Pisces can struggle with fast flings as well as people who simply use them rather than cherish them. This is a person who will still find something to appreciate in their ex, even if their ex was a poor match for them.

Loving a Pisces means loving them deeply. It’s rare for a Pisces to bring up their problems when in a relationship. Much like fellow mutable signs Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius, Pisces suns don’t often ask for help. Their strength is in adapting after all. But some aspects of a relationship are inflexible and boundaries need to be set for both parties. A Pisces born on March 18th shouldn’t be afraid to ask their loved ones for what they need. They are likely not as intuitive as their Piscean partner, after all!

Matches and Compatibility for March 18 Zodiac Signs

march 18 zodiac

There are plenty of matches for a March 18th Pisces!


The emotional forthrightness of the average Pisces can be difficult for many signs to grasp. Fellow water signs understand instinctually where a Pisces is coming from, as Scorpio and Cancer are also emotionally motivated. While earth signs will appreciate the careful nature of a March 18th Pisces, their practical natures may ground a Pisces in a negative way. This is a dreamer, after all!

There are plenty of matches for a March 18th Pisces, especially when you consider that astrology isn’t the be all and end all of romance. Still, it’s nice to find a match that will last, especially if you’re as romantically motivated as Pisces! Here are some potentially strong and beautiful matches for this Pisces birthday:

  • Cancer: The communication between Pisces and Cancer is always strong, and both of these water signs will value caring for one another at home!
  • Sagittarius: A March 18th Pisces may be attracted to Sagittarians and their commitment to freedom. With a bit of work, this match can shine in its flexibility!
  • Taurus: Dedicated and luxurious, a Taurus will ensure a Pisces is well-cared-for. And a Pisces will help a Taurus connect to their emotional core while enjoying life with them.
  • Pisces: Sometimes, same-sign matches are among the strongest. A March 18th Pisces will connect deeply and easily with other Pisces suns, making for a dreamy romance!

Career Paths for a March 18 Zodiac Sign

march 18 zodiac

Teaching is a natural career path for a March 18th Pisces.


Given a March 18th Pisces’s emotional intuition, it’s incredibly easy for this person to make a lasting career in the realms of psychology and healing. Whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual health, Pisces suns make some of the best nurturers and healers in the zodiac. While they may need a good outlet in order to fully decompress from their work, a March 18th Pisces may enjoy being a therapist, doula, addiction recovery worker, and more.

Despite being such old souls, Pisces suns are extremely young at heart. They treasure youth and may do well in careers that align with children. Teaching is a natural career path for a March 18th Pisces given their connection to the number 9 and its educational qualities. Likewise, babysitting or counseling youth will be easy routes for a Pisces sun to take in order to make a lasting career.

While Pisces suns are extremely flexible, this water sign should avoid jobs that are too fast-paced or overwhelming. This is a sign that prefers to concentrate their efforts in their own time; they may find themselves drowning in a job that is too quick or chaotic for them. That’s why many Pisces suns find success making their own creative career work for them. Remember that this dreamy water sign is inherently tied to the arts in all forms thanks to Neptune!

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on March 18th

What other empathetic, creative Pisces share in this birthday with you? From politicians to musicians, here are only a few of the most influential, well-known, and historical people that have been born on March 18th:

  • Cornelis Ketel (painter)
  • Johann Christoph Vogel (composer)
  • Grover Cleveland (US President)
  • Stéphane Mallarmé (poet)
  • Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (composer)
  • Rudolf Diesel (inventor)
  • Edgar Cayce (psychic)
  • Kurt Koffka (psychologist)
  • Wilfred Owen (poet)
  • Fred Shuttlesworth (civil rights activist)
  • John Kander (composer)
  • Lillian Vernon (CEO)
  • John Updike (author)
  • Vanessa Williams (singer)
  • Queen Latifah (actor)
  • Dane Cook (comedian)
  • Sutton Foster (actor)
  • Adam Levine (singer)
  • Lily Collins (actor).

Important Events That Occurred on March 18th

march 18 zodiac

Alexey Leonov became the first person to walk in space on this day in 1965!


Just like the birthdays listed above, we can’t discuss all of the most famous and important events that occurred on March 18th throughout history. However, we can certainly list a few! Here are some events that have happened on March 18th around the world:

  • 1662: The very first public bus transportation system started in Paris
  • 1870: Lake Merritt in California was founded as the first US wildlife preserve
  • 1899: William Pickering discovered one of Saturn’s moons
  • 1931: Schick debuted electric razors for the very first time
  • 1959: The Hawaii statehood bill was officially signed into law
  • 1965: Alexey Leonov became the first person to walk in space
  • 1990: In Boston, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was robbed of at least 500 million dollars worth of art
  • 2018: Vladimir Putin was elected President of Russia
  • 2020: The U.S.-Canadian border was closed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

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