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Aries Zodiac Sign

Written by Jennifer Gaeng

Updated: October 17, 2023

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Spirit animals represent a person’s innate human spirituality and passions. Personality traits associated with each zodiac sign have been used by astrologers for thousands of years. This article focuses on the animal or animals that represent your inner self in accordance with the Western zodiac. The zodiac traditions of the Chinese, Celtic, and Native American zodiacs will also be briefly discussed here.

zodiac astrology

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Aries, along with the signs of Leo and Sagittarius, is ruled by the element of Fire. It represents one of the six positive signs, with Mars as its ruling planet. Aries is one of the signs in the Zodiac represented by an animal. What is the Aries spirit animal? Based on western astrology, let’s dive into the details of Aries spirit animal guide and how it relates to those born under this western zodiac sign!

The Ram and Aries

Male bighorn sheep ram with large horns on a cliff.

What is the Aries spirit animal? The animal associated with Aries is the Ram.

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Aries Birthday: March 21 – April 19

The Aries zodiac animal is a Ram, which is a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of war. It is stated that those born underneath the zodiac sign of the Ram are characterized by a sense of adventure, joy, passion, and child-like wonder!

Let’s look at the positive and negative characteristics of the Aries Ram to get a better sense of this incredibly versatile sign!

Positive Ram Traits

Beautiful rocky mountain bighorn sheep ram in the snow.

The Aries Ram is intelligent, and a natural born leader

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Intelligent Leaders

Just like the Ram, Aries are fiery, intelligent, natural-born leaders who are fueled by the mission at hand. They are not just imaginative and resourceful, but also compassionate and understanding. In the event of a change, those who follow Aries’ lead and heed the Ram’s advice will be glad they did. The Ram can teach you how to navigate certain issues and will not hesitate to help those who are faced with difficult situations.

Deep in Strength

First-born Aries is all that is fresh and new. As change agents, they are leaders and front-runners, pioneers, inventors, and innovators, as well as ferocious rivals and warriors. When the going gets tough, the Aries Ram gets going. They have a deep strength that carries them through the battles of life. They absorb the pain and wear their scars proudly, sharing their stories so others can gain from them. Aries Rams crave personal experience. It’s not good enough to hear what it’s like, they want to feel what it’s like.

Dedicated to Truth

With all their accomplishments, their steadfastness and dedication to honesty and the truth is what sets them apart from the rest of their peers. They enjoy creative pursuits that allow them flexibility and control and are best in environments that foster these attributes. A stifled Ram is not to be trifled with!

Famous Aries include: Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin, Emma Watson, Robert Downey Jr, and Reese Witherspoon.

Negative Ram Traits

Two Bighorn sheep rams battling during the mating season on a snow-covered prairie.

The Aries Ram can become riled up easily

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Emotionally Unstable

The Ram’s vast energy levels can often cause instability. If their principles and views are questioned, the Aries Ram may become irritate or hostile. It doesn’t take much to rile up an already moody Aries. When Aries is off balance, everyone around them may suffer. They can also veer in the other direction and become distant to save energy. If unchecked, this can lead to narcissistic tendencies causing Aries to ignore other people’s perspectives and stay stuck in their own. This can make others feel confused and unclear about how to “fix” the problem. Honesty and compassion are the best way to earn Aries trust and bring out their vulnerable side. Liars and aggressors do not fair well with Aries.

Lacking in Patience

Aries Rams also hate monotony and lack patience, leading to rash or abrupt decisions to escape situations they no longer feel comfortable in. They crave life experience and at times this gets them in trouble. As independent as they can be, they can be incredibly insecure and seek validation regularly. Without validation, Aries Rams will retreat and become closed off to others and the world around them. Aries may seem independent, but they are highly sensitive people with a need for compassion and patience.


Oftentimes, Aries get in their own way and come off as self-righteous. As a result, others may see them as narrow-minded, when deep down they actually feel unsure about life and deeply misunderstood. Aries can struggle with communication, which can lead to an unnecessary buildup of tension and confusion with others. If they can get out of their own heads and learn to deal with the problem at hand, they can grow and move on with newfound strength and conviction.

How To Be The Best Ram


Understanding your strengths and latent abilities identified by astrology is beneficial for self-reflection. It can aid you in discovering the ideal matches in love, work, and life. For example, Aries Rams tend to do very well in jobs in sales, art, writing, traveling, and entrepreneurship. They need to feel passionate about what they do, and their work must reflect their personality. They do not do well in roles with too much authority, monotony, or control over their decision-making.


Aries may be referred to as abrasive at times, but in general, the rams are really laid-back when things are aligned. Due to their multi-faceted personality, Aries is one of the few signs that are compatible with nearly every other zodiac sign! When it comes to romantic compatibility, fellow fire signs Leo and Sagittarius are often thought to be the most ideal partners for Aries, as well as air signs Gemini and Aquarius. However, there is something to be said about fire and water. Many astrologers believe that Aries and Scorpios make the most epic of lovers. Aries may struggle in romance with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.


In order to be the best Aries Ram you can be, it is important to set your pride aside in conflict. You must learn to let your guard down to let others in. It is also wise for Aries to trust their instincts as they have a strong intuition. Finding a balance between letting others’ opinions in and listening to your own gut is no easy feat! However, you can find balance by being appreciative of the positive traits of those close to you, and not looking at everyone or everything as black and white. Mindfulness and meditation are the best approaches to achieving balance for Aries. This will teach you to look within and take your time before jumping to conclusions or decisions.

Why Is the Aries Sign a Ram?

