10 Most Traveled Bridges in Missouri In Desperately Poor Condition

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Updated: November 2, 2023
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The United States is a vast country spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Because of the way capitalism has set up this country, transportation by car is a common method (sometimes it’s the only option). While roads in the United States are numerous, they aren’t always in the best condition.

Because this country has a variety of atmospheres and ecosystems, sometimes roads aren’t enough to traverse the U.S. Sometimes bridges are necessary, especially when crossing rivers or gorges. Bridges, like roads, aren’t always in the best condition.

Everyday factors like commuters and weather wear down the bridges and cause them to become structurally deficient. Every state has structurally deficient bridges, including Missouri, that still get frequent traffic.

Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or are a Missouri local, here are 10 poor-condition bridges in Missouri that are the most traveled.

1. IS 270 E Over Conway Road – St. Louis

Local storm in Saint Louis, Missouri

Missouri has identified 4,506 bridges that need repairs statewide in 2023.

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The most frequently used bridge in Missouri that is structurally deficient is located in St. Louis, Missouri. The specific location is Interstate (IS) 270 E over Conway Road. The bridge is an urban interstate built in 1964.

Every day, approximately 189,502 people use the bridge to live their lives. Whether they are commuting, traveling, or running errands, folks are using the IS 270 E over the Conway Road bridge.

The city scheduled the bridge to be replaced sometime starting in 2023. The design is complete, and the team is currently working on a contract letting and award.

2. IS 270 E Over West Port Plaza Drive – St. Louis

River Barge Tug

In 2023, 2,213 of the state’s 24,617 bridges were classified as structurally deficient.


The second most frequented bridge that is structurally deficient is another part of IS 270 E, this time over West Port Plaza Drive. This overpass is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and is another urban interstate. Built in 1965, this bridge has a daily traffic crossing of about 133,270.

The state is currently in the planning phase of replacing the bridge. The team completed the design earlier this year. The project is currently going over bids and will award the contractor that submits the lowest qualified bid.

3. IS 270 E Over Maline County Road – St. Louis

Industrial Age Buildings in St. Louis, Missouri, USA 2020

Local rural bridges are the type of bridge with the most structural deficiencies in Missouri.

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The third most frequently traveled and structurally deficient bridge is also in St. Louis, Missouri. Also, along the IS 270 E, this overpass covers Maline County Road. This section of IS 270 E is another urban interstate bridge. The city built the bridge in 1931.

The daily traffic on this overpass is approximately 110,731.

Missouri will also replace this bridge and currently has the design complete. The contract letting and award process is underway. Construction could start in 2024.

4. IS 435 S Over Grave County Road – Jackson

Jackson. Missouri. USA on a geography map.

Missouri plans to replace 2,467 bridges in 2023.


The fourth most frequently trafficked poor-condition bridge in Missouri is the Interstate 435 S over Grave County Road, built in 1964. IS 435 goes north to south on the east side of Kansas City and is a road many people use to commute, run errands, and complete other tasks.

The daily traffic along this overpass is 94,950 vehicles. Though commuters frequently use this road, there have already been closures to work on rehabilitating the road.

Jackson County and the Missouri Department of Transportation started Interstate work in October 2023.

5. IS 170 E Over River Des Peres – St. Louis

Missouri River Water

The city will rehabilitate almost two thousand bridges in Missouri in 2023.

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The Interstate 170 E overpass, built in 1968, that helps drivers cross the Des Peres River, is another structurally deficient bridge in Missouri. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, this road goes from north to south on the west side of the city.

Every day, 94,494 drivers cross this overpass to get to their destination. The urban interstate provides locals and travelers with a path to the grocery store, office, and green areas outside the city.

St. Louis started work on this Interstate in October 2023, weather permitting. Drivers are advised to check with the Department of Transportation for detours and alternative routes.

6. Route W E Over Blue River Bridge – Jackson

aerial view of green soybean fields s in a valley of the Missouri River, near Glasgow, MO, late summer

Missouri will receive a total of $523.4 million over the life of IIJA for bridge maintenance and replacement.

©marekuliasz/ via Getty Images

The only urban minor arterial on the list, Route W E over the Blue River bridge, is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The road, built in 1969, connects people living in the suburbs and the outskirts of the city to the center. Missouri uses letters to designate secondary highways and throughways.

The daily rate of traffic on this bridge is about 86,364 drivers.

The secondary bridge is planned for rehabilitation after the main interstates are completed. There is no set time for the project to start.

7. IS 435 S Over Drain Ditch – Clay

Smithville Lake Missouri

As of June 2023, Missouri has committed $3.2 million to 112 bridge projects.

©iStock.com/Jon Kraft

Clay County has two bridges that are frequently traveled across despite being structurally unsound. Interstate 435 S over Drain Ditch, built in 1967, connects northeast Kansas City and its suburbs to the surrounding area.

The bridge sees 69,128 people use it every day.

The city is focusing on parts of Interstate 435 in the southeast before they go north to tackle this poor-condition bridge in Missouri.

8. IS 435 S Over The Missouri River – Clay

Speed boats in full throttle in Lake of Ozark and the golf course in the background, Missouri, USA.

In 2019, the number of structurally deficient bridges was 2,147.

©Asim Ali/iStock via Getty Images

In Clay County, the Interstate 435 highway crosses the Missouri River. The urban interstate overpass, built in 1972, is a poor-condition bridge in Missouri that receives frequent commuter traffic. The bridge connects individuals who live in the northern suburbs to the downtown of Kansas City, MO.

The daily rate of traffic that flows across the bridge is approximately 69,128.

In August, the county performed overnight pavement repair to help with the structural integrity of the Interstate 435 highway over the Missouri River.

9. IS 64 E Over The Missouri River – St. Louis

beautiful flowering white and pink dogwood flowers in spring in the public gardens of bellefontaine cemetery in north st. louis, missouri

Urban freeway/expressway bridges have the least structural deficiencies at 17.

©Nina B/Shutterstock.com

Another poor-condition bridge in St. Louis, Missouri is the Interstate 64 E overpass that crosses North Forty Drive. The bridge is in the heart of the downtown and crosses the Missouri River into Illinois. The overpass was built in 1985.

Every day, about 67,832 drivers cross the urban interstate bridge to go from state to state.

The state has not announced plans to repair this bridge yet, though it is currently being used as a detour while Interstate 44 is repaired.

10. IS 70 W Over Kansas City Terminal Railway – Jackson

The proposed bridge work in 2023 will cover about 1.8 million sq. meters.


In Jackson County, the Interstate 70 W overpass over the Kansas City Terminal Railway is a poor-condition bridge in Missouri. The bridge, built over a frequently used rail station, was built in 1959.

About 56,351 drivers use the bridge every day to get to their destinations.

The urban interstate overpass will experience a temporary closure in October 2023.

NumberCountyLocationDaily Crossings
#1St. LouisIS 270 E over CST Conway Rd189,502
#2St. LouisIS 270 E over CST West Port Plaza Dr133,270
#3St. LouisIS 270 E over Maline Cr110,731
#4JacksonIS 435 S over Grave Cr94,950
#5St. LouisIS 170 E over Rvr Des Peres94,494
#6JacksonRt W E over Br Blue Rvr86,364
#7ClayIS 435 S over Drain Dtch69,128
#8ClayIS 435 S over Missouri Rvr, CST NE Bir69,128
#9St. LouisIS 64 E over Co North Forty Dr to Sor67,832
#10JacksonIS 70 W over Kct RR56,351

The photo featured at the top of this post is © fotoguy22/iStock via Getty Images

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