The Most Expensive Beaches in Washington State to Buy a Second Home

Written by Kaleigh Moore
Published: June 30, 2023
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Have you ever envisioned living on one of the most expensive beaches in Washington? Bodies of water in the Evergreen State boast unparalleled beauty, characterized by their stunning waters and expansive shorelines. Certainly, owning a property near any of these epic destinations is every potential homeowner’s dream. From the dazzling cinematic views to the unimaginably vast pool of watersports to explore, nothing beats residing in a fancy beach house.

But then, Washington has an extended list of beaches. Which ones can deliver the idyllic experiences you yearn for? We recommend the most expensive picks as they present world-class features to give you full value for your money. If you’re ready to embark on your house-hunting journey and successfully land your dream property, read on.

This article will into some of Washington’s most expensive beaches to let you know where to look when scouring the real estate market for a second home. We’ll also explain why making such a big move is a great idea and how you can ensure it doesn’t flop.

Hunts Point 

Hunts Point is a small beach town on Lake Washington’s eastern shore, home to about 400 residents. Statistics from Zillow show the average home value in the area is $7,054,056, a 1.2% increase from 2022.

Moreover, Hunts Point was the location of Washington’s priciest listing: an exquisite mansion worth an unbelievable $85 million!

Truthfully, Hunts Point has always lured revelers from all over the Evergreen State. Years ago, Sammamish Indians came to camp while enjoying watersports like boating and fishing in Lake Washington. Today, it’s one of Washington’s most popular summer-recreational communities, explaining why potential second homeowners choose it.

The beach during sunset.

The beach town is home to about 400 residents, and the average home was valued at $7,054,056.

©Ansel B/

Medina Beach Park

You should also prioritize Medina in King County when hunting for expensive homes near a beach in Washington. The city sits on Lake Washington’s eastern shore and is among the best places to live near Seattle, owing to its low crime rate and top-notch amenities. According to Zillow, the average home value here is $4,133,776 as of this writing, which is a 9.8% decrease from 2022.

Securing a home in Medina gives you limitless access to Lake Washington, King County’s largest lake and Washington’s second-largest one, below Lake Chelan. The nearby Medina Beach Park, also on the water body’s shores, is a wonderful destination. Despite being small, it offers beautiful views and has a ton of benches where you can sit and unwind.

Other top spots you can discover while staying in your second beach house in Medina are:

Lake Sammamish State Park 

Found east of Seattle, Lake Sammamish is worth a shot if you’re in the market for an expensive beach house. Real estate experts estimate the average list price for homes near this body of water is $2,217,000. We found some properties selling for way more than that, upwards of  $10 million. In 2022, a home in Bellevue fetched $12.75 million, making it the priciest real estate property ever sold in the region.

Nevertheless, Lake Sammamish has two beaches you can explore when staying in your second house near the water body. A trip to the lake certainly offers the most memorable outdoor experiences, as you can swim, boat, or camp. The Lake Sammamish State Park is the perfect spot for birders as it’s home to many species, including great blue herons and bald eagles.

A wide angle photo of the beach and houses.

In 2020 a home in Bellevue sold for $12.75 million, making it the priciest property ever sold in the region.


Is a Second Home a Worthy Investment?

Some argue that putting millions into a second home equates to extravagance. But you shouldn’t listen to these naysayers. Getting your hands on a classy property near a beach could be a great decision. There are multiple health benefits of living next to a water body.

If you have any doubts, let’s show you why the house is an excellent long-term investment.

It Promotes an Active Lifestyle

As many will agree, adopting active lifestyle habits can be tricky when you live in a region that offers few fun activities to do. But a beachfront property can be a game changer. After all, why spend hours lying on your couch when you can head to the lake to enjoy watersports?  From surfing and swimming to kayaking, parasailing, and fishing, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Besides, staying near a beach motivates you to partake in physical activities since you’ll have company to motivate you. Sure, taking strolls and watching the sunsets alone is fun. But imagine sunbathing with the love of your life or setting sail in a yacht to see what the deeper parts of the nearby lake or sea have in store for you! 

Consequently, you’ll delight in all these awesome perks of an active lifestyle:

  • Improved physical fitness
  • Minimal risk of fatal diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart problems.
  • Enhanced brain health or mental sharpness.
  • Stronger muscles and bones.
  • Improved capability to perform everyday activities.
A photo of flowers and the beach in the far distance.

Watersports, like surfing, swimming, kayaking, parasailing, and fishing, are right at your doorstep when you buy a beachfront property.

©Jon Bilous/

It’s Good for Your Mental Health

According to the CDC, 1 in every 25 adults in the US lives with a serious mental health issue, like depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. A beach house could be all you need to improve your symptoms if you’re among the affected. For starters, the tranquility these homes offer is unmatched. You can spend countless hours alone, away from city life’s chaos—ultimately improving your mental well-being. 

A beachfront home also boosts your mental health by taking stress off your plate. The water body near you will offer so many entertainment options that you’ll barely have time to think about your pressurizing personal or professional life. Certainly, the break could work magic for your state of mind, allowing you to blow off steam and even develop more effective strategies to solve your problems. 

Living near water has also been proven to enhance a person’s mental well-being because of the pleasant weather. Instead of spending your mornings sulking, you can step out to walk on the sandy beach, watch the sunrise, and soak in vitamin D, which has been linked to depression in individuals with insufficient levels.

It Has High Rental Demand

Another reason you shouldn’t think twice about buying a second property near a beach in Washington is it could be a lucrative passive income source. Most beaches in this state are tourist hubs, drawing in travelers from the state and other parts of the nation. Therefore, your property’s occupancy rates could be high, guaranteeing a huge monthly sum.

