November 1 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: August 11, 2023
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Kicking off the month of November, there are multiple hidden meanings behind a November 1 zodiac sign. Belonging to the sign of Scorpio, someone born on November 1st may find that astrology has a lot to say about their personality. The ancient practice of studying the stars and planets in order to find societal and personal patterns, astrology can be both a fun and insightful source of information.

Scorpios have magnetic personalities but can exhibit controlling behaviors.

By turning to astrology to interpret a November 1 zodiac sign, we can learn about this person’s personality, motivations, career path, love life, and more. Plus, we’ll address other symbols connected to this birthday, including numerical values and associations attributed to Scorpios. Let’s get started and learn all about this sign of the zodiac– and this specific birthday– now.

November 1 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

november 1 zodiac

Scorpios represent deep, dark oceans best.


As a fixed water sign, Scorpios utilize their emotional intuition to become a reliable pillar in the lives of those they care about. There is a tenacity in every Scorpio sun, likely because of their fixed modality. Fixed signs represent the pinnacle or height of the season they were born in and have a persevering energy about them. Scorpios won’t rest until they’ve uncovered all that they want to uncover, finished a job to the best of their ability.

When it comes to being a water sign, Scorpios represent deep, dark oceans best. Perhaps it is the time of year that lends Scorpios their intense depth. Scorpio season occurs from October 23rd to November 21st, making them autumnal children in the northern hemisphere. The themes surrounding the fall season echo in the Scorpio personality. As the days get darker and the nights get colder, Scorpios find peace in their reserved, mysterious inner depths.

Water signs are inherently aware of emotions. Scorpios use this awareness to connect to others. This sign of the zodiac notices everything as well, not only the vibes of a room. The observational skills of Scorpio rival almost all other signs in the zodiac, and these skills help them comprehend people from the outside in. Scorpios will identify and explore the depths of you before you even realize it!

But it isn’t just a Scorpio’s modality and elemental connection that makes them special. If you’re new to astrology, you may not be aware of the fact that all signs of the zodiac have a ruling planet–or sometimes two planets! These celestial rulers lend each sign specific personality traits, motivations, and so much more. Scorpios are special because they have two planets attached to their sign. Let’s talk about them now.

Mars and Pluto: the Ruling Planets of a November 1 Zodiac

november 1 zodiac

Pluto helps a Scorpio transform.


When we address Scorpio from an ancient or traditional astrological perspective, Mars is this sign’s ruler. However, as more planets were discovered and modern astrology began to take shape, many astrologers chose to assign Pluto to Scorpio. When we address the characteristics of these planets working in tandem to shape a Scorpio, we paint the clearest picture of this particular sign of the zodiac.

Competitive, aggressive, and full of drive, Mars lends Scorpio even more sustaining energy. Not only are Scorpios fixed, but they are also influenced by Mars, the relentless God of War amongst the planets. A Scorpio never gives up once they are intrigued by something. In fact, most Scorpios don’t stop at simple intrigue. Mars makes the average Scorpio obsessive, perseverant, and highly ambitious. Their competitive side, a trademark of Mars, manifests a bit differently from the other Mars-ruled sign of the zodiac, Aries.

While Aries suns are boldly competitive and straightforward about their capabilities, Scorpios conceal such things. This water sign taps into the God of War’s tactful and covert style of battle, choosing to conceal their true intentions or feelings about something until they know they can trust you. Power is a must for a Scorpio, thanks to Mars. But their power stems from the hidden, the tactful and purposeful relaying of information rather than giving someone their entire truth.

This secrecy and tact overlap with Scorpio’s secondary or modern ruler, Pluto. Associated with the Underworld and death, Pluto represents destruction, transformation, and inner strength. From the depths comes life according to Pluto, and this is a phrase that many Scorpios live by. They find an immense amount of power and satisfaction when looking inward, when they address their own depths and inner demons. This is how they best transform.

November 1 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Scorpio

november 1 zodiac

Scorpios always ensure that you feel not only heard but seen.


