March 19 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility, and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: July 27, 2023
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Key Points

  • Pisces suns are empathetic, intuitive, and possess a wisdom that allows them to connect with others on a deep level.
  • Pisces has two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, which contribute to their philosophical nature and mysterious, dreamy qualities.
  • A Pisces born on March 19th is closely linked to the number 1, giving them a strong sense of self and leadership qualities.
  • Pisces excel in careers involving healing, teaching, and the arts, often using their compassionate nature to help others.
  • In relationships, Pisces suns prioritize love and connection, with March 19th Pisces maintaining a balance between their own needs and those of their partner.
March 19 Zodiac infographic
Pisces tends to be a bit emotional at times which is often a strength. An unevolved Pisces may be somewhat of a gossiper which is often seen as a weakness. Compatible signs are Aries, Virgo, Cancer, and Capricorn.

Dreamy, ethereal, and empathetic– do any of these words ring true for you as a March 19 zodiac sign? They certainly should, as these adjectives go hand in hand with just about any Pisces birthday! As the final sign of the zodiac, there is an intuition and a wisdom in every Pisces sun. However, this wisdom never feels overbearing or boring, coming from a young at heart Pisces!

We’ve only scratched the surface of this zodiac sign. What else can we learn about Pisces birthdays (anyone born from February 18th to March 20th, depending on the calendar year)? By studying astrology, numerology, and other methods of symbology, we can learn a great deal. Let’s dive in and learn all about the fish of the zodiac now!

March 19 Zodiac Sign: Pisces

march 19 zodiac

There is an almost mystical quality to Pisces suns, something that feels indescribable once you get to know one.


As a mutable water sign, Pisces suns are always going with the flow– quite literally from time to time! Mutable signs are known for their adaptability and capabilities when it comes to relating and responding to people. And water signs are emotionally in-tune, motivated by the inner workings of others rather than the abstract or the practical. Pisces suns are also the last sign of the zodiac, completing the astrological wheel before it begins again in Aries.

This placement is especially important for Pisces. It lends every Pisces a greater understanding of what’s important in life, a sage-like wisdom that Pisces suns use to connect to others. Because connection is a huge Piscean motivator, as is love. In many ways, Pisces suns use their adaptability to connect to their fellow man, helping each and every one of us feel cared for and loved!

But empathy isn’t the only aspect of a Pisces. There is an almost mystical quality to Pisces suns, something that feels indescribable once you get to know one. While this magical undercurrent may make a Pisces seem overly sensitive or lost in their own dreamland, this behavior is easily explained by the planets ruling Pisces. Depending on which type of astrology you turn to for advice, Pisces has two different ruling planets!

Ruling Planets of a March 19 Zodiac: Jupiter and Neptune

march 19 zodiac

Pisces suns have Neptune and Jupiter to thank for their dreamy, creative exteriors.

©Claudio Caridi/

Optimistic, philosophical, and dedicated to growth, Jupiter is Pisces’s traditional astrological ruler. It governs Sagittarius in modern astrology, lending the archer a hunger for knowledge and freedom. In Pisces, Jupiter asks the fish to expand inwardly in order to help others. This inward expansion is one aspect of a Pisces’s psychic, empathetic nature. It is easy for Pisces suns to connect to people because they understand their own vast depths so well.

Philosophic values and morals become increasingly valuable to the latter half of the zodiac. This portion of the astrological wheel faces outward rather than inward; they become more concerned with matters of humanity rather than matters of the self. That’s why Pisces suns are still tied to Jupiter: this gas giant has optimism, philosophic teachings, and advice to offer everyone on earth!

But in modern astrology, Pisces suns have Neptune to thank for their dreamy, creative exteriors. Neptune is a recently discovered planet, all things considered. This blue beauty controls our seas and waters, making it a natural fit for the fish of the zodiac! In a birth chart, Neptune rules a generation’s spirituality, abstract thought, and all things mysterious. Despite having a deep wisdom about their own selves, Pisces suns often appear mysterious to others.

