November 10 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: November 18, 2023
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What makes a November 10 zodiac sign special? If you were born on this day, you’re a Scorpio, a fixed water sign, and the 8th sign of the zodiac. Scorpios are known for their intensity, sensitivity, and compassion. But what else might astrology have to say about Scorpios, especially a Scorpio born on November 10th? Whether you’re brand new to astrology or not, this article may offer you some insight you haven’t heard before! 

By turning to ancient symbolic methods and drawing patterns between the planets, seasonal timing, and the numerological significance of November 10th, we can learn a lot about someone born on this day. While astrology should never be taken too seriously, it may have some fascinating things to say about you! But before we learn about the specific personality of a November 10 zodiac sign, let’s go over all of the astrological foundations behind the zodiac sign, Scorpio. 

While Scorpios are obsessive, they are also consistent.

November 10 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

november 10 zodiac

Scorpios are intense and relentless when they set their minds to something, often broaching into obsession. 


We’ve already mentioned that Scorpios are the 8th zodiac sign out of a possible 12, as well as a water sign of a fixed modality. Scorpios are also ruled by Mars in ancient astrological teachings or by Pluto if you adhere to modern astrological teachings. All of these concepts form the foundations for each and every sign of the zodiac, foundations you can utilize in your own studies of astrology. Let’s begin with the elemental assignment of Scorpio. 

As a water sign, Scorpios value emotional connection, dreams, creativity, and empathy. They join Cancer and Pisces in this endeavor, finding the most satisfaction in compassionate, vulnerable connections. Scorpios are emotionally intuitive, almost psychic in their ability to pick up on vibes or moods in a room or person. While emotional vulnerability is something that all water signs value, Scorpios prefer to see this vulnerability from others rather than express it themselves. 

Fixed signs include Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio. These zodiac signs are born during the height of their particular season, representing stable, predictable temperatures and weather patterns. In the personality of the fixed signs, this modality manifests as reliability and steadfastness, if not an occasional stubborn streak! Scorpios are intense and relentless when they set their minds to something, often broaching into obsession. 

Given that Scorpios are the 8th zodiac sign, they inherently represent the themes of the 8th house, primarily when it comes to death and rebirth. The 8th house is often misunderstood, a concept we can also apply to the Scorpio personality. Both the 8th house and the average Scorpio have a darkness about them, a fearlessness when it comes to addressing some of the most intense concepts in our world. 

November 10 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

november 10 zodiac

Self-transformation and mastery matter greatly to this water sign.


Not every zodiac sign has had multiple planets assigned as their ruler, but Scorpio is special in this way. Many astrologists choose to interpret one planet or the other when it comes to understanding the Scorpio personality, but looking at both Mars and Pluto together can help us access different aspects of this complicated zodiac sign. Do you know where your Mars and Pluto signs are located in your birth chart? Let’s discuss the significance of these planets, particularly when it comes to Scorpios. 

Mars rules action, intensity, competition, and power. It is a driven planet and tends to rule our passions as well as how we express our anger. As Scorpio’s original planetary ruler, Mars instills a sense of intense focus into this zodiac sign. Scorpios long for power in their own life in many different ways. However, they are not obvious about this pursuit, preferring a more subtle and covert approach to competition. 

This covert nature is largely thanks to Pluto. Ruling destruction, secrets, and all things unknown, Pluto has many different themes in common with the 8th house. Pluto is all about transformation, particularly through chaos and difficult situations. Scorpios find a great deal of personal power when they grow and change through difficult circumstances. This is a zodiac sign that is constantly investigating its own depths and secrets, thanks to its connection to Pluto. 

When driven Mars meets private Pluto, it makes the average Scorpio hyper-focused on their own personal growth so that they can better win in life. Self-transformation and mastery matter greatly to this water sign, as this is one way a Scorpio can feel powerful. Scorpios also encourage such inward intensity in others, facilitating transformative circumstances in everyone they meet. 

November 10 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of  Scorpio 

november 10 zodiac

Scorpios know how to make other people feel comfortable.


