National Golden Retriever Day is February 3: Here Are 7 Fun Ways to Celebrate

Written by Jennifer Hollohan
Updated: March 9, 2023
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Golden Retrievers are wonderful dogs. They are well-known for their friendless, loving spirit, loyalty, and intelligence. So it makes sense that there is a whole day devoted to them. February 3, 2023, is National Golden Retriever Day. And there is no better time to celebrate our kind-hearted companions. Take time today to show your furry friend a little extra love and maybe shower them with dog-friendly gifts. 

We’ve gathered together a few ideas to kick back and enjoy the day. Keep reading to discover seven fun ways to celebrate National Golden Retriever Day.

1. Go to the Dog Park

Take your four-legged friend to their favorite dog park. Who knows? Maybe they’ll meet some buddies and have a grand time! Of course, since National Golden Retriever Day is in February, the weather may not want to cooperate. But that’s ok. Many dogs love playing in the snow. So it might be the perfect opportunity to tap into your inner child and throw snowballs for a game of fetch.

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golden retriever
Golden Retrievers are very active animals and love a trip to the dog park to run around or make new friends.

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2. Buy Some Treats

Who says you must wait until Christmas to get your Golden Retriever some presents? So why not take advantage of National Golden Retriever Day to do something nice for your furry companion? Pop by your local pet store (or Amazon, if you prefer) and pick up some goodies. Go all out and splurge today! Your pet is worth it. Grab some squeaker toys they love (but destroy quickly) or some tasty chew toys. And while you’re at it, tack on some dog biscuits or other treats. Then you can celebrate the day together!

Comfort Retriever
Golden Retrievers are playful animals that love to have fun. Add plenty of toys to their collection to keep them entertained.


3. Did Anyone Say “Puppuccino”?

Not everyone is a fan of Starbucks, and that’s ok. But they do one thing well. And that is to create special pup-friendly drinks. So, even if it isn’t your favorite coffee shop, think about popping by. You can grab your Golden Retriever a lovely drink and pick one up for yourself. Then, take them to the dog park or drink yours leisurely on a nice long walk with your companion. Well, you can take a leisurely walk until the sugar from the “puppuccino” kicks in. Then it may turn into a run.

4. Play Fetch

Yes, we know this sounds kind of basic. But the truth of the matter is that we all get busy. Sometimes we don’t have the time to play a game of fetch with our four-legged companion. And frankly, that’s ok. Life gets in the way, especially when we wish it wouldn’t. However… If you can spare any time today, it would be the perfect way to ring on National Golden Retriever Day. Your furry friend will love you more than they already do. Plus, let’s face it. You could use a little break and relaxation too. So, taking off to play fetch (even in the backyard) is a win-win.

why do dogs get the zoomies
Toss a frisbee or ball for your Golden Retriever to chase after in a fun game of fetch.

©Anna Goroshnikova/

5. Snag a New Rope for Tugging

This one is a bit special, which is why it was not included in the treat recommendation above. Every dog loves to tug on ropes. Maybe it is built into their DNA. So the chances are pretty high that you already have a nice, frayed, worn-in rope hanging out at home. Surprise your dog with a brand-new rope, ready for shredding! Their joy will bring a smile to your face, guaranteed. 

6. Adopt a Retriever in Need

Unfortunately, there are some Golden Retrievers in shelters. If you have the space in your heart (and home) to take one in, consider doing so today. Pet adoptions are welcome any time of the year. However, if you choose National Golden Retriever Day to bring a new dog home, it will become a day you will never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Call your local shelter or humane society and talk to them about your next pet adoption.

7. Donate to a Golden Retriever Rescue

If you have a Golden Retriever rescue near you, consider taking this day to give back. You can donate a monetary gift if you are able or a donation of your time if at all possible. Those who care for Golden Retriever rescue dogs put their heart and soul into their work. It’s a great time to say a heartfelt thank you!

Golden Retriever having fun at the campsite
Consider adopting a Golden Retriever or donating to an organization that focuses on Golden Retriever rescues.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do Golden Retrievers bark a lot?

Unfortunately, they can bark quite a bit. They are a very vocal breed and want their voices heard. Some specialists can help reduce the barking to a manageable level if you run into trouble.

Do Golden Retrievers like to cuddle?

Oh yes, Golden Retrievers love to cuddle. They are lovers, not fighters. So get ready for pet snuggles.

Are Golden Retrievers lazy or active?

Golden Retrievers are a very active breed. They need ample time outside running around and playing.

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