This is largely due to Neptune as well as their mutability. Working in tandem, mutable Pisces and Neptune allow this sign of the zodiac to shift and adapt to others without giving too much of themselves away. And Jupiter prods a Pisces to continue to adapt, to expand, to grow, especially in philosophical and spiritual ways. Helping humanity heal is an ultimate goal of Pisces; they couldn’t accomplish this goal without multiple ruling planets working together!

March 19 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Pisces

march 19 zodiac

Pisces suns are wise enough to know how important feelings are without getting lost in the typical trappings of adult facades.


To be a Pisces is to be an emotional receptor. The antenna, for lack of a better word, of each Pisces sun is incredibly aware of the emotions of others, of a room, of a piece of art. This sign of the zodiac loves to feel. They love to feel everything, to the maximum, something that feels both mature and childish at the same time. Pisces suns are wise enough to know how important feelings are without getting lost in the typical trappings of adult facades. They love to feel like they did when they were children. They understand the value of play.

While Pisces suns never fake their emotions and feel things constantly, this is a sign that conceals. Neptune is a planet steeped in mystery; Pisces are mysterious without trying. This is largely due to their keen receptivity. All mutable signs react to others more than they self-generate things (they are not cardinal signs). In a Pisces, their mutability makes them incredibly adaptable to the moods of others, changing their own selves in order to glean more information about someone else.

This is why gossip is incredibly important to the average Pisces. While gossiping may sound like a bad quality, this sign of the zodiac means well by it. They like to know what is happening in people’s lives because they truly, deeply care. This compassion can occasionally come across as vague, odd, or abstract, which can rub some signs of the zodiac the wrong way. However, if you need a friend who will listen to your problems and give you sound advice, call a Pisces!

March 19 Zodiac: Numerological Significance

march 19 zodiac

A Pisces so closely linked to the number 1 likely has a strong presence and sense of self.

©Boris Mayer/

We’ve discussed Pisces in a general way, but what can we say about a Pisces born specifically on March 19th? When we add 1+9 and then 1+0, we can attach the number 1 to this important Pisces birthday. And what a useful, valuable number this is, to have so closely linked to a compassionate Pisces! While most Pisces suns offer so much of themselves to others in order to help their fellow man, a March 19th Pisces has the number 1 on their side.

In angel numbers and numerology, the number 1 is authoritative, confident, and capable. This is literally a number designed to help you look out for “number one”, or yourself! In astrology, the first house refers solely to the self– your rising or ascendant sign is found here, and it is how you present to others in many ways. A Pisces so closely linked to the number 1 likely has a strong presence and sense of self, something that not all Pisces can say.

In other signs, the number 1 can often manifest in selfishness and a personality that refuses to seek things from other people. But Pisces suns are already wired to look to others for things, to help others discover more things about themselves. That’s why the number 1 tends to appear less selfish when linked to a Pisces. It helps a Pisces center their priorities, create more of a balance in their life and how they relate to others.

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is Pisces’s neighbor on the astrological wheel. The fish can take some advice from the ram and take more charge in their own life! The number 1 makes a great leader, a confident and magnetic person, much like the average Aries. 

Career Paths for a March 19 Zodiac Sign

march 19 zodiac

The arts can’t be ignored when we think of the average Pisces sun.

©Fabrizio Chiriu/

With a kind heart and a sensitive intuition, Pisces suns do well in a variety of careers involving the psyche. Healing is an important part of any career for a Pisces. Jobs in health care, particularly mental health or recovery, will suit a Pisces sun well. A March 19th Pisces connected to the number 1 may enjoy founding their own company, health office, or other self-generated career opportunities in the medical field.

Teaching and helping others get in touch with their best selves is also important to a Pisces sun. Any age, any profession, a Pisces sun makes a wonderful professor or guidance counselor. This sign of the zodiac always has someone’s best interests in mind, making them adept at seeing a clear path of success for others. With Jupiter behind them, teaching and higher education will likely call to a Pisces.

The arts can’t be ignored when we think of the average Pisces sun. Neptune rules just about everything creative or artistic, and creative endeavors often help a Pisces connect to their inner child. Whether it be poetry, painting, acting, or design, Pisces suns make innovative creators. Art helps heal all of us, after all– Pisces suns understand this better than most! Making room for creative projects, even on a hobbyist level, will help this sign of the zodiac feel at peace.

