National French Bulldog Day 2024: Date, Origin, and Ways to Celebrate

Written by Amanda Martinotti
Updated: October 19, 2023
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Want to give your Frenchie some extra love? National French Bulldog Day is a great way to give your pup some extra care! Read this article to learn how to celebrate this special day with your squishy-faced best friend.

Black Merle French Bulldog Puppy. Off-leash dog park in Northern California.

National French Bulldog Day is on January 13th, 2024.


When is National French Bulldog Day?

National French Bulldog Day is on January 13th, 2024. 

The Origin of National French Bulldog Day

A Facebook Group founded National French Bulldog Day called “The Woof Book” in 2020. They are infamous for their love of this adorable breed. The purpose behind this day is to celebrate and educate the world about this snuggly breed.

national french bulldog day

The purpose of this day is to celebrate and educate the world about French bulldogs.


Interesting Facts About French Bulldogs

Want to learn some intriguing facts about your Frenchie? Here are 5 French bulldog facts you may not know.

They Have Many Nicknames

French bulldogs have many fun nicknames. Some these include

  • Batpigs.
  • Squishy faces.
  • Clown dogs.
  • Frenchies

They Originated in England

Contrary to their name, French bulldogs originated in England. In addition, french bulldogs were bred to bait bulls.

However, when bull baiting was deemed illegal in 1835, bulldogs no longer had a purpose except to become couch potatoes. Therefore, they began to be bred as loyal companions of the family.

Following this, toy bulldogs were born. Unfortunately, because the bulldogs had such large ears, the English deemed them unworthy and would export them.

However, the French fell in love with their large, bat-like ears, and by the early 20th century, they made an infamous appearance in France. They were often depicted with fashion models, writers, and those who were creatively gifted.

It’s no wonder Americans imported these adorable fur babies where their popularity would boom.

They Have Been Elected for Mayor

You are not reading that wrong. In 2020, the town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, elected Wilbur, a 6-month-old French bulldog. 

Moreover, the tradition began in 1990 when a man known as “Don Clarke” thought it would be great to elect an animal as president to support a fundraiser event for a historical society.

French Bulldogs Are Easy to Train

Frenchies have a great memory. Therefore, they tend to be easy to train and follow directions without much fuss(usually).

Furthermore, they are sensitive to body language and empath and can pick up on emotions easily. This is also why it’s important to try not to argue or make a lot of noise around them, as they can be prone to stress.

They Make Awesome Allies

French bulldogs are loved around the world for their easy-going temperament and charm. These sweet babies can warm the heart of anyone with their goofy antics and funny noises, and they are great with everyone who enters your home.

Despite their sweet temperament, they can become territorial. This is why socialization at a young age is important for both Frenchie and any children at home. In addition, you should never leave a child unattended with any dog, no matter how well-behaved they are. An accident can occur in a split second.

national french dog day

French bulldogs are loved around the world for their easy-going temperament and charm.

©Yuliia Kyrylius/

Ways to Celebrate National French Bulldog Day

Have a Frenchie Outing

Whether you enjoy a fall latte that you cozy up to or a delicious meal at a lavish restaurant, make it a Frenchie date with your pup! You may need to call your favorite coffee shop or restaurant to make sure that you can wine and dine with your squishy-faced best friend.

Play a Game

French bulldogs are fun and love to play! Try a game of hide and seek, which will help establish the bond between you and your fur baby. Or try Tug O War to help work out some of the excess energy your pup may have.

Go for a Walk Somewhere New

Check out new dog parks, beaches, or parks with your Frenchie. Just be advised that it is important that you do not overexert them. In addition, they’ll make new friends and even help you find friends of your own!

Plan a Cozy Night In

The next time you decide to binge-watch movies, let your French bulldog cuddle up with you. They love the attention, and it’s perfect for these low-key pups.

Furthermore, you can make it extra special by creating little forts or dens for your Frenchie to cuddle in.

Bake Something Special 

Make something special for your pup to celebrate National French Bulldog Day. You can search for recipes such as gingerbread lattes, hot chocolate for pups, or other safe dog recipes that you can find on Pinterest or Google.

Here is one for a hot chocolate that is doggo-approved!

Hot Carob Doggo Chocolate

Carbon is a plant that doesn’t contain the toxic components that cacao plants do when it comes to dogs. In fact, it may also benefit humans as it is high in antioxidants, can help with gut issues, and can help with gastrointestinal issues.


1 cup water.

1 Tbsp of carob powder.


  1. Bring water to a boil on low heat.
  2. Mix in carbon powder until it is blended well.
  3. Let it cool down until the hot chocolate is lukewarm. 
  4. Serve to your pup and celebrate!

Whether it’s a lively game of hide and seek, a cozy night in, or an invigorating night out at a pup-approved restaurant, you and your Frenchie will have new memories and a stronger bond.

national french bulldog day

The next time you decide to binge-watch movies, let your French bulldog cuddle up with you.

©Angyalosi Beata/

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Michael Reilly/

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