The 12 Most Popular Types Of Roses Worldwide

Written by Em Casalena
Updated: August 23, 2023
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The rose is a beloved flower worldwide, a perennial shrub with over 100 species and several color variations. Given their adaptability, attractiveness, and scent, rose bushes may be floristry’s most often used flowering plant. The lovely and more common red roses are treasured for their distinctive blend of thorny stems, vivid color, and fragrant flowers, which make them a sign of success, fulfillment, and perfection. While some of them have free leaves, others have tightly packed petals. A classic rose often has a long, thorny stem and is dark crimson in hue. They come in a wide range of cultivars, from small miniature roses to climbing roses.

Modern roses are the most prevalent roses in gardens today. These kinds were developed after 1867. Modern roses, as opposed to old or “antique” roses, bloom all year round. Although some claim they lack the hardiness, disease resistance, and scent of old garden roses, they often have greater bloom sizes.

12 Most Popular Types of Roses Worldwide
These beautiful roses are favorites of gardeners all over the world.

Roses may be relatively simple to maintain, depending on your selection. Naturally, you’ll need to learn how to prune roses, and learning how to grow roses from cuttings could also be helpful. Roses are a must for every garden design, including English garden designs.

Whether you want to select the right rose for a bouquet or grow roses in your garden, it helps to know the most popular varieties. In this guide, we’ll explore the most popular types of roses and cultivars beloved by gardeners worldwide.

1. Double Delight Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Double Delight’

Double Delight rose
Like most roses – the fragrant Double Delight requires full sun.

©Ann Badjura/

The Double Delight rose is one of the world’s most exquisite hybrid tea roses. It is noted for its aroma and beauty. This extraordinary shrub produces enormous white flowers with a dramatic scarlet border, and its blooms have between 30 and 35 petals per rose. The Double Delight rose emits a robust spicy scent throughout the flowering season. This cultivar is undoubtedly a fantastic option for modern gardens and display exhibits. This rose must be exposed to full sunlight to acquire a beautiful, rich color. It reaches a maximum height of five feet, blooms from spring through autumn, and thrives with moderate watering and springtime trimming.

2. Darcey Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Darcey Bussell’

A purpleish-red Darcey rose bush blooming in a garden
The Darcey rose (pictured) is a favorite for bouquets and gardens alike.

©Sergey Bezgodov/

The Darcey rose is a well-known variety and is regarded as one of the greatest and hardiest popular types of roses ever created. This stunning red (and sometimes nearly fuschia) rose unfolds to display all the petals that were concealed inside the bud. It keeps expanding until the lovely cluster of golden stamens at the center of the rose emerges. Young flowers have outer petals that perfectly ring an interior cup to create a rosette. The Darcey rose has the reddest color while it is in bloom. When it opens, it turns raspberry red, and as it ages, it takes on a rich purple hue. The blossom smells faintly like fruit. The ideal flower for Valentine’s Day, weddings, and anniversaries is this one.

3. Black Baccara Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Black Baccara’

One dark red rose flower "Black Baccara
The Black Baccara isn’t a black rose – it is a dark, velvety, maroon beauty.


The Black Baccara rose initially seems to be a big, gorgeous black rose. But it’s not a black rose! Although it seems black from a distance due to the special velvet texture of its petals, it is a very deep maroon hue. For this deep color, the Black Baccara rose is recognized among rose connoisseurs as a luxurious variety. Each flower has an opening that is four inches across and contains up to 45 petals.

You should consider adding the Black Baccara rose to your yard and flower displays if you want to add a moody, luxurious flower to the mix. This rose must be planted in an area that receives direct sunlight. Take care to plant Black Baccara roses in well-drained soil for their healthy development and the richest possible flower color. From spring until fall, you can expect this cultivar to bloom.