March 19 Zodiac in Relationships and Love

march 19 zodiac

In many ways, Pisces suns want to devote themselves to their relationship because it brings them a higher calling or meaning to their life.

©Marko Aliaksandr/

Finding love is extremely important to a Pisces sun. With every sign of the zodiac before them, Pisces understand instinctually that love is one of the greatest things we can quest after in this life. However, many Pisces find love in unhealthy places. Like Virgo,  their opposite on the astrological wheel, Pisces suns often fall for people that need “fixing” or are a bit rough around the edges. They see how people can be better than they are; Pisces know how to help.

But in this lies a lack of boundaries, of autonomy in a Pisces. Thankfully, a Pisces born on March 19th has a better sense of their own needs and wants, especially in a relationship. While the average Pisces often prefers to lose themselves in a relationship, this particular Pisces birthday understands the value in prioritizing their own health and needs too.

Because Pisces suns will adapt to their partner, take to them like a fish to water. It’s easy for a Pisces to create a long-term relationship with someone. In many ways, Pisces suns want to devote themselves to their relationship because it brings them a higher calling or meaning to their life. A March 19th Pisces will still believe this, but they will understand the importance of maintaining their own interests and passions as well as those of their partner.

Matches and Compatibility for March 19 Zodiac Signs

march 19 zodiac

Fire signs are of course the most polarizing against water signs, but Pisces suns will long to experience their energy and confident point of view in a relationship.


A March 19th Pisces will likely find it easiest to communicate with fellow water signs. They will instinctually see how to help earth signs, and air signs will excite their abstract thinking. Fire signs are of course the most polarizing against water signs, but Pisces suns will long to experience their energy and confident point of view in a relationship.

As with all things astrology, take these matches with a grain of salt. There are always powerful matches to be made, no matter the signs! For the sake of this article, here are some potentially strong matches when we consider a March 19th birthday in particular:

  • Aries. With a Pisces birthday so connected to the number 1, Aries suns may be particularly attractive. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries suns are confident, competitive, and energetic. A March 19th Pisces will enjoy showing an Aries everything they are passionate about, and an Aries will echo that passion right back!
  • Virgo. Opposites can attract, and mutable Virgo will inherently understand where a Pisces is coming from. This match will care for each other for a long while, careful and observant of the other’s needs. Plus, Pisces suns are adept at helping rational, earthy Virgos discover more about their emotional workings.
  • Cancer. A fellow water sign, Cancers are deeply compassionate and caring of their partners. Pisces suns enjoy building a home and strong foundations with Cancers as they tend to value the same things and speak a similar language. 

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on March 19th

There are a number of important Pisces born on March 19th throughout history. We certainly can’t list them all, but here are some of the most influential, notorious, and important Pisces that call March 19th their birthday:

  • Alonzo Cano (artist)
  • Francesco Gasparini (composer)
  • David Livingstone (explorer)
  • Moorfield Storey (lawyer)
  • Wyatt Earp (marshal)
  • Josef Albers (artist)
  • Earl Warren (politician)
  • Irving Wallace (author)
  • Allen Newell (scientist)
  • Glenn Close (actor)
  • Ricky Wilson (guitarist)
  • Bruce Willis (actor)
  • Anthony Marinelli (composer)
  • Barbara Lynch (restauranteur)
  • Gary Jules (singer)
  • Rachel Blanchard (actor)

Important Events That Occurred on March 19th

march 19 zodiac

On this day in 1958, The London Planetarium opened.

©Tanya Antusenok/

It isn’t just birthdays that have occurred on March 19th throughout history. No matter the year, this day remains important! Here is a snapshot of some of the most important and influential events that have happened on March 19th:

  • 1808: riots and unrest forced Charles IV to abdicate his throne
  • 1831: City Bank in New York was robbed; largely considered the first US bank robbery
  • 1911: the first International Women’s Day occurred 
  • 1918: time zones and the Standard Time Act are implemented in the US
  • 1958: The London Planetarium opened, Britain’s first planetarium
  • 2003: British and American soldiers began invading Iraq
  • 2019: Nursultan Nazarbayev announced his retirement as President of Kazakhstan
  • 2021: Fagradalsfjall erupted in Iceland and continued to erupt for 6 months 

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