Meet the Scorpio Spirit Animals & What They Mean

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Written by Jennifer Gaeng

Updated: September 25, 2023

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After Libra, Scorpio is the eighth modern zodiac sign. Scorpio, along with the signs of Cancer and Pisces, is ruled by the element of Water. It represents one of the six negative signs, with Pluto as its ruling planet. Scorpio is one of the signs in the Zodiac represented by an animal.

So, based on western astrology, let’s dive into the details of Scorpio’s spirit animal guide and how it relates to those born under this western zodiac sign!

The Scorpio and The Scorpion

florida bark scorpion

The Scorpio symbol is the


Scorpio’s Birthday: October 23 – November 21st

The scorpion symbolizes Scorpio’s zodiac sign. With feelings as deep as the ocean’s depths and a reputation for being tough-minded and piercing, the Scorpio is a deep-thinking and complex sign. To further understand this strong and enigmatic sign, let’s examine both Scorpio’s favorable and bad traits.

Positive Scorpio the Scorpion Traits

Largest scorpions - giant forest scorpion

Scorpios are determined, fearless, loyal, and intuitive.

Determined and Fearless

Scorpios are one sign that pursues its goals with gumption. Once they begin a task, they finish it perfectly. It makes no difference to them what the circumstances are, and it is difficult to divert them from their course. This is one of their greatest assets. They are the type not to stress too much about if they succeed or fail just as long as they gave it their all.

With the bravery they have been endowed with, they will tackle everything sent their way. They have an intense sense of passion for life. They also possess a composed nature that is highly uncommon and charming enough to draw many types of people to them.

Loyal & Honest

Scorpios are incredibly devoted, trustworthy, and faithful in their relationships. If they made a pledge to support you, a Scorpio will do so no matter what the outside world thinks. They will grasp your hand and stand up to those who want to harm you to defend you in every way imaginable.

It might be because of their perseverance and dedication, but regardless, it is done with goodwill. Because of this, you can always count on them to make you feel comfortable and secure. They also are very trustworthy. They have a propensity for honesty; thus, they demand a lot of devotion and sincerity in return from others.


Scorpios have a sixth sense that allows them to understand a lot without requiring to go into great detail. Additionally, they are adept at choosing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. They are committed to making the best choice at the appropriate time.

Although it is OK to refer to them as “mind readers,” Scorpios have a deeper awareness that goes beyond this. Because of this, they make great companions with whom to discuss complex issues and pursue curiosities.

Famous Scorpios include: Marie Antoinette, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and Rachel McAdams

Negative Scorpio the Scorpion Traits

incredible scorpion facts

Scorpions will deliver a powerful sting if they feel threatened.

Pensive and Secretive

Scorpios are renowned for harboring deep-seated secrets and being frequently quite reticent to express their true feelings. Due to their perpetual pensiveness, you can never fully comprehend what’s going on in their minds. This does not make them liars, but rather with holders. They are always making judgments and drawing their own conclusions in secret.

For Scorpios to be fully transparent about the depth of their sentiments and the sources of their opinions, the correct style of approach and compatibility are required. This can be two-fold and lead to an outburst of emotions equating to the sting of the scorpion if they are triggered in a negative manner.

Resentful and Vengeful

Scorpios are easily offended by disparaging remarks. This is because they are extremely sensitive on the inside. Additionally, they can easily incline toward exacting revenge on anyone who dares to insult them. If they are hurt, they will react strongly and may seek retribution either deliberately or unknowingly. This usually manifests as scathing language or irrational outbursts.

In the heat of the moment, it seems as though they have no control, but after some time and thought, they will frequently gather themselves and reconsider the matter from a more sympathetic angle.


Scorpios can also be very domineering. This is not so much in the form of possessiveness, but rather a desire for everything to agree with and go their way. Because of this they frequently miss hearing other people’s opinions and perspectives, This is often harmful to their growth.

It is because they struggle with allowing their inner emotions to surface, especially when faced with difficult choices. They have a tough time giving in, especially if they believe something is wrong.

How To Be The Best Scorpio Scorpion

Granulated thick-tailed scorpion (Parabuthus granulatus) in the Kalahari desert, South Africa.

The scorpion


Self-reflection benefits from having a clear understanding of your strengths and hidden skills. Astrology is a great tool to unleash this knowledge. You can use it to help you find the best matches in life, in love, and in business. For instance, Scorpions frequently excel in careers in psychology, research, engineering, education, and the arts/music.

They assume leadership roles and take pride in being recognized for their efforts because of their desire and motivation. They don’t require support and tend to take charge of work environments, becoming irritated when others don’t shoulder their share of the load.


Scorpios are one of the few signs who are thought to be romantically compatible with a wide variety of signs! They are frequently believed to complement Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo the best. They also have unexpectedly good compatibility with the signs of Aries and Aquarius. The least compatible signs for Scorpios are generally considered to be Gemini and Libra. Overall, Scorpios require a companion who respects their commitment and integrity while also appreciating their deep and perceptive nature.


Scorpios will succeed in life if they learn to assert themselves where they can, such as in business, but should put more emphasis on letting go in their personal relationships. Instead of clinging to your own ways merely for the sake of it, be open to learning from others.

Additionally, because of how emotionally intense you are, connecting with others will be made easier for you if you express your feelings gently and precisely. You must learn to let go of little transgressions. You’ll learn to be less critical of yourself while maintaining relationships thanks to this.

