March 8 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by Jennifer Hollohan
Updated: June 29, 2023
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Have you ever wondered what makes you so different from friends or siblings? Part of the answer may lie in when you were born. According to the zodiac calendar, each of us gets ascribed different personality traits depending on our birthday. Below, we dive deeper into the March 8 zodiac sign. You will learn about their personality traits, compatibility with others, and more.

Infographic of March 8 Zodiac
March 8 Pisces are more emotional and nurturing than the typical Pisces and love to give loved ones gifts.

March 8 Zodiac Sign: Pisces

People born on March 8 belong to the Pisces zodiac sign. Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the astrological year. This sign gets represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisces is also a water sign. That means individuals born under this sign are highly intuitive, empathetic, and sensitive.

Pisces are known to be very creative and imaginative individuals. They have a deep understanding of the human psyche and are highly intuitive. They are also highly emotional and can be easily affected by the emotions of those around them. Some of these attributes get further enhanced by the ruling planet and the decan of March 8 babies. 

Ruling Planet

Jupiter is the ruling planet for Pisces, including anyone born on March 8. This factor enhances the wisdom, learning, spirituality, and wealth traits inherently found in Pisces individuals.


Zodiac signs are not entirely straightforward, particularly since each one gets split into three distinct parts (decans). Each decan corresponds to a specific date range and offers a deeper insight into personality traits.

Those born on March 8 are in Decan II (the Cancer decan). This decan gets partially ruled by the moon. That makes March 8 babies more emotional and nurturing than the typical Pisces. Those born on March 8 love to shower those around them with thoughtful and caring gifts.

Pisces zodiac sign

The Pisces zodiac sign stands out for its uniqueness.


Personality Traits

People born on March 8 have unique personality traits that make them stand out. Here are some of the key characteristics that define individuals born on March 8.

Creative and Artistic: These individuals are highly creative and artistic. They can naturally express themselves through art, music, and writing. Their deep appreciation for beauty regularly draws them toward artistic pursuits.

Compassionate and Empathetic: Those born on March 8 are deeply compassionate and empathetic. They are sensitive to the emotions of those around them and can put themselves in other people’s shoes. They desire to help others, so they regularly positively impact the world.

Intuitive and Spiritual: March 8 individuals are connected to their intuition and spiritual side. They can tap into their inner wisdom, giving them the ability to trust their instincts over logic. They have a deep understanding of the spiritual nature of the world. Many Pisces seek out experiences that expand their consciousness.

Emotional and Sensitive: People born on March 8 are highly emotional and sensitive. They are easily affected by the emotions of those around them and can be deeply affected by negative energy. So they can make deep emotional connections with others and often serve as a compassionate ear.

March 8 Zodiac: Career and Passions

If you were born on March 8, don’t be shy about letting your gentleness and creativity shine. A few ideal fields include art, music, or writing. Pisces’ creative thinking also means they can find innovation where others can’t. It makes them wonderful entrepreneurs and problem solvers. 

Since those born on March 8 are intuitive and empathetic, they make outstanding counselors, healers, therapists, teachers, and nurses or doctors. 

Many Pisces choose to take advantage of their spirituality. They often seek out careers like spiritual teachers or yoga instructors. Their ability to deeply connect with others also means those born on March 8 make ideal pastors, priests, or nuns. 

March 8 Zodiac: Compatibility

People born on March 8 are most compatible with those born under the zodiac signs of Taurus and Cancer. Taurus and Cancer share the March 8 individual’s appreciation for comfort and security, and they can provide stability and support that the March 8 zodiac sign craves.

Another sign compatible with Pisces may not feel obvious at first. It is Capricorn. Though this zodiac sign is nearly the polar opposite of Pisces, the two make a fantastic pair. Those born under the Capricorn sign provide stability and pragmatism that Pisces thrive under.

On the other hand, those born under the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Gemini may struggle to connect with Pisces. Aquarians may find the March 8 individual too emotional and moody, while Geminis may struggle with their stubbornness and independence.

black and white vector illustration of pisces sign

Those born under the Pisces sign are compatible with Capricorns, Scorpios, and Cancers.

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March 8 Zodiac: Relationships

March 8 babies genuinely believe in love and seek out romance. They love receiving plenty of attention and affection from their partners. But they don’t just take. These individuals are givers and are happiest when showering their partners with love. March 8 Pisces are also nurturing, empathetic, and sensitive. 

While those traits make them fantastic partners, their emotional side can also take over sometimes. When that happens, misunderstandings are bound to arise. 

Those lucky enough to snag a partner born on March 8 will find that they are devoted and loyal. These people strive to make others happy and regularly put the needs of others first. Their empathy and intuition help them anticipate their partner’s needs in advance. 

People born on March 8 look for understanding, loving, and kind. But they are also attracted to those with shared values and interests. They seek honesty in relationships and thrive in a communicative environment.

March 8 Zodiac: Strengths and Weaknesses

Every zodiac sign has its own strengths and weaknesses. And those born under the Pisces sign are no different. Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of someone with a March 8 birthday.


  • Creativity: Pisces are known for their creative abilities. They have an exceptional imagination. And they are always looking for ways to express themselves artistically.
  • Passionate: Those born on March 8 are passionate and driven individuals. They put their heart and soul into everything they do and are not afraid to pursue their goals with vigor.
  • Compassionate: People born under this zodiac sign are very empathetic and compassionate toward others. They can provide comfort and support when needed.
  • Intuitive: March 8 individuals have excellent intuition. Their intuitive nature helps them make the right decisions in life. They can read between the lines and pick up on subtle cues that others may miss.
  • Independent: Those born on March 8 value their independence and prefer to make their own decisions. They are not afraid to take risks and chart their own path in life.


  • Impulsive: One of the negative traits of the March 8 zodiac sign is impulsiveness. People born under this sign can act on their emotions without thinking. They may come to regret their rapid decisions. 
  • Stubborn: March 8 babies can be quite stubborn and set in their ways. They may have difficulty compromising or seeing other perspectives.
  • Self-centered: Individuals born under this sign can be self-centered at times. They may become so focused on their own goals and desires that they forget to consider the needs of others.
  • Inconsistent: These individuals may struggle with consistency in their actions and decisions. They can change their minds frequently or have trouble sticking to a plan or routine.
  • Impatient: Those born on March 8 may struggle with patience. They want things to happen quickly and may become frustrated when things don’t go according to plan.

Famous Personalities Born on March 8

If you were born on March 8, you are part of a great shared birthday. Some of the famous people born on this day include:

  • Freddie Prinze Jr., American actor
  • Lynn Redgrave, British-American actress
  • Micky Dolenz, American musician and actor
  • Boris Kodjoe, Austrian-American actor and model
  • Aidan Quinn, American actor
  • Kat Von D, Mexican-American tattoo artist and television personality.

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