It may take a long time for you to know what a Scorpio is thinking, which is exactly how they like it. There is a mysterious aura to this water sign, a carefully crafted exterior that allows every Scorpio to conceal their true intentions. This isn’t to say that Scorpios are always facetious in this way, but there is an undeniably guarded nature to this zodiac sign. Protection is very important to the average Scorpio, as they are often misunderstood throughout life. 

Investigative and a little obsessive, Scorpios don’t rest until they have uncovered every detail about whatever it is they are interested in. This could be a television show, an aspect of their career, or another person. People are of great interest to Scorpios, as the 8th house represents our capacity to transform alongside other people. However, Scorpios need a great deal of time before they are willing to be vulnerable with someone new. 

Despite their private natures, Scorpios know how to make other people feel comfortable. The watery intuition of this zodiac sign manifests best when a Scorpio is getting to know someone else. Curious and relentless, Scorpios know exactly what to ask and what to say in order to get someone else to open up to them. This process can occasionally feel like an interrogation, but Scorpios need to be certain they can trust someone before they share their complicated inner workings. 

Because Scorpios are so guarded and protective of themselves, this zodiac sign is often easily betrayed. This is one of the greatest weaknesses in the Scorpio personality: they don’t trust easily. And, should you do something that Scorpios view as a betrayal of their trust, chances are likely that you will lose them forever! 

What Makes a November 10 Zodiac Sign Special?

november 10 zodiac

A Scorpio so connected to this important, powerful number will have a clear and confident presence.


When we consider the digits in both the month of November and the number 10, it is clear that the number one is a number of significance for a November 10th zodiac sign. Numerology assigns meanings and interpretations to each and every single digit number. Given that it is the very first number of our numerological alphabet, the number one is associated with leadership, authority, independence, and confidence. 

The very first sign of the zodiac is Aries, a cardinal fire sign. Cardinal signs make excellent instigators and initiators. They also prefer to begin things rather than maintain them. When we consider a Scorpio birthday connected to the number one, there is a sense of assertiveness to this person’s personality. The 1st house in astrology is all about the self, the individual, and how we express our individuality. 

A Scorpio so connected to this important, powerful number will have a clear and confident presence. There is an independent nature to someone born on November 10th. This is a person that attracts others because of their confidence and uniqueness, something that may manifest more obviously in this Scorpio birthday compared to others. After all, the average Scorpio prefers to conceal their power until it is of use to them. 

A November 10th Scorpio may be more present and effervescent in their power, an approachable leader and inspiring friend. However, the number one is also associated with boastfulness, egotistical motivations, and arrogance. A Scorpio so interwoven with the number one may need to guard against the negative connotations of this number! 

Career Paths for November 10 Zodiac Signs

november 10 zodiac

No matter the career paths a Scorpio chooses, this zodiac sign will be thorough and reliable.


Scorpios are well suited to a variety of careers, particularly careers that allow them to get deep. The fixed nature of Scorpio often manifests as intensity and obsession, behaviors that are well-suited to investigative or research-based career paths. Becoming a criminal investigator or FBI profiler certainly isn’t out of the question for the average Scorpio, particularly a Scorpio born on November 10th. 

Emotional career paths are also an option for the average Scorpio. With empathy and strong intuition, Scorpios make excellent mediators, psychologists, and therapists of all types. Given that the 8th house is connected to taboo or dark themes, Scorpios aren’t afraid to hear about the inner darkness of others. Being a water sign truly helps Scorpios connect emotionally with others.

This emotional intuition also helps Scorpios excel in artistic fields. Depending on other placements in this person’s birth chart, a November 10th Scorpio may very well make a name for themselves in whatever artistic career they choose, including writing, composing, singing, acting, and more. The number one influences this Scorpio birthday and ensures that this person is powerful, self-assured, and unique in their creative endeavors!

