Mom Honey Badger Gives the Business End of a Beatdown to a Leopard After Catching Its Baby

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 9, 2023
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Wildfights are something that we would imagine would happen between two ferocious predators. Perhaps a lion viciously fighting an enormous hippopotamus. Or a herd of buffalo ganging up on a lion pride. However, now and then, we see a small animal come in with ferocious strength to protect either themself or someone in their family or herd. And that is exactly what we see in this video below by the Lastest Sightings. 

Latest Sightings of a Honey Badger and a Leopard

This video takes us to the Latest Sightings, where they share videos that come from around Africa. Tour guide Sahara Wulfsohn at Kirkmans Kamp in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve captured this amazing footage. She shares a short snippet of her experience with Latest Sightings below. 

“When we arrived at the scene, Joel pointed out the leopard, which was moving slowly through a tamboti thicket towards us. At this point, I was very excited and grateful at having been given this excellent opportunity to show my guests a real-life Leopard.

I didn’t notice initially, but there was a young honey badger a few meters away from us, and about 10 meters away from the Leopard. When I realized what was about to happen I could hardly believe my eyes!”

Honey Badger Rescues Baby from Claws of a Leopard

Leopard stalking a herd of Impalas

Leopards can run 36 miles per hour.

©Heinrich Neumeyer/

A leopard is taking full advantage of this quick meal that he finds alone in the woods. A baby honey badger is alone. The leopard uses this opportunity to sit down and start to eat it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the mother honey badger comes rushing in at enormous speeds and tramples over this leopard, chasing it away. If we pause the video at 23 seconds, we can watch it all happen in slow motion. 

How Fast Can Honey Badgers Run?

The honey badger lives in Africa and Asia.

©Dirk Theron/

Honey badgers (Mellivora capensis) weigh anywhere from 11-35 pounds and reach 22-30 inches in length. Sounds like a small fellow, right? Well, they are fierce! As we can see in the video posted below. These little guys can run up to 20 miles per hour

However, we think this mama honey badger may just have beat the 20-mile-per-hour record to save her young one. Don’t take our word for it, check out the amazing speed on this mama below!

Check Out the Incredible Video Below!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Ondrej Prosicky/

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