4. Chrysler Imperial Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Chrysler Imperial’

Beautiful  scented romantic  intense  red Climbing Chrysler Imperial   hybrid tea  rose in bloom in early spring after a shower of rain  adds charming color  and intense perfume to the garden.
The sturdy, thornless, stalk of the Chrysler Imperial makes this rose perfect for bouquets.


The Chrysler Imperial rose is one of the most majestic and regal-looking popular types of roses used in gardens today. It has substantial bright crimson buds that open to provide a stunning deep bloom with silky petals. The flower bears dark green leaves on a sturdy, thornless stalk. If you want to give a bouquet of roses to someone you are trying to woo, their heart will undoubtedly be won over by this gorgeous, classic red rose. A strong but not overpowering scent accompanies this hybrid tea rose’s dark green color. From late spring through late October, this variety blooms. This rose has a long stem and creates great cut flowers because of its durability.

5. Gold Medal Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Gold Medal’

Roses spring blooming in the park. Beautiful Gold Medal Rose with flower clusters of intense yellow petals and iron staking, blooming in the garden.
The buttery yellow blossoms and fruity scent of the Gold Medal rose make it a garden favorite.

©Gonzalo de Miceu/

The Gold Medal rose has huge, beautifully dark gold-colored flowers, as its name would imply. Each of its blossoms has between 30 and 40 petals, and they grow in clusters. When the weather is moderate, this cultivar’s color intensifies. The Gold Medal rose is one of the greatest plants to plant in your garden because of its fruity scent.

This cultivar is an erect, bushy shrub with almost no thorns. It may grow as tall as 36 inches and needs direct sunlight to thrive. Its canes should also be pruned in the spring and winter. The gorgeous golden blossoms of this cultivar will bloom from spring through summer.

6. Amala Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Amalia’

A lot of beautiful blooming roses, red blooming rose. Growing roses
The Amalia rose is a high-maintenance plant that yields beautiful blooms.


The short-lived Alba rose, called the Amalia rose, has dark crimson double blooms. When the bud expands, a traditional cup-shaped flower appears. Small clusters of golden stamens may be seen once it completely blooms. The leaves are a medium dark green tint with a grey-green tinge. This rose is incredibly fragrant and has a wonderful scent. The one downside of this popular cultivar is that you must provide quite a bit of maintenance to keep it healthy, as it is highly vulnerable to various illnesses and pests. This rose would look fantastic as a bouquet for a wedding, as a table centerpiece, and in a floral arrangement.

7. Rhapsody In Blue Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Frantasia’

Rhapsody in Blue roses growing in a shrub in a garden
Rhapsody in Blue roses (pictured) tends to stay small shrubs with a maximum height of four feet.

©Edita Medeina/

The breathtakingly brilliant hybrid rose known as Rhapsody in Blue is a combination of mauve and purple that gradually transitions into slate blue. It is a plant that bears enormous clusters of semi-double roses. The lovely Rhapsody in Blue Rose begins its blooming stage with fully blue blossoms that eventually turn slate blue. Truly one of the most beautiful and popular types of roses available for cutting, this cultivar can also make a magnificent addition to display shows.

Choose a spot that receives some light and a reasonable temperature where you may grow the Rhapsody in Blue rose. This plant may reach a height of four feet, and during the summer, it will produce bright blossoms.

8. Red Meidiland Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Meineble’

Red Meidiland Rose blossoms with bumble bee or carpenter bee pollinating.
The Red Meidiland rose is a favorite of bees even though it has no scent.


The Red Meidiland rose is a lovely blossom surrounded by glossy, dark green foliage and compact, thick leaves. It is a ground cover, low-growing shrub with a creeping habit. This variety produces a cluster of solitary roses with white centers and golden stamens. Contrary to other rose blossoms that are appreciated for their aroma, this flower has no scent at all. This makes it a great rose for those with allergies or scent sensitivities. This lovely flower blooms consistently during the growing season and is resistant to disease.

9. Winchester Cathedral Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Winchester Cathedral’

Close up of rose Rosa Winchester Cathedral seen outdoors.
The pleasing aroma of the Winchester Cathedral Rose has traces of honey.