Also, be sure to celebrate your victories and rely on a select group of confidants to whom you can confide your aspirations. Finally, remember to maintain your inherent sense of humor while learning to temper your sharp tongue with others. Surrounding yourself with those who are more laid back and value your distinctive verbal style will keep you balanced and at ease.

Why Is the Scorpio Sign The Scorpion?

Zodiac constellations on background of hand drawn astrological symbols in engraving style. Vector retro graphic illustrations of horoscope signs.

The Latin word for a scorpion is Scorpio. The constellation Scorpio has a long history and was known as “the animal with the fiery sting” in ancient Babylonia. Scorpio is home to the red star Antares, popularly known as “the heart of the Scorpion” and translating to “the rival of Mars.”

In one of the many interpretations of the tale of Scorpio, Gaia—a Greek primal goddess and personification of Earth—became enraged because a hunter by the name of Orion desired to slaughter a bull.

She made the choice to dispatch a scorpion so it could sting the hunter to stop the kill. The constellations of Orion and Taurus are in opposition to the constellation of Scorpio in the night sky. Orion descends beneath the horizon while Scorpio rises above it.

zodiac astrology

Magical banner for astrology, celestial alchemy. Heavenly art for the zodiac, tarot, device of the universe, crescent moon with a face, clouds, sun with the moon on a black background. Esoteric vector

The other zodiacal spirit animals listed below are appropriate for Scorpio people as well. We’ll go into more detail about these well-known zodiac systems in upcoming posts.

Chinese Astrology

According to the ancient Chinese calendar, each year of the twelve-year cycle is associated with a certain sign and personality feature. There is a belief that each sign of the Western zodiac has a Chinese counterpart that is different from their animal of birth year. The next section briefly explains Scorpio’s “twin” in the Chinese Zodiac.

Chinese Zodiac Twin for Scorpio: The Boar

Largest Wild Boar - Giant Forest Hog

The Boar

The Boar is a symbol in Chinese art that almost resembles a saint. Among the Chinese zodiac signs, boar people are some of the most benevolent and compassionate. The Chinese boar personality is so altruistic that they find it very awkward when someone helps them, and they will go to great measures to avoid asking for assistance.

They are typically very courageous and physically strong, with excellent stamina. Once the Pig starts something, whether it’s a relationship, a project, etc., they’ll stick with it until the end, whatever that may be.

Celtic Astrology

Celtic astrological beliefs and Western astrology have numerous similarities. Due to a few discrepancies in their calendars, you must use your exact birthday to determine your Celtic spirit animal as a Scorpio.

  1. Celtic Zodiac Twin for Scorpio: The Butterfly (September 30 – October 27)
Beautiful butterfly sitting on a leaf.
The Butterfly

Your Celtic spirit animal is the Butterfly if your birthday falls between the dates listed above. This Scorpio spirit animal represents elevation from the weight of tensions and a lightness of being. Those connected with this spirit animal are invited to bring happiness and enjoyment into their lives. It also stands for innovation and progress, two characteristics of the Scorpio mentality!

2.            Celtic Zodiac Twin for Scorpio: The Wolf (October 28 – November 24)

Wolf quiz

The wolf

Your Celtic spirit animal is the Wolf if your birthday falls between the dates listed above. This Scorpio spirit animal represents the following qualities in the world of spirit animals: keen intelligence, close kinship with instincts, and an appetite for independence. On the other hand, it also symbolizes feeling intimidated and having little faith in other people or in oneself. It expresses the necessity to start decluttering your inner life. By doing so, you will be able to see yourself clearly and discover your hidden potential.

Native American Astrology

Native American and Western astrology both use the same dates for each sign, however, they use distinct spirit animals. Look below to discover what your Native American spirit animal is as a Scorpio!

Native American Scorpio Twin: The Snake

Puff-Faced Water Snake

The snake

Your Native American spirit animal is the Snake if you are a Scorpio. One of the most dreaded and yet mysterious animals is the snake. If you pay close attention, the snake’s ability to remain omnipresent around us without giving off any obvious signs demonstrates how secretive this scorpio spirit animal is. Additionally, its clan members are outstanding healers on all levels, whether it be physical, spiritually, or emotionally, due to its capacity to regenerate itself periodically.

What is Scorpio’s Spirit Color?

The color associated with Scorpio is a deep and enigmatic black, fostering an intense curiosity and a commitment to transformation. Black symbolizes the profound realms in which Scorpio thrives, reinforcing its determination to delve beneath the surface and question everything.

As a fixed sign, Scorpio is characterized by its passion and mystique, making it harmonious with darker shades such as black and purple.

Light colors such as light blue, white, or pastels don’t resonate with their essence and may make them feel out of sync with their natural energy.

In Conclusion

astrology zodiac

Vector circle of the Zodiac signs in retro style with icons, names, constellations, hand-drawn Sun. Beige circle with black pencil drawings.

Many creatures, including the scorpion, boar, butterfly, wolf, and snake, could be regarded as Scorpio zodiac sign spirit animals! Recognize that these metaphysical interpretations of your temperament are founded on astrological superstitions and earlier studies on personality types.

Other creatures can represent facets of your character or certain experiences in life. It’s normal for people to experience unexpected encounters with certain animals or to have lucid dreams about them. Whatever method you used to find your spirit animal(s); we hope you enjoyed learning more about your sign’s animal associations based on these astrological traditions!

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