May 31 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility, and More

Written by Cindy Rasmussen
Updated: July 7, 2023
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If you were born between May 21-June 20, you share some of the same traits as those with the same zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign is represented by a constellation of stars. Many of the constellations are named after animals like the crab of Cancer and the scorpion of Scorpio. Others have symbols like the scales of Libre, representing balance and justice. Do you know what your zodiac sign is if you were born on May 31? Do you know what careers might be best for you or who you might be the most compatible with? Read on to find out all about the May 31 zodiac; sign, traits, compatibility, and more!

What is the Zodiac Sign for May 31?


The zodiac sign for people born on May 31 is Gemini. The Gemini sign has famous twins from Greek and Roman mythology as its symbol. The twins are usually pictured together, often on horseback and with very athletic builds. The twins, Castor and Pollux, were known to be keepers of the sea and would rescue shipwrecked sailors.

As you may know, relationships in Greek and Roman mythology can have some unique twists, which is the case with the Gemini twins. Although they share the same mother, Leda the Queen of Sparta, they are actually half-brothers and have two different dads (this was before reality TV shows, too!). While Pollux was immortal due to his Dad being the great Zeus, Castor was immortal being fathered by Tyndareus. Pollux went to his father and asked Zeus to make his brother immortal so that they could stay together. As the story goes Zeus created the constellation Gemini so the twins could remain together.

What Traits do Geminis have?

Geminis born on May 31 are outgoing and talkative. They don’t just rattle on and on about nothing but are very knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. Geminis are typically extroverted and thrive in social situations. They are approachable and can hold a conversation with just about anyone. Because of their curiosity, they may challenge you with some intriguing questions. However, they are not just playing devil’s advocate but genuinely want to hear your opinions.

If you know a Gemini you may ask, “When do they ever sleep?! Geminis are always on the go and seem to have an endless well of energy. Somehow they find time for their 9-5, coaching their daughter’s softball team, fostering greyhounds, and volunteering at the weekly beach cleanup. Frequently they have two jobs, trying new side gigs as they come up. The symbol of the twins sometimes represents the desire of Gemini to clone themselves so they can enjoy more activities and get more done!

What are the Best Careers for Gemini?

The best careers for Geminis born on May 31 offer variety. Careers in management are a good fit because Geminis are great with people. They are motivating and inspire others to do their best. Careers in journalism are a good fit because of their natural curiosity and ability to present both sides of the story. Gemini excel in public speaking and make excellent lawyers, corporate trainers, and politicians.

Geminis born on May 31 are enjoyable co-workers. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they do a nice job bringing a team together. While Geminis prefer to work in groups, bouncing ideas off each other, they are also well adapted to working 1:1. You can also generally pick out the Gemini in the office, they are the ones coordinating “Muffin Mondays” and the offsite to watch the local minor league baseball game. Fun-spirited Geminis find creative ways to make life a little more exciting!

What are the Relationship Strengths of a Gemini?

The relationship strength of Geminis born on May 31 is they are great friends. They are there for you when you need someone to talk to and are going to challenge you to take life to the next level. If you have a Gemini in your life you know there is a chance you could get a surprising text at any time, “Going to Allie’s Alpaca Farm this afternoon, wanna come?” and of course you do! Geminis are fun to be with and easy to talk to. It is fun to listen to their latest ideas and hear about their latest adventures.

Geminis are also really good at making sure everyone is included. At family gatherings, they will think about the wide range of ages of family members and purposefully plan activities that bring the family together. A Gemini may be playing Spikeball with the teens one moment and then taking a stroll on the boardwalk with Grandpa the next. Geminis are easy to get along with and really care about their loved ones.

What are the Relationship Weaknesses of a Gemini?

One trait that might be considered a weakness is their constant need for something new. It may seem that a Gemini would have a hard time settling down with just one person, but in reality, they are good in long-term relationships. But beware that they do need new experiences, adventures, and even careers. This can get a little exhausting at times but a Gemini is also receptive to “Can we just stay in and watch our shows tonight?”

Geminis also need to be conscious of who they are talking with so that they don’t accidentally gossip too much. Because they process the world out loud they sometimes say things out loud that they should probably have filtered based on the present company. But Geminis don’t intentionally stir the pot or try to create conflict and are quick to apologize if they make a mistake.

What are the Most Compatible Signs with Gemini?

The most compatible signs with Gemini are Aquarius and Libra. Aquarians are born between Jan 20-Feb 18th. They are also air signs, like Gemini, and tend to be a little more introverted but still enjoy the company of a few good friends. Aquarius and Gemini get along well because they are both intelligent and curious and complement each other with their extroverted/introverted combo.

Libras are born between September 22-October 21st. As another air sign, Libra and Gemini share a common focus on communication. Libras are friends with everyone and can also hold a conversation with just about anyone. A Libra and Gemini can chat for hours without noticing the time. Both love adventure and will equally come up with fun activities to do together.

Historical Figures and Celebrities born on May 31st

If you were born on May 31st you share your birthday with a few famous Geminis. The “Go, go, go” attitude of Geminis makes them excellent politicians, directors, and musicians, but there is a wide range. Here are a few Geminis that are also born on  May 31st. Which one are you the most similar to?

  • Clint Eastwood (American actor/producer, Academy Award winner for Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby)
  • Brooke Shields (American actress and model)
  • Chris Elliott (Comedian)
  • Joe Namath (famous football player and former New York Jets quarterback)
  • Colin Farrell (Irish actor, in the Minority Report and recently starred as the Penguin in The Batman movie)

Important Events That Occurred on May 31st

  • On May 31, 2013, a tornado with a width of 4.2 kilometers (2.6 miles) struck El Reno, Oklahoma, and caused the deaths of nine people.
  • On the same day in 2005, Mark Felt admitted that he was the informant behind the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Nixon.
  • In 1961, South Africa declared itself an independent republic in response to international criticism of its Apartheid system, which was eventually abolished in the early 1990s.
  • Werner von Siemens presented the world’s first electric locomotive in 1879, which was then used in trams.
  • The Great Clock at the Houses of Parliament began keeping time on May 31, 1859, and is well-known for its accuracy.

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