Mars Sign: Meaning and Traits for All 12 Zodiac Signs

Written by Dayva Segal
Updated: July 11, 2023
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In astrology, each planet and luminary in our solar system has a specific meaning for your personality and how you show up in the world. There are also some placements that have to do with the relationship between the earth’s position and the constellations, rather than planets or other heavenly bodies.

If you’re an astrology newbie, you are most likely still familiar with your sun sign. That is easy to find out simply based on your birthdate. To find out the positions of the other planets in your astrology chart, you will need to consult an app or website and input your birth date and birth time, as well as your place of birth. If you’re not sure how to interpret your chart, a professional astrologer can help.

What Does Your Mars Sign Mean?

Planet Mars on a dark background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. High quality photo

In astrology, Mars represents your doingness in the world.

©Artsiom P/

Mars is named for the Roman god of war. He is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Ares. Even in mythology, Mars was very action oriented. It makes sense then, that Mars is the planet of action, doingness, and energy in your chart.

This planet is associated with the physical work you may do in this world, your relationship to aggression or anger, your sexuality, your bravery, your relationship to your physical body, and your sexuality. However, all the planets work in conjunction to influence certain aspects of your life. Venus also has a heavy influence on sexuality, as it is the planet of how you relate to others and your relationship with beauty. But Mars is the planet of sexuality as it relates to lust and desire.

Some astrologers associate Mars with your relationship to work. However, it can also be about any situation that requires you to roll up your sleeves and get into the grease, either physically or literally.

Mars stays in each sign for six-seven weeks and a Martian year is about two Earth years. So, people born around the same time as you in the same year may have the same Mars sign.

Mars Sign Traits

Aries Mars Sign Traits

Mouflon - Horned Animals

Mars in Aries people are impulsive, passionate, and direct.

©Jesus Noguera photography/

People with Mars in Aries show up ready to go. They are physically very in touch with their body and may get into fitness or other physical hobbies. In work, people with Mars in Aries are amazing at problem-solving because they think on their toes. However, they may need a reminder to think things through before taking action. Sexually, people with this placement have no fear. They are quite bold and like to get down to business right away. They know what they want in the bedroom and are not afraid to get it. Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries, so this is an especially strong and fiery placement.

Taurus Mars Sign Traits

Simmental bull grazing with heifers

People with Mars in Taurus are very intentional with the work they do in the world.


Taurus is a slow-moving and steady sign. That seems to be the antithesis to speedy and fiery Mars. However, the combination is a powerful one. People with Mars in Taurus are very picky about where they put their energy. They prefer to relax and enjoy themselves, so will often work on projects that have to do with that end goal. They can come across as lazy, but they are simply very discerning. As a stubborn bull, once they do decide on an action or project, they will endure until it is done, even if it is very challenging. In the bedroom, someone with Mars in Taurus is slow and sensual.

Gemini Mars Sign Traits

Elephant twins - two baby elephants

Twins are a symbol of the astrological sign Gemini.


Mars in Gemini is a pretty complementary placement. Gemini is a bright and active sign, and Mars is all about activity. However, for people with Mars in Gemini, this activity may be more mental than physical. Their work in the world may seem scattered, but they are often able to use this broad base of skill and knowledge to put together some incredible things. People with Mars in Gemini may especially enjoy working with their hands. Sexually, Mars in Gemini needs a mind connection. This can come in the form of dirty talk or simply an intellectual interest that leads to physical attraction.

Cancer Mars Sign Traits

King crab on blue sky background. Hands are holding a huge crab. Fresh catch on a fishing boat. Bering sea animal. Very tasty and healthy meat.

Mars is in a “fall” position when it is in Cancer.


Mars in Cancer can be a difficult placement. It is considered a “fall” which is the opposite of exalted. Cancer is all about emotion, and Mars is all about action, which is where the two things don’t see eye to eye. People with Mars in Cancer have an emotional attachment to all that they do in the world, which can make things feel sticky for them. When people with this placement commit to a project or job, they can get emotionally wrapped up in it and lose sight of the bigger picture. This can affect other aspects of their life like relationships and friendships. People with Mars in Cancer need an emotional connection and a secure feeling to get down in the bedroom.

Leo Mars Sign Traits

People with Mars in Leo are as confident as this lion walking around a city.

Those with Mars in Leo are likely to become public figures or rise the ranks of the corporate ladder easily. They show up to activities and work with confidence and a natural leadership quality. People with this placement can be quite fierce in confrontations as well. However, it is no sweat to them because, as the lion, they easily come out on top without having to lift a finger. Because of this, people with Mars in Leo need to be careful how and when they yield their regal power. Sexually, Mars in Leo is very confident and loves to spoil and be spoiled.