Nevertheless, renting out your beachfront property will not be devoid of challenges. One of them could be looking for a good tenant. The truth is, many of those knocking at your door needing accommodation will be strangers. How will you tell if they’ll take care of your property? There’s no surefire trick to do that, but you can take various precautions. 

For example, ensure all applicants provide their identification documents and other details so you can perform a background check on them. That will enable you to know the individual’s criminal and credit history, which are critical if you consider leasing your property to them. Besides, the process helps you confirm whether the potential tenant provided accurate information, allowing you to decide whether you can trust them. 

A photo of Santa Monica beach.

With high tourist traffic, your property can generate substantial monthly earnings, making it a lucrative investment opportunity.


It Boasts a High Resale Value

Any real estate professional who’s been in the game long enough will tell you that properties are only worth investing in if they can fetch you more money than you invest. Otherwise, they might become liabilities instead of assets. Thankfully, a beachfront second home is the latter as it has a high resale value that could enable you to rake in a considerable profit.

Experts say the value of most lakefront homes increases yearly. When retirees or revelers are looking for new properties to invest in, these houses are the first options they consider as they make way for the adventurous lives the individuals crave, boosting your chances of selling your property faster and for a bigger profit. 

Of course, it’s hard to tell when or why you might sell your second home in Washington. But when you do, you’ll want to clinch the best deal. Hence, do your homework when that time comes. Evaluate the prices of nearby, similar properties, and ensure yours is worth your high asking price. How can you do that? Well, consider these tried and proven tips:

  • Upgrade your home occasionally, ensuring it matches the latest trends and designs.
  • Install energy-efficient appliances and features—all potential homebuyers want to save a few extra bucks!
  • Improve the property’s curb appeal so potential homeowners will be encouraged to peek inside when house hunting or attending the home tour. 
  • Ensure all spaces are finished, including the garage and basement.
  • Prioritize kitchen and bathroom upgrades; these are a house’s two most important rooms.

Finding the Best Beachfront Home in Washington

Consider the Location

The Evergreen State has many beaches along lakes, islands, peninsulas, the Pacific Ocean, and Pungent Sound. Carefully assess each before making your purchase to ensure its features match your unique needs, depending on your reason for securing the second home.  

For instance, supposing you want to swim while on vacation, pick a lake whose waters support the activity. It must be free from toxins like blue-green algae and deadly animals like killer sharks and alligators. Otherwise, you’ll be endangering your life.

Lake houses.

From lakes to peninsulas, islands to the Pacific Ocean, explore the array of beachfront properties to find the perfect second home.


Proximity to Water Bodies and Other Properties 

As you mull over the beach your potential second home is located on, consider the property’s proximity to the close-by lake or ocean. Let’s face it; no one wants to drive for hours to get to a body of water to have fun. Thus, we recommend choosing houses a few miles from the nearby water body, preferably within walking distance. That way, you can spend less time traveling and more enjoying yourself. 

Something else you shouldn’t ignore is the lakefront home’s proximity to other houses. In this case, your best pick boils down to your preferences. For instance, if you’re a friendly person hoping to engage with your neighbors, ensure your house is near theirs. However, if you crave some alone time and aren’t big on being cordial with others, opt for a secluded property. But ensure to install top-notch security systems to guarantee your safety.

Is It Affordable?

Price will also come into play when looking for a second home in Washington. While some properties in the state cost as little as $200,000, others are worth millions. Your best option must be within your current budget unless you’re open to securing a loan or borrowing money—which is inadvisable for acquiring another house. 

If you go for an expensive property, see to it that its features match its high price tag. It’s not unusual for sellers to exaggerate home values to increase profits. Always attend the house tour before paying the down payment. That will allow you to assess the available amenities, letting you know whether the house is worth it in the first place. 

Again, as you evaluate the lakefront house’s features, ensure they meet your needs, depending on how you plan to utilize the property. For example, if you aim to throw many parties or entertain your friends, the house must be cozy and luxurious enough to offer the classic entertainment your buddies need.

A photo of the beach and houses in Malibu.

Washington is home to affordable options starting at $200,000 to luxury properties worth millions.


Seek Professional Help

Finally, hunting for a lakefront second home in Washington is a big no-no, even as a local. Various processes are involved in deciding if a property is ideal for your lifestyle, begging you to get the help of qualified professionals. One is a geological inspector— they’ll look into the region’s cliff stability by assessing aspects such as tide marks, drainage, and shore erosion.

At the same time, you’ll need an experienced realtor to help you navigate the Washington real estate market. One of the pros of working with the professional is they can research the home to let you in on essential things such as ownership history. They’ll also give you a comparative market analysis to enable you to decide if the seller is overcharging or undercharging you. 

On top of that, your real estate agent should help you determine the best offer to present after evaluating the house you intend to acquire. With their expertise, you can avoid spending more than necessary or securing a property with many issues. After all, fixing them could drain you financially, which is the last thing you want when buying a second home.

A Second Home Near a Beach is Worth Every Dime

Zillow estimates the average home value in Washington to be $579,575. But you can get a better-priced house than some of the state’s most expensive beach homes. The thing about such a property is it tremendously enhances the quality of your life, owing to its luxurious features. 

Furthermore, you’ll have the time of your life in your second home, indulging in watersports or discovering nearby fun destinations like parks. It makes it the perfect destination for a getaway with your family or friends at any time of the year. However, remember that securing a second home requires you to cough up a boatload of cash, meaning you can’t afford to be reckless. Sinking cash into a home whose features don’t satisfy you is a bad idea. Take the time to explore the market—you’ll land your dream beach house with a bit of patience and the guidance of an exceptional local realtor. Fingers crossed!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Jillian Cain Photography/

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