There is a magnetic intensity in every Scorpio sun. Perhaps it is something you can see in their eyes, or maybe it’s in the way they carry themselves. Scorpios are capable of drawing just about anyone in with their aura. And the determination of a Scorpio keeps people close. The absolute devotion, commitment, and thoroughness of this sign is impressive, especially when you are first getting to know them. Scorpios always ensure that you feel not only heard but seen.

This skill with people lies in a Scorpio’s intuition. They are excellent and persuasive conversationalists. But remember that Scorpios like to have power in everything they do. This sign of the zodiac won’t be as forthcoming with their own thoughts and feelings, preferring you to do most of the talking. Getting a Scorpio to open up can be one of their biggest weaknesses, as this sign struggles with trusting others. 

Still, once a Scorpio does trust you, they will be loyal to you until the end. Or, at least, until you give them a reason not to be. A scorned Scorpio is a scary thing to witness; Mars does not allow them to be particularly forgiving. That’s why it’s best to stay on a Scorpio’s good side, no matter what! The sensitivity of this sign is often overlooked because of their intensity when betrayed. However, Scorpios are merely trying to protect themselves and react poorly when someone doesn’t respect their sensitive inner workings.

But how can we address a Scorpio born specifically on November 1st? This birthday is very important from a numerological perspective. While all of this information still applies to a November 1 zodiac sign, here are some specific traits that this Scorpio might have!

November 1 Zodiac: Significance of the Number 1

november 1 zodiac

A Scorpio so connected to the number 1 may be confident, independent, and self-oriented.

©Boris Mayer/

Looking at a 11/1 birthday, you can no doubt see just how significant the number 1 is for a November 1 zodiac sign! Angel number 111 and numerology speak of this number as a number of the self, of independence and confidence. When a Scorpio birthday is so connected to the number 1, it often manifests as self-importance, an inner strength that is unrivaled, and perhaps a struggle when it comes to asking for help.

The number 1 is all about “number one”, in a way. The self resides in astrology’s first house; the confidence and independence of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, never fails to impress. A Scorpio so connected to the number 1 may be more confident, independent, and self-oriented than other Scorpio birthdays. The intense and magnetic energy associated with this sign is likely even more powerful in a November 1st birthday.

However, the number 1 can be too self-reliant from time to time. A Scorpio so connected to this number may find it difficult to reach out to others when they need it most. Additionally, selfishness and large egos are weaknesses of the number 1. While most Scorpios point their focus at others, this Scorpio birthday may pay more attention to themselves. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can become twisted and warped.

A Scorpio born on November 1st may want to guard against their egotistical and controlling behaviors, especially when it comes to just how much this sign craves power. The number 1 can be incredibly power-hungry, feeling little remorse in its quest to get what it wants. A Scorpio so connected to this number may need to watch out for selfish tendencies throughout their life.

November 1 Zodiac Signs in Relationships and Love

november 1 zodiac

When in love, Scorpios go deep.


As the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpios represent the eighth house’s themes of collaboration, sex, rebirth, and death. Relationships and forming collaborative, mutual bonds are very important to this sign of the zodiac. While a November 1st Scorpio may feel comfortable on their own thanks to the number 1 influencing them, all Scorpios enjoy love. This is one of the primary ways we connect deeply and completely in life, something a Scorpio longs for.

A Scorpio will demonstrate their interest in someone through questions, investigations, and long conversations. While the average Scorpio is reserved when it comes to sharing their internal dialogue, this sign may choose to share key details so that they can better connect to their crush. However, most Scorpios focus their intense energy on their partner or crush, particularly when they first begin dating someone new.

When in love, Scorpios go deep. This is a fearless sign, unafraid to conquer everything with their partner. Scorpios are intense and emotionally generous when in love. Once they know that they can trust you, Scorpios let you tread their emotional waters, their normally impervious psyche. This is something that should be respected and honored; if you’re interested in a Scorpio, be sure to treat their secrets with reverence!

Matches and Compatibility for November 1 Zodiac Signs

november 1 zodiac

With compassion and nurturing, Cancers ensure that Scorpios feel safe when opening up in a relationship.


Understanding the complexity of a Scorpio isn’t something that every sign of the zodiac can do. However, with work and communication, all matches in the zodiac are possible! Scorpios communicate best with fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces, and earth signs like Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn can help them feel grounded. Remember that your sun sign is only one component of your birth chart and a full analysis will lend you better results when it comes to love!