No matter the career paths a Scorpio chooses, this zodiac sign will be thorough and reliable. Fixed signs prefer working toward a singular career goal rather than dabbling, something that is especially true for a November 10th Scorpio. Choosing a career that best represents the unique and assertive personality of someone born on this day will be very important to them! 

Love and Relationships for November 10 Zodiac Signs

november 10 zodiac

Scorpios will protect themselves and guard their inner resources for as long as possible, even if they are in love with someone! 


Once a Scorpio opens up and chooses to be vulnerable with someone else, they are deeply devoted individuals. In fact, Scorpios view love as a kind of ultimate transformation. The 8th house speaks of death and rebirth, with love and sex often aligning with these transformative themes. However, given that Scorpios take love so seriously, they won’t match with just anyone, especially in the long term. 

Similarly to how they address their career paths, fixed signs enjoy committed, dedicated relationships. This modality prefers to contribute to their love life over a long period of time, learning and growing alongside one very important partner for the rest of their lives. While this may not be how every Scorpio chooses to operate depending on the rest of their birth chart, absolute devotion is very important to this water sign. 

It’s important to practice patience and compassion in a Scorpio relationship. While Scorpios appear mysterious on the surface, this deep and intense sign often makes it obvious when they are interested in you. This interest shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be celebrated, as Scorpios won’t open up until they know they will be valued. Remember the themes of protection and power surrounding this zodiac sign. Scorpios will protect themselves and guard their inner resources for as long as possible, even if they are in love with someone! 

Matches and Compatibility for November 10 Zodiac Signs

november 10 zodiac

While Scorpios appear mysterious on the surface, this deep and intense sign often makes it obvious when they are interested in you.


A November 10th Scorpio will be especially confident and powerful, a unique person who won’t settle for just anyone. The authority in this birthday means that matching with someone confident and bold is important to them. Astrologically speaking, the elements can point us in the direction of reliable romantic matches. For water signs, other water signs speak a similar language, while earth signs are complementary and therefore promote the most growth in a relationship. 

But what sun signs appeal the most to a Scorpio born specifically on November 10th? Here are some potentially powerful matches when we consider this Scorpio birthday in particular. 

  • Aries: While not a conventional or typical match from an astrological perspective, a November 10th Scorpio may not be able to help their attraction to the very first sign of the zodiac, Aries. As we’ve already mentioned, Aries are fire signs, an element in opposition to water. But the confident and assertive nature of this Scorpio birthday may promote independence and excitement in a match with the average Aries! Both Mars-ruled at some point in history, Scorpios and Aries may enjoy healthy competition in their relationship. 
  • Cancer: Also, a cardinal sign like Aries, Cancers understand Scorpios on a deep, instinctive level. Given their cardinal modality, Cancers can be a bit bossy and assertive, something that may be attractive to a November 10th Scorpio. With their shared connection to water, Cancers and Scorpios communicate easily, have similar motivations, and know how to respect each other while still offering plenty of growth within the relationship. 

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on November 10th

  • Martin Luther (theologian)
  • Oliver Goldsmith (dramatist)
  • Carl W. Stalling (composer)
  • Mary Victor Bruce (pilot)
  • Jane Froman (singer)
  • Richard Burton (actor)
  • Marilyn Bergman (lyricist)
  • Russell Means (activist)
  • Robert F. Engle (economist)
  • George Sauer, Jr. (athlete)
  • Tim Rice (lyricist)
  • Neil Gaiman (writer)
  • Hugh Bonneville (actor)
  • Ellen Pompeo (actor)
  • Walton Goggins (actor)
  • Diplo (producer)
  • Josh Peck (actor)
  • Keirnan Shipka (actor)

Important Events That Occurred on November 10th

november 10 zodiac

On this day in 1969, the beloved children’s television program “Sesame Street” premiered.

©Tanya Antusenok/

  • In 1857, the very first American Chess Congress ended
  • In 1940, Walt Disney began his long-running association with the FBI as a Hollywood informant
  • In 1969, the extremely popular television program, “Sesame Street” premiered 
  • In 2019, the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, officially resigned amid protests 

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