10 Most Traveled Bridges in Florida In Desperately Poor Condition

Written by Sarah Barkley
Updated: October 24, 2023
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Bridges are necessary for commuting over canals, waterways, ditches, and freeways. You might assume they’re all safe if driving is allowed, but some aren’t as structurally sound as you may believe, especially in the Sunshine State. Here are some of the most traveled bridges in Florida in desperately poor condition.   

What Does Structurally Deficient Mean

bridges in Florida in desperately poor condition, upgrading and repair of the automobile bridge over the river. low angle shot from the ground under the bridge. wooden scaffolding,bridges in florida in desperately poor condition

Bridges require regular repair and maintenance to ensure safety.


Florida has 12,881 bridges, and 449 of them are considered structurally deficient. A structurally deficient bridge means at least one essential element is in poor condition or worse. When a bridge is deemed structurally deficient, it should be repaired in the near future. 

In 1.5% of these deficiencies, the deck area has the worst problems. Other areas that could indicate the need for repair include the superstructure, substructure, railings, guardrails, and more.

1. SB I-95 (SR-9) over Dania Cut-Off Canal

View of two cars traveling on Southbound I-95 in Miami FL

You’ll find I-95 Southbound includes one of the Florida bridges most in need of repair.

©juliancolton / Public Domain – License

This bridge is part of the urban interstate in Broward County. It sees 100,750 crossings daily and was built in 1965. This bridge was reconstructed in 1989, but the high traffic rates have impacted it again.   

During the last inspection of this bridge, it was structurally deficient but met the minimum requirements for people to continue using it. The foundation and other components are stable, but the substructure is in poor condition due to advanced section loss and deterioration.   

2. I-295 (SR-9A) over Drainage Ditch

Highway view of a sign that states "Entering Duval County" on I-95

If you travel to Duval County, you may encounter one of the worst bridges the state has to offer.

©Michael Rivera / CC BY-SA 4.0 – License

This urban interstate bridge over a drainage ditch in Duval County has 82,000 daily crossings. It was built in 2004 but quickly fell into poor condition. Recent NBI Reports indicate this structure is structurally deficient, although it is safe enough to stay in use for now.   

3. N. Lake Blvd EB Over LWDD C-17 Canal 

Aerial wide angle view of Downtown Boca Raton FL

Home to Boca Raton and other Florida travel destinations, Palm Beach County has a single bridge that is poorly rated for safety features.

©felixmizioznikov/iStock via Getty Images

Palm Beach County has a deficient bridge that has 55,500 daily crossings. It was built in 1976, so it’s time for an update to ensure safety.  

Reports show that this bridge is in better condition than others, but the deck, superstructure, and substructure all have minor problems. The issue arises with the bridge railings and approach guardrail because it was rated 0 for not meeting current standards and safety features.   

4. SR 816 Oakland Pk Over Canal C-13

Boats along Fort Lauderdale Canals on a sunny day, Florida.

Fort Lauderdale has canals that are well-enjoyed by many, but the bridge over Canal C-13 will need repairs eventually.

©jovannig/iStock via Getty Images

This Broward County bridge was built in 1975 and has 52,500 daily crossings. It is structurally deficient but safe enough to leave in place for now. However, the deck and superstructure are in poor condition.   

5. US98 SR30 Over ICWW & Brooks St.

Highway with Entering Okaloosa County on it

Unlike other counties on the list, Okaloosa County has only one of the worst bridges in Florida.

©Michael Rivera / CC BY-SA 4.0 – License

Okaloosa County has a bridge that was built in 1964 and has 50,500 daily crossings. While this bridge meets standards to remain in place, it is one of the most traveled bridges in Florida in desperately poor condition. It is structurally deficient due to deterioration and section loss, and the bridge railings and guardrail don’t meet safety standards.  

6. WB NW 25th St. Over North Line Canal

Aerial Drone of Beautiful Miami Biscayne Bay Florida

Although was built in 2016, one of Miami-Dade County’s bridges has several structural issues as of 2023.


In Miami-Dade County, a bridge built in 2016 with 48,400 daily crossings has fallen into poor condition. This bridge hasn’t been around nearly as long as others but needs attention as soon as possible. The deck geometry requires high priority for replacement, and the culverts have wide cracks and many other issues.   

7. Sheridan St (CR822) Over Florida S Turnpike

Aerial view of Florida turnpike with an exit segment under construction

Millions drive the Florida Turnpike System daily, and one of the bridges on it is no longer safe.

©formulanone from Huntsville/ CC BY-SA 2.0 – License

Another bridge in Broward County is unsafe for driving, although there are 45,800 daily crossings. Built in 1965, this bridge has withstood quite a bit of traffic.  

This bridge is no longer safe for driving because the superstructure is in serious condition. The superstructure has lost sections, deterioration, cracks, and other serious issues.  

8. Del Prado Blvd NB Over Lido Canal

Cape Coral

Cape Coral offers scenic tropical views, but the view of its unsafe bridge isn’t a welcome sight.

©Nadezda Murmakova/Shutterstock.com

Those familiar with this area in Lee County know the deficient state of the bridge over Lido Canal. Built in 1965, this bridge has 43,000 daily crossings, making it essential to start repairs as soon as possible.   

It needs repair or corrective action to ensure the safety of drivers as the deck and superstructure are in poor condition with lost sections and deterioration. Bridge railings, transitions, and guardrails also don’t meet current safety standards.   

9. SR-134 (103rd St.) Over Ortega Creek 

Driftwood Beach, Big Talbot Island State Park, Duval county, Atlantic Ocean, Florida

Duval County is a beautiful place to visit, but it also has one of the most traveled bridges in Florida in desperately poor condition.

©Norm Lane/Shutterstock.com

Built in Duval County over Ortega Creek in 1983, this bridge has 41,000 daily crossings. It meets minimum safety standards, and people can continue using it, but it is still structurally deficient.   

The deck and superstructure are in poor condition and will continue to deteriorate. Transitions on the bridge also don’t meet safety standards.  

10. US-1 (SR-5) Over Oyster Creek

Florida State Road 5 Sign

SR-5/US-1 features a Florida bridge that needs repair within the year.

©formulanone from Huntsville/ CC BY-SA 2.0 – License

Built in St. Johns County in 1958, this bridge has 41,000 daily crossings. It meets minimum standards that allow it to continue being used, but repair is inevitable soon.  

The culverts have wide cracks, misalignment, erosion, and other serious issues. It must be inspected every six months, so its safety ratings can change quickly.   

Summary of 10 Most Traveled Bridges in Florida in Desperately Poor Condition 

County Bridge Daily Crossings 
Broward SB I-95 (SR-9) over Dania Cut-Off Canal 100,750 
Duval I-295 (SR-9A) over Drainage Ditch 82,000 
Palm Beach N. Lake Blvd EB Over LWDD C-17 Canal 55,500 
Broward SR 816 Oakland Pk Over Canal C-13 52,500 
Okaloosa US98 SR30 Over ICWW & Brooks St. 50,500 
Miami-Dade WB NW 25th St. Over North Line Canal 48,400 
Broward Sheridan St (CR822) Over Florida S Turnpike 45,800 
Lee Del Prado Blvd NB Over Lido Canal 43,000 
Duval SR-134 (103rd St.) Over Ortega Creek 41,000 
St. Johns US-1 (SR-5) Over Oyster Creek 41,000 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Flying High Productions/Shutterstock.com

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