North Texas Family Shocked By Rattlesnake On Their Couch!

Portrait of a Rattlesnake
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Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: October 19, 2023

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A Dallas family got a huge shock when they took a break from watching a basketball game. They had been watching TV on their couch and left the room for just 10 minutes – but when they got back, they had an unexpected and unwelcome guest! A large rattlesnake was coiled up, making itself very comfortable on the couch. It is clearly not happy about having some company as it is sounding a warning with its rattle as the family keeps their distance and shoots this unique footage.

Check Out the Heart-Stopping Footage Below!

It looks as if this could be a timber rattlesnake that can grow up to 7 feet in length and live for up to 37 years! They have a distinctive large zig-zag pattern in a dark color on a paler brown/grey background. These snakes are excellent climbers and have been found up trees so it is hardly surprising that this one could get onto a sofa!

They are usually found in forests, swamps, fields, and rocky areas and even though numbers appear to be declining, they are not considered to be under threat at the moment. Dallas sits at the edge of their historic range and they’re found across much of the Eastern United States, with large populations along the Appalachian Mountains.

Timber rattlesnake coiled in a loop

Rattlesnakes are usually found in forests, swamps, fields, and rocky areas.

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The humans shooting this video had every right to be concerned. Timber rattlesnakes are one of the more dangerous snakes in the US. They are large and powerful and have long fangs. They can use them to deliver venom that causes pain and swelling. It also causes bleeding and neurological symptoms and in some cases, it can prove fatal. For this reason, you should always seek medical attention for a rattlesnake bite. However, these guys are not usually that aggressive. They would prefer to avoid humans – this one clearly thought the human family had left for good and got quite a shock when they came back!

Before striking, the snake gives a series of warning rattles – exactly what the snake in this video is doing.

Whilst rattlesnakes are quite commonly found in yards and gardens and even under houses, it is quite unusual to find one actually inside a house in the US. When they do come in, most have come in through the front door – just like the humans. This makes it quite easy to keep them out. You simply have to keep the door shut. They also get in during construction work when part of the fabric of the building has been removed. But on the whole, they would rather not be in your home at all so this is not something that you need to worry about. If you do spot one, stay away from it and call an expert in snakes to come and remove it humanely and release it in a safe place.

Other Dangerous Snakes Found In Texas

The Western cottonmouth also called the water moccasin, is prevalent in North Texas and is generally found in swampy areas that are not frequented by many people. However, an encounter with this deadly snake could cause serious issues as they have a very painful bite and potent venom that is known to cause at least one death per year. When the cottonmouth feels threatened, it will shake its tail in warning to create a rattling sound and open its mouth wide, while issuing a loud hiss.

The Copperhead’s scales are keeled, and their eyes have vertical pupils that make them resemble cat’s eyes.
The Copperhead’s scales are keeled, and their eyes have vertical pupils that make them resemble a cat’s eyes.

Texas has three subspecies of copperheads – the broadbanded, the Trans-Pecos, and the Southern. These reptiles are rarely found in drier areas, preferring rocky and wooded areas as well as streams and rivers, and are generally nocturnal, especially during the heat of the summer, preferring to hunt in the evening. While the bite from a copperhead is not fatal, it is extremely painful and can be severe. This snake is not as aggressive as the cottonmouth but like with many snakes, it most likely won’t bite unless it feels threatened or is touched.

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