Moon Conjunct Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Astrology Chart

Written by Dayva Segal
Published: December 2, 2023
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The Moon represents your inner emotions and subconscious world in astrology. It is part of the “big three” — your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign. Your Sun sign is your overall personality and how you “shine.” Your Rising Sign is the face you show to the world.

In astrology, aspects occur when the planets interact with each other on the 360° zodiac wheel in a natal, synastry, composite, or transit chart. Planets form different angles to each other that combine their energies.

Conjunctions occur when two items in an astrology chart are right on top of each other. An orb describes the degree of exactness of an aspect in astrology. Conjunctions have an allowable orb of 10°. That means that the two bodies can be up to 10° off from exact and still be a conjunction.

A conjunction is generally an easeful aspect that allows the two bodies involved to team up their energies and build each other up. The energy flows between the two because they are so close together. Astrologers generally consider conjunctions to be a positive aspect.

Natal Moon Conjunct Aspects in Astrology

Other planets and important points in a natal astrology chart that aspect with your natal Moon affect how your emotions show up and how you deal with them. These aspects can also speak to which emotions are at the forefront of your expression, and which ones you bury deeply.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Sun

zodiac astrology

With your Natal Moon conjunct your Natal Sun, you are probably a balanced person.

©Tanya Antusenok/

With this aspect, you are likely very intuitive. The seat of your subconscious is aligned with your conscious mind and ego. You probably often do things just by feeling out if “the vibe” is right. You don’t have as many inner struggles as other people, but once in a while you can become a little lost in your own inner world and forget that other people exist.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Mercury

View of Mercury From NASA 2

The planet Mercury rules over communication and intellect.

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With your natal Moon conjunct your natal Mercury, you love to talk about your feelings. However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily feel your feelings. You are probably a verbal processor. You need to talk things out with a friend to understand them. You have a tendency to rationalize your feelings away. Journaling can be a helpful tool for you to become more in touch with your emotions.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Venus


Venus rules over relationships, beauty, and pleasure in astrology.


People with natal Moon conjunct natal Venus are typically charming and intuitive in relationships. You are a good listener and great at giving advice. However, you tend to go along with whatever other people say rather than assert your own opinions because you want to avoid conflicts. You get emotional comfort from physical comfort and beauty, so you probably have a distinct sense of style in fashion and interior decor.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Mars

Mars conjunct Moon in the natal chart makes it easier for you to express certain emotions.


You’re probably an emotionally passionate person with your natal Moon conjunct your natal Mars. You feel deeply and have no problem expressing anger, excitement, and frustration. Other emotions might get a little stopped or transmuted into one of the aforementioned ones, making you come across as overly candid sometimes. You’re likely an intuitively sexual person who listens to your lovers and leaves them satisfied but wanting more of you.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Jupiter

People with a conjunction between their natal Moon and natal Jupiter are often lucky.


You’ve got a lot of spirit with your natal Moon conjunct natal Jupiter. You’re also a very generous person with both physical and emotional resources. However, people can take advantage of your kindness. Sometimes holding boundaries with your generosity is a bit difficult for you. You have a generally optimistic outlook. While you do have your down moments, you’re able to get yourself out of them relatively quickly.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Saturn

Saturn planet solar system with stars in 3D illustration background

With this aspect in your natal chart, you may be prone to depression.


When your natal Moon collides with your natal Saturn, the planet of restriction, structures, and boundaries, you can be a somewhat restrained person. You are very responsible and feel a sense of duty even in situations that you resent. Your lesson in this life is to assert your real desires and allow people to be responsible for themselves. You can’t hold things together for everyone all of the time.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Uranus

uranus and the sun

You may fluctuate between intense emotions with this aspect in your chart.


If your natal Moon is conjuncting your natal Uranus, you are sensitive to feeling emotionally restrained. You need the freedom to approach emotional issues in a way that feels natural. Your feelings may fluctuate unexpectedly. If you feel the same thing for too long, you might get bored or depressed. Because of this, you may seem to change your mind frequently to others.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Neptune

Neptune rules over our inner world of dreams, subconscious, and escapes.


