New Moon Symbolism: Spiritual Meaning and Significance

Series of Moon in November 2016 (2.7 Day Old)

Written by Sammi Caramela

Published: November 5, 2023

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The new moon is the opposite phase of the full moon. During the new moon, the side of the Moon we see from Earth is not illuminated by the Sun (as it is during the full moon). In other words, we cannot see the Moon during this phase of the lunar cycle.

New moons might be invisible during this stage, but many believe they hold potent energy. This is a great time to reflect, set intentions, and manifest our desires. Here’s everything you should know about the new moon, including its spiritual symbolism and significance. 

What Are the Different Moon Phases?

There are eight phases of the lunar cycle: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. Each phase of the Moon is valuable in its own way, with many spiritual individuals assigning different themes and associations to the phases. 

Half moon background / Half Moon refers to the two lunar phases commonly known as first quarter and last quarter

The new moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle when the Moon is not visible from our view on Earth.


In particular, the new moon represents a fresh start, as it’s the first phase of the new cycle. The following phases progress as the Moon begins to become more illuminated by the Sun’s glow. This is why the Moon appears to get larger until its peak during the full moon, then smaller again until it resets at the new moon. 

As the start of the lunar cycle, the new moon is a great time to set intentions for the days ahead. Many spiritual individuals will even utilize this time to manifest or call in their desires.

What Is a New Moon?

The new moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle that occurs when the Moon is invisible from our view on Earth. We can’t see the Moon during this phase because it is located in the same part of the sky as the Sun, meaning the Sun is highlighting the side of the Moon facing away from Earth.

New Moon Symbolism: Spiritual Meaning and Significance

New moons are significant symbols in both astrology and astronomy. Spiritually speaking, here is some of the symbolism associated with the new moon.

Series of Moon in November 2016 (2.7 Day Old)

Many people take part in “new moon rituals,” during which they call in their manifestations and set intentions for the lunar cycle ahead.


New Beginnings

The new moon represents new beginnings and a fresh start. As the first phase in the lunar cycle, the new moon reminds us that we can start over any time we deem necessary. The new moon occurs around every 29.5 days, typically once per month. Because of this, we can recognize the value of starting fresh and cultivating a new routine each month. 

The new moon is a great time to reflect and check in with ourselves. If you are living by the cycles of the Moon, as many spiritual individuals do, you can use this time to touch base with yourself and set intentions and manifestations for the next lunar cycle ahead.


As mentioned above, many people will use the new moon to manifest their desires. You can do this by writing down or visualizing exactly what you want to call in going forward. For example, suppose you would like a new job opportunity. In that case, you can write a letter of gratitude to the universe or whatever higher power you believe in, thanking it for the opportunity. 

Be sure to get as detailed as possible when visualizing or scripting your desires. For example, if you want to call in a new relationship, visualize exactly what that would look like for you. Does this person bring you coffee in bed every morning? Maybe they travel with you or take you out on nice dates. When doing the visualizations or journal entries, really focus on how this person you are calling in makes you feel. Working with your emotions can supercharge your manifestations. 


The new moon also represents introspection. Following the last lunar cycle and starting a new one, you might find yourself reflecting on what you liked and didn’t like about the past cycle. Maybe you felt out of alignment or fell short of your intentions, or perhaps you manifested something you no longer feel is a good fit for your life at this time. 

Take this information as the clarity you need to move forward with a more focused mindset. Think about what you want to do differently going forward in the new cycle. Maybe you would like to hone your creativity, say yes to more first dates, or even start a new workout routine. Set goals and intentions for yourself based on the insight you gain while you are in this introspective phase.


Fresh starts typically provide us with a sense of hope. We realize that it’s never too late to start again and hold onto faith for better days ahead. The new moon symbolizes our unwavering hope for a brighter future.

If you’ve been struggling with your faith or spirituality, the new moon is a great time to reconnect with your belief in a higher power (if that feels appropriate for you). It’s also a great time to keep a positive attitude and recharge your energy. 

