6 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Written by Marisa Wilson
Updated: November 13, 2022
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Key Points

  • Dogs are trusted companions and apart from being a friend can serve many other purpose.
  • Many dog breeds are used to provide various services, such as security, seeing-eye, protection, police service, search and detect, hunting, and more.
  • Many breeds of dogs are gifted in the looks department and adorable at the same time, and can steal anyone’s heart.

There’s no denying that dogs are adorable. With their wagging tails and puppy dog eyes, it’s hard not to fall in love with these furry friends. But what about their appearance? Surely there must be some consensus on what makes a dog look good, right? Wrong. Beauty is subjective, and just like with people, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some you might find incredibly cute, while others may strike you as simply average. 

So what’s the key to having a dog that’s beautiful to you? Love them for who they are! No matter how unconventional your favorite pup might be, as long as you think they’re the most beautiful creature on earth, that’s all that matters. It can be tricky if you don’t have a dog and are looking for a pretty one. Dogs come in all colors and sizes, but certain breeds are still considered more beautiful than others. 

While beauty is subjective, some dog breeds definitely stand out from the rest. These dogs are undeniably gorgeous, whether it’s their fluffy fur, piercing eyes, or regal stature. If you’re looking for a doggie and want one with undeniable good looks, check out some of the most beautiful dog breeds around. You won’t be disappointed!

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1. Australian Shepherd 

Australian shepherd at sunset
The Australian shepherd is a cattle dog that is known for its intelligence


The characteristics of the Australian shepherd include intelligence, activity, loyalty, protection, playfulness, and adaptability. Despite being primarily bred as companion animals today, the breed still has a herding instinct, and it’s not uncommon for these dogs to attempt to herd children or other animals. 

The Australian shepherd is an active breed that is known to become destructive when not given enough exercise or if they get bored. Many Australian dogs are content to live in apartments in urban areas as long as they have access to outdoor space for running around and plenty of enrichment like puzzle feeders and inside dog toys. The perfect owner of an Australian shepherd is as committed to their pet as their pet is to them. 

Being able to meet your Aussie’s daily exercise requirements, being active and vivacious, and having plenty of free time to devote to training and companionship all help. Australian shepherds are loyal, loving dogs but can also be watchful of strangers and protective of their owners. An individual aware of their needs and dedicated to fostering their success is the ideal human for an Australian shepherd.

2. Huskies 

taste of the wild guide
Huskies are some of the most stunning dogs in the world


Beautiful blue eyes are commonly associated with this breed. They are known to be related to wolves. Huskies are active, athletic animals. Typically, huskies have a thick, double coat that can be any color. Huskies are generally protected from harsh winters by their double coats, and despite popular belief, they can survive in hotter climates. Huskies frequently shed their undercoat in hotter temperatures to keep cool. 

Along with shedding, huskies adjust their eating patterns according to the season; in cooler climates, they often eat in excess, which causes their digestion to produce heat. In warmer temperatures, they tend to eat less. They were developed to pull a sled over long distances every day. They require daily, intense exercise. A husky will turn destructive if kept in a small space for an extended period. 

The claim that a husky has eaten a couch is one of the most frequently made by husky owners. They are excellent diggers. In fact, huskies enjoy doing it, and your couch is the ideal place for them to do it if they are bored or have a lot of pent-up energy. Anything lying around a husky that hasn’t had enough exercise is fair game for destruction because they will destroy both your personal items and things in your home. If you love to exercise, this is an excellent dog for you. 

3. Maltese

Maltese dog with long hair.
Maltese are noble dogs with affectionate and lively personalities.


The legendary silky white hair covers this elegant toy dog breed’s body. The coat is thick and straight, and it reaches the ground completely. Maltese used to come in various colors, but they are now only ever white. A well-built Maltese moves with the appearance of floating beneath his cloud of white hair. The Maltese shed little because he lacks an undercoat, and many believe the breed to be hypoallergenic.

Additionally, as one of the smaller toy breeds, they are ideal for apartment or condo living. The Maltese make an excellent watchdog because he is sensitive to his surroundings wherever he lives. The Maltese can be very spirited despite having a delicate and aristocratic appearance. If they are rewarded for their efforts, they quickly learn. Maltese require a lot of human interaction and experience separation anxiety due to their long history as companion animals. 