©Joe Kuis/

The Winchester Cathedral rose is an English rose that blooms often and has lovely cupped white blossoms, making it a staple as one of the most popular types of roses. This medium-sized rose has 80 to 85 petals and an opening of around two inches. The Winchester Cathedral rose is noted for its strong aroma in addition to its beauty. It has a pleasing aroma that has traces of honey. This variety may reach a height of four feet and is very disease-resistant. You should put the seeds of this variety in a section of your garden that receives partial sun. Long-term growth and regular blooming are quite easy to achieve with this variety as long as you provide it with adequate sun and water. The initial flower will bloom in the summer, and subsequent blooms will continue until the fall.

10. Champlain Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Champlain’

A dense thicket of red, champlain roses peek through a black, wrought iron fence.
Champlain roses (pictured) are quite resilient and make excellent garden border roses.

©Keri Delaney/

This rose variety is a stunning shade of rich, velvety crimson. The Kordessi rose category applies to this flower, and it boasts cherry red blooms that make their grand appearance in the fall and summer, though it can bloom (with the right amount of care) from spring through late summer as well. This flower was created in Canada and is renowned for its resilience and blooms that are resistant to disease. This rose variety resembles carnation blossoms and has dark green leaves. It is also lightly fragrant and has golden eyes at the end of its stamens. This is truly a must-have if you’re planting the most popular types of roses out there!

11. Victor Hugo Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Victor Hugo’

close view of victor hugo red Rose in tokyo, Japan
A single huge bloom of a Victor Hugo Rose will have over 25 petals.


This variety is usually what comes to mind when one thinks about roses. The hybrid tea rose, which is the oldest subgroup of contemporary garden roses, includes the Victor Hugo rose. The Victor Hugo rose blooms from spring to fall and is distinguished by its dark crimson hue. A single huge bloom will have over 25 petals. Strong, disease-resistant dark green leaves of this type contrast sharply with the normal hybrid tea blooms. This cultivar, suitable for garden planting and cutting flowers, earned the Prix de Parfum in the Hague in 1985.

This cultivar is ideal for going extra romantic on a date night. When given as a romantic gift, we recommend only offering a single rose, as this variety has a powerful aroma. 

12. Michelangelo Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Meitelov’

Beautiful yellow Rose. Rose named Michelangelo (Meltelov). rose illuminated by sun rays on green background.
The creamy-yellow blossoms of the Michelangelo Rose match their citrusy aroma.

©Marina Rose/

Bright petals are available in a buttery hue of cream making the Michelangelo rose such a beloved variety. This rose exudes a fantastic vintage flair due to its color scheme as well as its enormous size. The Michelangelo rose spreads out over five inches from edge to edge and has more than 40 substantial petals. The rich cream-yellow hue that blooms in spring, summer, and fall wonderfully complements this variety’s citrus aroma. Its scent makes it popular in bouquets and flower arranging.

With so many varieties and options for roses out there, finding the right rose for your garden isn’t too tricky. Roses of multiple varieties can also look great in a single garden, and their fragrance will create a pleasant atmosphere. Any rose varieties on this list would be perfect for your garden.

NumberType of Rose
1Double Delight Rose
2Darcey Rose
3Black Baccara Rose
4Chrysler Imperial Rose
5Gold Medal Rose
6Amala Rose
7Rhapsody In Blue Rose
8Red Meidiland Rose
9Winchester Cathedral Rose
10Champlain Rose
11Victor Hugo Rose
12Michelangelo Rose

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An orange-yellow rose growing in a garden near a building
An orange-yellow rose growing in a garden near a building

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is considered the most common rose?

The Polyantha rose is considered the most common type of rose.

What is the rarest rose in the world?

In general, blue roses are considered the rarest type of rose.

Which roses have the best fragrance?

English roses are often considered the sweetest-smelling roses.

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