With all of this in mind, here are some of the most compatible matches for a Scorpio with a November 1st birthday:

  • Virgo. Detail-oriented, caring, and as observant as Scorpios, Virgos are a mutable earth sign. Located two spots away from Scorpio on the astrological wheel, Virgos attract this fixed water sign. Both of these signs are capable of caring for one another for the long haul, though a November 1st Scorpio may need to practice prioritizing humble and gentle Virgo from time to time!
  • Cancer. Also known as a caretaker of the zodiac, Cancers speak a similar language to Scorpios. With compassion and nurturing, Cancers ensure that Scorpios feel safe when opening up in a relationship. Plus, Scorpios can help Cancers learn how to stand up for themselves and be more assertive, especially a Scorpio born on November 1st!

Career Paths for November 1 Zodiac Signs

november 1 zodiac

Scorpios are wonderfully creative and in tune with artistic endeavors.


Remember how important power is for a Scorpio? When combined with a Scorpio’s desire to maintain secrecy and a bit of covertness, the power of a Scorpio in the workplace manifests behind the scenes. While many Scorpios prefer to keep their power a secret from others, a November 1st Scorpio may be a bit louder about the power they hold. This Scorpio birthday may feel more self-confident in leadership positions, particularly CEO or management jobs.

With a keen intuition, Scorpios make excellent emotional healers and therapists. Anything having to do with healing or processing in order to begin again appeals to this sign of the zodiac. They long to help people transform, especially from an emotional perspective. But Scorpios recognize that transformation doesn’t just happen in a therapy session. 

This sign can help people through the arts just as much as through mental health counseling. Scorpios are wonderfully creative and in tune with artistic endeavors. It’s a natural conduit for them, creative projects. If a Scorpio has the opportunity to pursue a career in music, writing, painting, or otherwise, they will find strength and power in such an opportunity.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on November 1st

From artists to historians to scientists, November 1st is a very important birthday for many people. Who in history calls this day their day of birth? Here’s an incomplete list of some of the most notable celebrities and figures born on November 1st:

  • Antonio Canova (sculptor)
  • Benjamin Guinness (brewer)
  • Crawford Williamson Long (surgeon)
  • Stephen Crane (author)
  • Alfred Wegener (researcher)
  • L. S. Lowry (painter)
  • Terence Cuneo (artist)
  • Clarence E. Miller (politician)
  • Margaret Taylor-Burroughs (artist)
  • James J. Kilpatrick (journalist)
  • A. R. Gurney (playwright)
  • Al Arbour (hockey player)
  • Umberto Agnelli (executive)
  • Charles Koch (businessman)
  • Larry Flynt (publisher)
  • Yuko Shimizu (illustrator)
  • Jim Steinman (producer)
  • Michael D. Griffin (engineer)
  • Jim Steinmeyer (author)
  • Tim Cook (businessman)
  • Petr Pavel (politician)
  • Daran Norris (actor)
  • Jenny McCarthy (model)
  • Toni Collette (actor)
  • Aishwarya Rai (actor)
  • Logan Marshall-Green (actor)
  • Natalia Tena (actor)
  • Penn Badgley (actor)
  • Anthony Ramos (actor)
  • Lil Peep (musician)

Important Events That Occurred on November 1st

november 1 zodiac

On this day in 1968, The Motion Picture Association of America officially enforced the rating system for movies still in use today!

©Tanya Antusenok/

Scorpio season is full of events, no matter the year. Here are some notable happenings that have occurred on November 1st throughout history:

  • In 1604, “Othello” by William Shakespeare debuted
  • And in 1611, “The Tempest”, also by William Shakespeare, debuted!
  • In 1800, US President John Adams officially became the first President to call the White House home
  • In 1922, the Ottoman Empire was officially ended
  • In 1941, ‘Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico’ was officially taken (even though photographer Ansel Adams didn’t know the exact date himself and astronomers had to sleuth it out!)
  • In 1968, The Motion Picture Association of America officially enforced the rating system for movies still in use today
  • In 1993, The Maastricht Treaty was officially enforced, establishing the European Union

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