Meet The 10 Cutest Cats in the World

Written by Heather Hall
Updated: June 5, 2023
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Who doesn’t love a cute kitty sitting on their lap or a tiny kitten who wants to play endless games? Every cat we have met is beautiful in their own way. Many have big eyes; others have fluffy coats and tails. Kitties have unique voices and purrs, and several are known for their gorgeous markings or perky ears. And they all have interesting and wonderful personalities. The adorableness of the 10 cutest cats in the world is simply overwhelming! 

We mention common characteristics of these breeds but remember that each cat is its own individual, and personalities can vary widely. When considering adoption, it is wise to contact the chosen organization and ask about the characteristics of the specific cat you’re interested in. Remember that cat adoption is a lifetime commitment, as many cats can live for nearly 20 years. Now, let’s dive into the cuteness! 

1. Maine Coon

Tallest cats
These large kitties have broad chests, long bodies, and tufted ears.


Maine coons are tough kitties and some of the largest cats around. They have thick, shaggy coats that can endure harsh weather conditions. This breed is affectionate, intelligent, and playful. They tend to act like kittens into adulthood and remain playful for a long time. If you are thinking of adopting a Maine coon, know they are pretty slow to warm up to new people, but once they do, they form a close bond and are loyal for a lifetime. Physically, Maine coons have a broad chest with wide set legs and a long body. Perhaps the cutest part about a Maine coon is its large, tufted ears.

2. British Shorthair

close up of a Domestic Shorthair laying on its back
British shorthairs are sassy and full of energy!

© Piano

It is safe to say that one hundred percent of British shorthair cats are cute. With their dense coat, strong muscles, large round heads, and beautiful coat patterns, they are definitely adorable. 

British shorthairs are sassy and full of energy! These kitties are not necessarily destructive, but they are curious enough to get into trouble. They aren’t very loud, preferring to squeak rather than yell, but they certainly have a loud purr. British shorthairs are not lap cats and would rather snuggle up near you than on you. They usually aren’t big fans of being held or picked up, either. All in all, British shorthairs make wonderful, adventurous companion animals. 

3. Bengal

Bengal cat like a leopard sneaks
These wild-looking cats are spotted and marbled and can be many breathtaking colors!

© Alexander_Evgenyevich/

Bengal cats look a lot like jungle-dwelling felines with their amazing patterns and colors. They are spotted and marbled and can be many breathtaking colors. They are muscular, with a wedge-shaped head, large oval eyes, and a tapered tail. 

Bengal cats love people. They involve themselves in every activity the family does. They are athletic and have a high need for exercise. Much to their owner’s surprise, they are fast learners and often figure out how to turn on lights, open doors, and get into cupboards. Bengals tend to be big fans of running water and prefer to drink from fountains or running taps. 

4. Munchkin

munchkin cat looking up towards the sky
Munchkins are a tiny cat breed with short legs.

© Tantrakul

These short-legged cuties certainly deserve a place on a list of the world’s cutest cats. They have high cheekbones, round-tipped ears, walnut-shaped eyes, and tapered tails. Munchkins come in either long or short-coated varieties and many different colors and patterns. 

These tiny cats are outgoing and friendly. They almost always get along with other animal members of the family. They like wrestling and playing games and love shiny objects. In fact, they sometimes create a hoard of sparkly toys!

5. Siamese

Siamese with crossed eyes on couch
Their supermodel good looks are often offset by crossed eyes, a notorious Siamese feature.

©Anna Kraynova/

Siamese cats are regal and refined. With long graceful bodies, short, glossy coats, and large pointy ears, Siamese kitties are a gorgeous sight to behold. However, their supermodel good looks are often offset by crossed eyes, a notorious Siamese feature. Their long thin tails are very communicative, as are their almond-shaped eyes. These gorgeous cats have colored points, which come in seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac. 

Siamese are exceptional communicators. Some might even say they are bossy. They seem to have their own agenda and are constantly trying to get their companions to follow along. They are loving, entertaining, and highly active. Because they are so intelligent, they need mental stimulation, and when bored, they will entertain themselves by getting into trouble. These highly social cats do not do well when left alone for long periods and require attention and affection to thrive. 

6. Persian

yellow Persian kitten laying down
A Persian cat’s fluffy coat often requires professional grooming and daily brushing.


Is there anything more adorable than a smooshed-face Persian cat? Their facial expressions alone put them at the top of the cute list. They are beautiful cats with deep-set wide eyes in gold, brown, and green. They have many colors and patterns and come in either short or long-haired. 

