May 27 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility, and More

Written by Cindy Rasmussen
Updated: July 7, 2023
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Did you read your horoscope today? If you look to the stars for advice or encouragement then maybe you already know your zodiac sign, but there might be more to your sign than you thought. If you were born on May 27 you share some of the same core traits as those born between May 21-June 20. There are certain careers you may excel at as well as some people you naturally get along with better (and some you don’t!). Read on to find out all about Geminis born on May 27: traits, compatibility, and more!

What is the Zodiac Sign for May 27?


The zodiac sign for May 27th is Gemini. The constellation Gemini is represented by the twins. Many constellations resemble animals like the lion (Leo), scorpion (Scorpio), and goat (Capricorns) so why is Gemini twin boys? The myth behind the twins is that although they were born at the same time (being twins) they had two different fathers. Zeus, the great god of the sky and thunder was the father of one of the twins, Pollux, and Tyndareus was the father of the other twin, Castor. Because Zeus was immortal, so was his son, but unfortunately, Castor was not immortal. The twin brothers wanted to stay together forever so Zeus shared his immortality and created the constellation Gemini so the twins could stay together.

What are Some Common Traits of a Gemini?

Geminis born on May 27 are known to be intelligent and well-spoken. As an “air sign” Geminis are all about communication. They process the world out loud and by talking it out with other people. Because they have a wide range of interests from kayaking to wine tasting to international travel, they are able to talk to just about anyone. Geminis are generally extroverts and are easy to get along with.

Another common trait of a Gemini is they are open-minded and willing to try new things. This makes them excellent leaders and often times pioneers. They are not as afraid to make mistakes as some other signs and recover quickly from missteps. This ability to bounce back quickly helps Gemini take on new projects with ease because they are less afraid of failing. They will keep at it until it gets done, even if there are a few failures along the way.

What are some of the Best Careers for Gemini?

Some of the best careers for Geminis, born on May 27, are social and constantly changing. Jobs like teaching, journalism, travel guide, and nursing are all excellent choices. These jobs offer a lot of variety, with each day presenting different challenges and varied job duties. Geminis are dedicated workers that are also energizing to be around. They are the ones who will frequently say, “I love my job!”. In fact, it is not uncommon that you will find a Gemini with two jobs or a core job and a side gig.

Geminis are usually valuable members of any work team because of the energy they bring, as well as their dedication to getting things done. You may light up when you see you have a Slack or Teams message from a Gemini because it will probably be a bit witty. They are also the ones coordinating the office March Madness pool and bringing in a special “pupcake” for your dog’s birthday (and they remember it every year!). Geminis also go out of their way to include everyone in social activities at work.

What are the Relationship Strengths of a Gemini?

The relationship strengths of Geminis, born on May 27, are that they are easy to talk to and positive people. There are no awkward silences or lack of common interests. Gemini finds ways to connect with people, and although they are big talkers, they are also good at listening.

Another relationship strength of Gemini is they are fun…not just “Hey, it was fun to get a cup of coffee” fun, but “Wow, I’ve never reeled in a 200-pound swordfish before!” fun. Be ready for an adventure if you have a Gemini in your life! Geminis are also good at bringing together different groups of people and making sure everyone feels included.

What are the Relationship Weaknesses of a Gemini?

One of the relationship weaknesses of a Gemini is also one of their strengths…their need for excitement. While it may be exciting to have a jam-packed weekend of wake-boarding (or snowboarding, depending on your latitude), axe-throwing, and night club hopping, it may also be nice to have a few weekends of jammies, DoorDash, and binge-watching Stranger Things. Geminis do get this and are able to take it down a notch and slow down when needed, but sometimes they need a reminder.

What are the Most Compatible Signs with Gemini?

When it comes to compatibility, there is the camp that suggests you connect better with people that are like you, and there is the camp that sticks to “opposites attract”. If you are a Gemini, you could be most compatible with other “air signs” like Libra and Aquarius. You may also be compatible and complementary with more introverted and emotional fire signs like Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Remember that your zodiac sign is just one element to consider when you look at compatibility. Every Gemini is also on a spectrum of different traits so an extremely chatty Gemini might be better suited with a less chatty Aries so they can meet in the middle.

Historical Figures and Celebrities born on May 27th

In the celebrity world Gemini have a wide range of famous and noteworthy individuals. The extroverted, social butterfly Gemini is a natural fit for life in the spotlight. Look at some of the famous Gemini below, and you can understand how their zodiac sign has helped them get to where they are. Here are a few famous Geminis born on May 27!

  • Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)
  • Jamie Oliver (famous TV chef)
  • Paul Bettany (English actor, played Vision in the Marvel films)
  • Dee Dee Bridgewater (singer, actor)
  • Jack McBrayor (actor, played Kenneth Parcell in 30 Rock)
  • Andre 3000 (American rapper, songwriter, and actor)
  • Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State)

Important Events That Occurred on May 27th

  • On May 27th, 2006, an earthquake caused great destruction in Java, Indonesia. Around 6000 people died, and 1.5 million were left without a home.
  • On this same day in 1942, Czech resistance fighters assassinated high-ranking Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich, an architect of the Holocaust. As an act of revenge, the Nazis killed all male inhabitants in the Czech village of Lidice that were over 15 and sent the remaining people to concentration camps.
  • In 1937, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge was opened in San Francisco and Marin County.
  • Additionally, Walt Disney’s cartoon Three Little Pigs was released in 1933 and went on to become one of the most famous animated short films.
  • Lastly, on this day in 1851, the first-ever chess tournament was held in London and won by Adolf Anderssen, a mathematics teacher from Wrocław.

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