Raising your vibration to a higher frequency will help you attract better things going forward. To call in new blessings, we must first express gratitude for what we already have. This will restore your hope by reminding you just how lucky you truly are.


The new moon Symbolizes intention. Through intentional living, we can better align ourselves with the right opportunities, people, and situations. For example, if you are intentional in your dating life, you won’t waste as much time investing in the wrong people who can’t give you what you want and need. 

The new moon is a potent period of opportunity and power. Many people view the new moon as the New Year’s Day of the lunar cycle. On New Year’s Day, we often set and start following the intentions we have for the year ahead. The new moon is a more frequent version of this. Consider the changes you’d like to make in your life and how you can be more intentional with your everyday routine and habits. 

Clean Slates

As mentioned above, the new moon symbolizes a clean slate. This phase acts as a fresh start to the next lunar cycle. This means we can begin again with renewed energy, fresh perspectives, and a sense of hope for brighter days ahead. 

If you’ve ever endured a difficult time in your life, you likely recognize the importance of a clean slate. This involves closing doors, letting go of what no longer serves us, and being willing to move forward despite our pull toward the comfort and familiarity of the past. To move on, we must first release what’s out of alignment with ourselves and our paths. This is an excellent time to do just that.

Earthshine on crescent moon

After the new moon, we will begin to notice a sliver of the moon, which will eventually grow into a fully lit moon.

©EvergreenPlanet/iStock via Getty Images


The new moon symbolizes the importance of commitment. To reach our goals or manifest our desires, we must commit to the action required for these to come to fruition. Some people believe the new moon can magically transform our lives without us lifting a single finger. While the new moon is thought to carry potent and intense energy to help us call in what is meant for us, we still have to do the work ourselves. This means we must commit to being the person we must become to reach the goals we want to reach. 

Commitment might look like waking up earlier so you can work out before the workday, applying to new positions so you can quit your toxic job, or even putting yourself out there so you have a better chance of meeting the love of your life. Whatever the case, commitment is essential to manifesting your dream life. 


The new moon is a great symbol of self-love, as it gives us a chance to reconnect with ourselves in our purest forms. Starting over might feel intimidating, and we can become highly self-critical when looking back at mistakes we’ve made or goals we’ve yet to achieve. Rather than judging ourselves during this time, we should instead embrace our imperfections and shortcomings while realigning with a path that feels more attainable.

Self-love is also helpful when it comes to speaking affirmations and raising our confidence/vibrations. Many people actually believe affirmations act as “spells,” with our words being extremely powerful tools. That being said, we must practice self-love to fully believe the affirmations we are speaking about ourselves. Some helpful self-love affirmations include “I am enough,” “I am worthy of love,” “I am capable and resilient,” and more.


The new moon is like the calm before the storm that is the lunar cycle. Many people believe the full moon holds potent energy that causes intense emotions and heightened feelings. The new moon, however, brings more of a calming, grounded energy. This is why the new moon is a great time to get in touch with yourself and your desires and to set intentions. 

During the new moon, you might feel especially in touch with yourself and able to make more rational choices. The new moon reminds us of our power and purity, as well as the importance of finding inner peace and stability.


Though we might not see the moon in the sky during the new moon phase, we trust that it is still there. The new moon is a powerful symbol of trust and faith in what we cannot see. For example, many of us believe in higher powers or ideas that have yet to be “proven.” This trust is often what gets us through difficult times.

The new moon represents trust in ourselves, others, and the universe (or whatever higher power you follow). Trusting does not mean choosing to be naive, not practicing caution, or ignoring warning signs. Rather, it allows us to have faith in our own judgments and resilience. You are capable of manifesting your dream life, but you must first trust yourself enough to go after it.

Celebrating the New Moon

The new moon occurs roughly every 29.5 days, with the lunar cycle repeating once per month. Many people will celebrate the new moon by spending some time in solitude for introspection and intention-setting. You can use the new moon’s symbolism and spiritual energy to “supercharge” your manifestations by using techniques like scripting, visualization, and meditation.

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