Virgo Mars Sign Traits

Fantasy woman holy goddess lies dreaming on white clouds, girl in image of zodiac sign Virgo. Astrological symbol horoscope, blue sky heaven, shining stars magical divine light, cosmos universe space.

The maiden is the symbol for Virgo in astrology.


While Mars in Taurus is slow and methodical in their actions in Mars, Mars in Virgo is quick and efficient. Even though they are both earth signs, they show up quite differently. People with Mars in Virgo are great at planning things, but they can get hung up on the small details. They can have quite a bit of anxiety about getting things done the right way. The plus side of this quality is that they will always cross their T’s and dot their I’s. You can trust someone with this placement to get the job done right. People with Mars in Virgo may find they enjoy working in service of others. When it comes to sex, a Mars in Virgo person needs to relax in order to get their engine going.

Libra Mars Sign Traits

Scales of Justice background - legal law concept. a balance is hand-held, sky is the background.zodiac sign - libra

People with Mars in Libra prefer to work in harmony with others.

©maradon 333/

While Mars in Cancer is considered a “fall” placement, Mars in Libra is a “detriment.” That means it’s not as much of a challenge as a fall, but it can be a bit difficult. The action of Mars is often focused on the self, while Libra’s desires are always about community. So, people with Mars in Libra are happiest when they are doing work in the world communally. This lighthearted sign does not like confrontation but does have its own way of getting things done through kind communication. One difficulty for people with this placement is that they can prioritize others’ needs over their own, especially in group projects. People with this placement would often prefer to be friends before getting down in the bedroom. They also prefer to keep things lighthearted in their sex lives.

Scorpio Mars Sign Traits

Mars is very at home in Scorpio, as the planet is one of the sign’s planetary rulers.

Mars and Scorpio have a great relationship. This planet is the original ruler of Scorpio before Pluto came along. Now it is considered a co-ruler, along with the former planet. People with this placement are great at getting things done, but they are a bit stubborn. They get stuck on ideas and projects and get attached to a certain outcome. If things don’t go their way, they can hold a grudge for a long time. However, Mars in Scorpio people are also very exact, because they want to avoid missing out on the outcome they want. This is another placement that will be sure to take care of all the important details. As the sign of sexuality, Mars in Scorpio makes for a steamy and passionate bedroom experience.

Sagittarius Mars Sign Traits

Sagittarius zodiac sign. Art style. Girl with an arrow

The archer is the symbol for Sagittarius.

©Tatyana Volkova/

People with Mars in Sagittarius are optimistic about their work in the world. Because of this, they can easily take on too much or start an overly ambitious project and not finish it. However, with the help of others around them, they can accomplish a lot. This sign is a brave warrior, and part of that is the fact that Sagittarius often has good fortune. Mars in Sagittarius people are brave, partially because Sagittarius is a fire sign, and partially because things often work out for them, especially in the realms of work and sexuality. When it comes to sex, people with Mars in Sagittarius are sensual and embodied. They thrive when there is plenty of physical connection.

Capricorn Mars Sign Traits

Mars in Capricorn is an easeful “exalted” placement.

©Kevin Standage/

People with Mars in Capricorn have a very easy relationship with work and earning money. Things come easily to them because this is an exalted placement, meaning that Mars is very at home in Capricorn. Whether they choose to play the corporate game or work for themselves, business flows for them. While they are cautious, even in matters of work, they don’t let failure stop them. Just as they are enduring and steady in their work, they are also quite charming in the bedroom. They may enjoy playing kinky power games or simply spend a lot of time enjoying themselves with a partner.

Aquarius Mars Sign Traits

Aquarians born on January 31st

People with Mars in Aquarius are independent workers.

©Daniel Eskridge/

Unlike their air sign counterparts with Mars in Libra, people with Mars in Aquarius prefer to work independently. This can be a struggle for them because they do crave being around people, but they have ideas about how things could be done. They are likely to feel drawn to work in social justice, humanitarian causes, or philanthropy. In general, people with Mars in Aquarius are imaginative and this translates into the bedroom. They are likely to enjoy trying new things without a second thought in this realm.

Pisces Mars Sign Traits

two danios in an aquarium

Pisces is represented by two fish.

©Arunee Rodloy/

Mars in Pisces is a deeply compassionate placement. These people are likely to find work in the realm of helping or nurturing people. They may also find work in a creative field, as Pisces is also an imaginative sign. Outside of working to earn money, their way of moving in the world leads them to help others, but this can become a problem for them. Naive and compassionate Pisces often lacks boundaries, and when it comes to the planet of action it is no different. People with Mars in Pisces need to recognize their limits and be aware of people who may take advantage of their endless empathy. Sexually, people with this placement need a strong emotional connection to feel comfortable with physical vulnerability.

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