You may be a dreamy, emotional, and compassionate person with your natal Sun conjunct your natal Neptune. Being of service to others brings you genuine emotional satisfaction. Depending on other aspects in your chart, you can be prone to sadness and seeing yourself as a victim. Regardless, you are very much “in your feels.” Your emotions, both positive and negative, rule your behavior, and you don’t always think things through logically.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Pluto

You have to be mindful to avoid manipulating people with natal Moon conjunct natal Pluto.


With your Moon conjunct your Pluto on your natal chart, you have an emotional power and intensity about you. Pluto here gives you an incredible intuition about what motivates other people, emotionally. You know instinctively how to connect with people on a deeper emotional level. Your own emotions can be extreme at times, especially when those around you have betrayed you or not met your expectations. However, this power leads you to bring transformation into your life with more ease than others.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Chiron

Apollo hands his child Asclepius, who he cut out of Coronis' belly after shooting her, to the centaur Chiron, vintage engraving.

Natal Moon conjunct natal Chiron is a painful aspect, but it leads to great healing potential.

©Morphart Creation/

This aspect in a natal astrology chart brings your Chironic wound close to the surface. It is aligned with your emotional center, meaning that it is more easily triggered in you than it is in other people. However, this is actually a good thing. Because your core wound is more forward, you will have more opportunities to recognize it, examine it, and work on it, leading to greater healing throughout your life. It may feel hard at times, but it will lead you far on your path of healing.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Black Moon Lilith

Designation of the Black Moon Lilith. Three-dimensional image of an astrological symbol on a cylindrical substrate.

Black Moon Lilith is not a planet, but a mathematical point in the sky.

©Mikhail Sheleh/iStock via Getty Images

With your emotions touching your primal power and relationship to shame, you may feel more shame when you are younger. You may feel a lack of acceptance around what you need to feel safe. As you age you will transform this into empowerment. There are lots of ways this can manifest. For example, maybe you were shamed for being emotional as a child and then found a community that supported and accepted your emotional nature as an adult.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Ascendant

Landscape with Milky way galaxy. Sunrise and Earth view from space with Milky way galaxy. (Elements of this image furnished by NASA) Horizon

The ascendant represents the sign that was “dawning” on the horizon at your time of birth.

©Kapook2981/iStock via Getty Images

Your outer mask and your inner emotions are aligned when your natal Moon is conjunct your natal Ascendant. You are a generally calm person, and you really know how to “read a room.” You may be sensitive to your environment and could be prone to sensory issues. You’re pretty empathic and can easily absorb energies and emotions from other people. Part of your life’s work will be separating what is truly yours and what belongs to other people.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal North Node

Earth and the Moon in orbit

People with the Moon conjuncting the North Node might be drawn to their purpose since childhood.

©Jitendra Jadhav/iStock via Getty Images

People such as yourself, with your natal Moon conjunct your natal North Node tend to be logical versus emotional. You are mainly emotionally satisfied when you feel you are working on your life’s purpose. With the Moon’s nurturing energy here, part of your life’s work is to learn how to give yourself the nurturing you deeply desire. This will allow you to be more present in relationships that will also add to the nurturing you receive throughout your life.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal South Node

Janssen (lunar crater)

The South Node is one of two lunar nodes that are important in astrology.

©NASA (image by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) / public domain – License

This aspect makes it hard for you to move on from harmful patterns that you use to deal with difficult emotions. You are emotionally intelligent and empathic when it comes to other people, but you have trouble dealing with your own emotional challenges. You may feel like your emotional challenges keep you from what you really want to do in life. You may not find your calling in life until you face your emotions.

Natal Moon Conjunct Natal Midheaven

A beautiful tropical night scene, with palm trees silhouetted against the Milky Way.

The Midheaven angle is the highest constellation in the sky at your time of birth.

©Cheryl Ramalho/iStock via Getty Images

Your natal Midheaven has a strong bearing on your career and public image. When it is conjunct with your natal Moon, it is also called Moon culminating. With this aspect, you may change careers frequently based on emotional impulses. You seek emotional satisfaction and nurturing through your career, but this can lead to difficult situations with boundaries. Public recognition makes you feel emotionally safe in your work. You would do best in a career that requires emotional intuition and sensitivity.

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