They can be destructive if left unsupervised for prolonged periods. No breed is perfect, and Maltese occasionally show intolerance toward young children or other dogs, particularly if they have been lavished with attention by their owners. If this happens, they may become fiercely protective, barking or even biting if they feel threatened by other animals or members of their beloved human family.

4. Samoyeds

Fluffiest Animals: Samoyed
Samoyeds were the working partners of the Samoyedic people of Siberia who survived by herding and breeding domestic reindeer.

©Ilya Barmin/Shutterstock.com

At a glance, they look like large Pomeranians. The brilliant, medium-length double coat of the Samoyed is stunning. The undercoat is warm, cozy and resistant to the elements. The dog has a distinctive puffy appearance due to its tougher outer coat that stands out from the body and curls over the back of the animal. Samoyeds are as friendly as they appear. 

They are warm and loving but reserve most of their friendliness for family. They are energetic dogs who flourish when given a regular task to complete with their owners, such as sled pulling, daily jogging, or agility training. Sammies are people-dogs and prefer to spend the day with their families. 

When it comes to the children in their family, Samoyeds are kind and loving companions. Keep an eye on young children near your Sammy because the breed is energetic and might knock them over. Older children eager to play with them in the backyard and go on long walks with them will adore them. 

Witty and cunning Samoyed dogs are great at solving problems, a skill highly valued in the wild but not in your backyard. Sams will locate a hole in a fence and vanish into thin air. Use reinforced high fencing deeply buried in the ground to give Sammie a secure area to roam rather than constantly leashing or crating him—both of which a determined Sammie will chew through.

5. Pekingese

Pekingese dog walking outdoors
The Pekingese is a small yet adorable dog with a “Lion like” appearancw


This toy breed is very laid-back at home and is a perfect lapdog. The Pekingese, however, are also alert dogs and will bark if they smell something threatening. They’ll bark obnoxiously to raise the alarm. Pekingese dogs enjoy barking. This is your dog if you want a stylish little friend who can warn you about intruders. Compact and having long, flowing hair, Pekingese are indeed “lion-like” in appearance and demeanor. 

Their broad flat heads have flat faces, dark wrinkled muzzles, hanging, heart-shaped ears, and dark, slightly prominent (but not bulging like pugs) eyes. Their arched tails are carried over their backs, and their somewhat long bodies have hair fringes on either side. Almost any color is possible for them. 

The Pekingese, which can weigh up to 14 pounds and stand between 6 and 9 inches tall, is surprisingly stocky and well-muscled underneath all that luxurious fur. Pekingese don’t require much space because their preferred location is on their owner’s lap. 

Because of this, they’re excellent for apartments and wonderful senior companions. A Pekingese may experience separation anxiety if left alone for a prolonged period because they develop strong bonds with their owners. 

6. Rough Collie 

Rough Collie in the snow
Rough collies are some of the most regal and elegant dogs around


The collie is a graceful, elegant dog that stands between 22 and 24 inches (for females) or between 24 and 26 inches (males). They have a smooth, sturdy gate, giving them a regal appearance. They have a distinctive appearance thanks to their expressive eyes and graceful demeanor. Collies are sharp canines that pick things up quickly. 

They should still attend puppy classes to learn fundamental obedience and gain socialization. Collies can become therapy dogs once they have a solid foundation. They can also be used for herding, hunting, or dog sports like agility and rally. Collies’ coats can be either rough or smooth. Collies with rough coats are more prevalent. 

Except for their heads and legs, they have long hair all over. The body hair of the smooth-coated collies is shorter and coarser. Both coats require less maintenance, but some brushing is necessary to prevent matt formation. Rough-coated collies may only require a weekly brush-out, even with their long hair. 

Collies are good watchdogs and protective dogs, but they are not aggressive. Collies are typically not an aggressive breed, although any dog, regardless of size, temperament, or breed, can become so if trained or provoked. They make excellent family dogs and devoted pets due to their calm and regal nature.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What's the ugliest dog breed?

Many breeds of dogs have competed for the title of “ugliest dog,” but only one breed, the Chinese crested, consistently produces the most repulsive dogs. At least 22 times since the contest’s inception in the 1970s, the champion has either been a purebred or a Chinese crested mix.

How can I make my dog pretty?

A great diet is crucial for healthy coats. Trim your dog’s nails, give it a lovely new haircut, and brush its fur. Give your dog a bath to provide it with the most lustrous and shiny coat possible. Find a professional to assist you in giving your dog a new appearance if you require assistance or have little grooming experience.

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