The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Live In Virginia That Are Still Affordable

Lynchburg, Virginia, USA downtown city skyline at dusk.
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Written by Joyce Nash

Published: February 12, 2024

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As one of the original thirteen British colonies, Virginia is as rich in history as it is in natural beauty. Virginia is located on the East Coast of the United States and spans from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. The Old Dominion state is a desirable place to live due to its incredible scenery and thriving cities, but there are still areas that offer both natural beauty and affordable home prices. Keep reading to discover the most beautiful and affordable places to live in Virginia.

Average home values for this article were sourced from Zillow. Cities were chosen for their affordability as well as their beauty, like natural scenery, access to state parks, and civic features.

10. Hampton – $253,911

View of Hampton, Virginia, Downtown Waterfront

The downtown district in Hampton, Virginia faces the Hampton River.

Although this coastal town it is one of Virginia’s most-populated cities with a population just over 137,000 and, the average home value in Hampton is $253,911. Hampton is situated on a peninsula in southern Virginia and is surrounded by stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay and the Hampton River.

In northern Hampton, the Sandy Bottom Nature Park offers over 450 acres of preserved woodlands and wetlands with 12 miles of hiking trails. In addition to natural beauty, Hampton is one of the oldest cities in the country and contains numerous historic buildings and sites.

9. Lynchburg – $239,254

Lynchburg, Virginia, USA downtown city skyline at dusk.

The James River borders downtown Lynchburg to the west, creating beautiful riverfront views.

Located in Central Virginia, Lynchburg has a population just under 80,000 and is surrounded by beautiful rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Despite its abundant riverfront views, the average home price in Lynchburg is $239,254.

Lynchburg is also known as the home of Liberty University, Virginia’s largest college. With a regular influx of students, Lynchburg blends its thriving modern-day arts, food, and music scene with historic sites and museums that preserve the city’s past.

8. Portsmouth – $238,161

Portsmouth, Virginia, USA at Dawn

Portsmouth is part of Virginia’s Hampton Roads region.

Founded in 1636, Portsmouth is located along the banks of the Elizabeth River in southeastern Virginia. The river cuts through multiple parts of the city, creating a unique urban landscape. However, home values in Portsmouth are surprisingly affordable, with an average value of $238,161.

Portsmouth is home to nearly 98,000 residents. The city features an Olde Town Historic District and Path of History to commemorate the area’s past. There are plenty of modern amenities in Portsmouth, including the Children’s Museum of Virginia and the Portsmouth Arts and Cultural Center.

7. Farmville – $233,972

High Bridge Over the Appomattox River near Farmville, Virginia in Autumn

The High Bridge Trail crosses the Appomattox River in Farmville.

With a population of just over 7,000, Farmville offers affordable small-town charm with an average home value of $233,972. Downtown Farmville features several shops and restaurants situated among historic buildings. In addition, Farmville is home to Historic State Park, which was one of the final battles of the Civil War.

Farmville also boasts plenty of outdoor activities. The High Bridge Trail cuts through Farmville, leading to the High Bridge Trail State Park, and Bright Eyes Alpaca Retreat is a popular spot for animal lovers.

6. Hopewell – $203,157

Riverwalk wooden boardwalk along the Appomattox River in Hopewell, Virginia.

The Hopewell Riverwalk is a popular boardwalk along the Appomattox River.

Located at the confluence of the James and Appomattox Rivers, Hopewell is a waterfront community of just over 20,000. Although it is only around 25 miles from the state capital of Richmond, the average home value in Hopewell is only $203,157.

Hopewell features a large number of Sears Catalogue kit homes, which add to the community’s historic charm. Another of Hopewell’s unique features is the “Big H” that welcomes visitors along the highway.

5. Bristol – $190,880

Bristol in Virginia

The historic Bristol Train Station was originally built in 1902 and was restored in 2006.

Nestled in southwestern Virginia along the Tennessee border, Bristol is home to around 17,000 residents. Bristol is one of the most affordable places in Virginia with an average home value of $190,880. 

Bristol is a popular spot for retirees, but it offers plenty of attractions for all ages. The city is home to the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, which showcases Bristol’s history in the country music scene. In addition, the historic Bristol Rail Station features beautiful Gothic-style architecture as a backdrop for events and parties.

4. Pulaski – $142,850

New River Trail State Park - Pulaski County, VA

The New River trail runs from Pulaski to Galax.

A short drive from Claytor Lake, Pulaski is a small town in western Virginia with around 9,000 residents. Multiple creeks and streams flow through the town of Pulaski which, in addition to the town’s many parks, create a beautiful backdrop for daily life. However, Pulaski remains remarkably affordable with an average home value of $142,850.

Residents of Pulaski can enjoy easy access to the New River Trail, which is the longest biking trail in Virginia. The New River Trail stretches for 57 miles, largely following the path of the New River and connects Pulaski with the towns of Fries and Galax.

3. Marion – $141,049

Dawn breaks on a cold and misty autumn morning at Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, Virginia.

Hungry Mother State Park is located just north of Marion, Virginia.

Situated among the Blue Ridge Mountains, Marion is one of the most affordable places in Virginia with an average home value of $141,049. Marion has a population of nearly 6,000, offering the experience of a small town with an abundance of natural beauty.

Located just north of Marion, Hungry Mother State Park stretches for 1,000 acres. The park, which encompasses Hungry Mother Lake, features several miles of hiking trails along with regular events and activities. In addition, Downtown Marion features the historic Lincoln Theater, a farmers market, and several shops and restaurants.

2. Covington – $125,031

Humpback covered bridge in Alleghany County, Covington, Virginia is the oldest covered bridge in the state. This was captured during the onset of fall colors on an overcast drab day.

The Humpback Covered Bridge in Covington is the last bridge of its kind in the U.S.

Located in northern Virginia near the West Virginia border, Covington is home to nearly 6,000 residents. The town is situated along the banks of the Jackson River but has maintained its affordability with an average home value of $125,031.

One of Covington’s most unique structures is the Humpback Covered Bridge. Originally built in the early 1800s, this bridge stretches for 100 feet across Dunlap Creek and was built with an arch to allow for rising floodwaters. 

1. Martinsville – $116,698

Downtown Martinsville features several historic buildings.

One of the most affordable places in Virginia is located in the southern region of the state near the North Carolina border. Martinsville has a population of around 13,500 and an average home value of $116,698.

Due to its location in the Blue Ridge foothills, Martinsville is surrounded by rivers, lakes, and parks. In addition to outdoor activities, Martinsville boasts activities for a wide variety of interests. The Martinsville Speedway is a popular destination for racing enthusiasts, while the Virginia Museum of Natural History is a draw for history buffs. Martinsville is home to several local theaters and the city’s downtown is filled with murals and public art.

Summary of Virginia’s Most Beautiful and Affordable Places

RankCityAverage Home Value

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