Persian cats are pretty laid back. They have sweet temperaments and are affectionate companions. Their fluffy coats often require professional grooming and daily brushing, so keep that in mind if you consider adopting this breed. Persian cats are well worth the extra work as they will play, lounge, and purr their way into your heart. 

7. Ragdoll

ragdoll kitten playing under the covers
Their intelligence and eagerness to please make ragdolls easy to train.

© Kotsell

Ragdolls are medium to large cats with blue eyes. They have a solid build with big wedge-shaped heads. Their coats are silky and plush and come in a variety of colors. Ragdolls have striking ovular eyes that are a vibrant blue. 

They are loving, affectionate, and super smart. These sweet cats are mild-mannered, devoted, and cuddly. They are relatively calm and get along with many other types of animals. Their intelligence and eagerness to please make them easy to train. They are creatures of habit who like routine and will hold you to it. 

8. Scottish Fold

Scottish fold sitting with paws crossed
The Scottish fold is known for its small ears that fold forward and down.


Scottish folds are super cute cats with roundish bodies, short legs, and their trademark tiny ears. They have a well-defined jawline and chin and lovely long whiskers. As their name suggests, their small ears fold forward and down. They have big wide eyes that communicate their emotions well. Scottish folds have many colors and patterns and come in both long and short-haired varieties. 

These kitties are usually quiet and docile. They bond strongly with only one family member and merely tolerate the rest. They love affection and attention but prefer to be the ones to initiate contact. Interestingly, this breed is great at fetching a toy mouse! These cats are inquisitive and intelligent and make wonderful, devoted companions. 

9. Birman

Birman close-up, lying on a table.
Birman cats have wide blue eyes that are very striking!

©Borkin Vadim/

This cutie has long, silky hair and pure white feet. Birman cats have beautifully shaped heads and round, wide blue eyes that are very striking. Their coats are medium to long, and the hair around their neck is heavy and thick, like a lion‘s mane. Unlike many other long-haired cats, their coats do not tend to mat or tangle. Birmans are gentle cats who walk around the house with an air of superiority. After all, they are on a list of the world’s cutest cats; they have the right to brag. These affectionate cats are intelligent and curious. Additionally, they are often quite brave and do not shy away from a challenge.

10. Russian Blue

Russian Blue laying in the sheets
Each strand of their solid blue coat has a silver tip, giving Russian blues a shimmering appearance.

© Anufrieva

Who can say no to a green-eyed feline!? As their name implies, Russian blues have a short, shiny blue coat that is both dense and soft. They are long and lithe with lengthy legs and tiny paws. They have long, pointy tails and ears and round green eyes. Each strand of their solid blue coat has a silver tip, giving them a shimmering appearance. They have the slightest upturn at the corners of their mouth, so they look like they are grinning at you. 

Russian blues will follow you all over the house, asking you to throw the toy or pet them. They are gentle, affectionate, and polite. These cats prefer a constant routine and big changes can negatively affect them. These dignified and reserved cats are clean and will not tolerate dirty litter boxes. As a companion, they are trusting, intelligent, and easy to train. 

10 Incredible Cat Facts

  1. Some cats can swim.
  2. Cats walk by moving both of their right feet and then moving both of their left feet. Camels and giraffes walk the same way!
  3. Cats are most active at dawn and dusk. 
  4. Cats spend one-third of their time grooming themselves. 
  5. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in cats. 
  6. When cats look at you and blink slowly, this shows affection and trust! 
  7. Cats make over 100 different vocal noises to communicate.
  8. When cats hiss, they are not being aggressive. They are defending themselves by saying, “I am scared. Stay away from me.”
  9. A group of kittens is called a kindle.
  10. Only about 50 percent of cats respond to catnip. 

Summary of the 10 Cutest Cats in the World

#Cute CatUnique Traits
1Maine CoonLarge size and tufted ears
2British ShorthairDense coats and cute squeaks
3BengalLeopard-like coats and extreme intelligence
4MunchkinTiny, very cute, and friendly
5SiameseRegal, elegant, sometimes have a crossed eye
6PersianFluffy with a cute smooshed face
7RagdollBeautiful blue eyes and super affectionate
8Scottish FoldCute faces and tiny, folded ears
9BirmanLong, silky hair and a sweet personality
10Russian BlueGorgeous green eyes and a blue coat tipped with silver

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