Aries is the Latin word for Ram. In ancient Greece and Egypt, the constellation Aries was typically associated with a ram even though different cultures had varied interpretations of the constellation. For example, according to Greek Mythology, the golden ram was offered to Zeus as a sacrifice, the deity of the gods.

astrology zodiac

Vector circle of the Zodiac signs in retro style with icons, names, constellations, hand-drawn Sun. Beige circle with black pencil drawings.

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There are a wide variety of cultures and traditions around the world, some of which date back as far as humanity itself. Spirit animals can be found in many of these traditions, particularly astrological systems. Aside from Western Astrology, the Chinese, Celtic, and Native American astrological systems are some of the more popular and generally recognized astrological systems.

Chinese Astrology

What is the Aries spirit animal in Chinese astrology? A person’s spirit animal is determined by their birth year in the Chinese Zodiac, not a certain time of year. You can find out what animal best represents your year of birth by visiting a variety of websites. Your “Chinese Zodiac Twin,” on the other hand, refers to the animal in Chinese culture that most closely corresponds to your Western Zodiac sign. In this situation, it’s the Dragon for Aries!

Chinese Zodiac Twin for Aries: The Dragon

China Dragon


Dragons are guardians of riches and power; thus, the Chinese Emperor utilizes them to symbolize his imperial might. Chinese Dragon iconography says it controls all water. This includes rain, hurricanes, floods, oceans, and more! The Chinese Zodiac Dragon’s courage, confidence, and capacity are legendary. This zodiac sign’s Chinese horoscope predicts a full, adventurous life. Like the Ram, no?

So, do modern dragons exist? Yes! Komodo dragons are still around today. Although they do not breathe fire, they are still fierce and formidable reptiles. With over 3,000 species, Komodo dragons might not be actual “dragons” but they are the largest lizards on earth!

Celtic Astrology

Celtic Zodiac, like Western, Chinese, and Native American Astrology, has 12 Animal Symbols. However, their monthly intervals differ from western astrology. As with other systems, cultural influence and nature observation combine to form animal symbolism.

  1. Celtic Zodiac Twin for Aries: The Fox (March 18 – April 14)
Most Vicious Animals

The Fox

© Buckman

If you are an Aries whose birthday falls within the dates above, then your Celtic spirit animal is the Fox! The fox is revered by the Celts as a wise and sensual force. Fox is always on the lookout for a new and intriguing story to keep their mind busy. It’s no secret that Fox isn’t afraid to go for what they want. They are also loyal to the ones they love and brave in the face of danger.

  • Celtic Zodiac Twin for Aries: The Bull (April 15 – May 12)

The Bull

©alberto clemares exposito/

If you are an Aries whose birthday falls within the dates above, then your Celtic spirit animal is the Bull! Our beloved Bull is as steady and fierce as the sun. Like Knights of the Round Table, they are always ready to provide protection and fight in the face of danger. A bull will see right through you and tell you, or show you, exactly what you need.

Native American Astrology

Animals are commonly used to communicate Native American ideals and beliefs. In fact, many of their legends feature animals! Native American Zodiac is like Chinese, Celtic, and Western traditions, as they have animal connotations. The dates for each sign in both Native American and Western astrology are identical, however, the spirit animals are unique. To find your native American spirit animal as an Aries, look below!

Native American Birth Animal Twin (Northern Hemisphere): The Falcon / Red Hawk

Flying falcon. Landing bird. Isolated bird. White background. Bird: Lesser Kestrel

The Falcon

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If you are an Aries, then your Native American spirit animal is the Falcon! In Native American Astrology, they often “look to the falcon” for guidance. The falcon’s judgment, speed, and persistence are trustworthy. The falcon is proactive and thrives in collaborative, respected surroundings. They also make a lifelong fiery lover!

Falcons value authenticity and self-awareness. Without it, Falcons can’t reach the leadership responsibilities they desire. The awakened Falcon spirit uses wisdom for its wings. When people don’t respect their vision, the Falcon becomes flustered.

In Conclusion

Spirit Animals are a great way to feel connected to nature and our planet!

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A wide variety of creatures could be considered as Aries zodiac sign spirit animals, such as the ram; dragon; fox; bull; and falcon!

So, as you can see, there are a lot of ways to locate your spirit animal, and many people end up with more than one spirit animal. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you aren’t restricted or defined by a certain tradition and that you can use your own intuition to discover your ideal spirit animal. As an example, have you ever had recurring dreams about an animal? Have you always been drawn to a certain species of animal?  This is also a possibility for your spirit animal!

The important part to remember is these are based on different belief systems and in no way define who you are as a person. Rather, it’s more important to choose an animal with which you have a strong emotional connection. Having a spirit animal is a wonderful way to feel connected to the earth and the beautiful planet on which we live!

Bonus: What Famous Celebrities Are Aries?

There’s a slew of famous celebrities, whether actors, performers, athletes, or beyond, who were born under the sign of Aries. If you’re looking for human comparisons to your sign, consider the personality types of these stars:

  • Lady Gaga–Pop Superstar
  • Pharrell Williams–R&B Pop Singer
  • Jessica Chastain–Movie Actress
  • Paul Rudd–Movie Actor
  • Matthew Broderick–Movie Actor
  • Reese Witherspoon–Movie and Television Actress
  • Elton John–Legendary Pop Superstar
  • Keira Knightley–British Movie Actress
  • Steven Tyler–Lead Rock Singer of the band Aerosmith
  • Mariah Carey–Female Pop/R&B Legend
  • Reba McEntire–Female Country Music Icon

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