November 11 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: November 18, 2023
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What makes a November 11 zodiac sign special? Astrology can help us interpret our personalities, core foundations, and even our future potential. Someone born on November 11th falls under the sign of Scorpio, the 8th sign of the zodiac. Scorpios are water signs and fixed, making them empathetic, obsessive, and deep. But what else makes a Scorpio a Scorpio, and how might a Scorpio born on November 11th differ from other Scorpio birthdays? 

With astrology as our guide, we will touch on many foundations of the Scorpio personality. Plus, will utilize other forms of symbolism such as numerology to discuss Scorpios specifically born on November 11th. While you may not be an expert in astrology or your sun sign yet, this article should give you enough information to begin your own astrological journey if you are interested. With that in mind, let’s get started and discuss the basics behind the Scorpio personality now! 

Scorpios are known to be consistent.

November 11 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

november 11 zodiac

As a fixed sign, Scorpios are reliable, tenacious, and occasionally set in their ways.


Depending on which type of astrology you choose to study, you can learn a great deal about your sun sign. No matter which system you choose to utilize for your own astrological exploration, some foundations behind Scorpio will remain the same. For example, Scorpios are water signs and of a fixed modality. They are also the 8th zodiac sign out of a possible 12, connected to the 8th astrological house of taboo and transformative circumstances. 

Your elemental placement affects what you are motivated by daily as well as how you communicate best with others. When it comes to water signs, these people tend to be motivated by emotional understanding and compassionate circumstances. They communicate in a deep, connective way with others. Scorpios long to understand those closest to them so that they can help the people they care about transform from an emotional perspective. 

As a fixed sign, Scorpios are reliable, tenacious, and occasionally set in their ways. All fixed signs represent the stable weather patterns of their season, with Scorpios occurring during fall in the northern hemisphere. Given that the sun is waning during this time of year, there is depth and darkness in every Scorpio. Their fixed modality often manifests as obsession and fixation. Scorpios are well known for their drive to accomplish a task, letting nothing stand in their way! 

Something else that lends the average Scorpio their trademark depth is the 8th house. Your sun sign’s placement on the astrological wheel further affects your personality. This is especially evident for Scorpios, given their connection to the astrological house of death, rebirth, and transformation through connecting to others. The 8th house is a house of mystery and the act of uncovering such mystery is something that Scorpios relish. 

November 11 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

november 11 zodiac

Before Pluto’s triumphant discovery, Mars ruled this intense water sign.

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Knowing what planet you have as a ruler can also give you some insight into your personality and motivational foundations. Scorpios are special in that they have had multiple planetary rulers over the years. the same can be said of Pisces and Aquarius. All three of these zodiac signs have an ancient planetary ruler as well as a modern one. Both planetary interpretations offer insight into the different aspects of these sign’s personalities. 

Pluto is the current, modern ruler of Scorpio. However, before Pluto’s triumphant discovery, Mars ruled this intense water sign. Do you know where your Mars sign is located in your birth chart? This is a very important planet to pay attention to, especially when it comes to how your aggression, drive, and competitive side manifests. Mars is a planet of power, energy, and desire, all things that speak to the Scorpio personality. 

But what does Pluto represent? Discovered during a time of great upheaval and destructive circumstances, Pluto represents the unknown, transformation, and hidden power. It is a planet of generational trauma and secrets, of things that we are not yet fully aware of. Given that this shadowy planet rules over Scorpio, it lends this water sign plenty of mystery as well as fearlessness in the face of the unknown. 

Pluto and Mars have themes of power in common with one another. Scorpios are highly motivated by their own personal power, especially when it comes to what they choose to share with others. This is a guarded zodiac sign because of its planetary rulers. Pluto operates beneath the surface, connected to the god of the underworld. And Mars pursues power at all costs, something that Scorpios also choose to do. They just might do so in secret! 

November 11 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Scorpio 

november 11 zodiac

The notion of power rings true when it comes to what a Scorpio chooses to share and when.


The fearlessness inside every Scorpio is a beautiful thing to behold. This zodiac sign is curious and driven to uncover the great mysteries of our world, both externally and from within. Given their connection to water, Scorpios are invested in uncovering their own personal depths first. They understand that, to fully help others, they must know how to help themselves. Scorpios know how to piece details together in order to build a complete, beautiful picture. 

However, one of the weaknesses of this zodiac sign is the fact that they can get a little too obsessive with the details. Scorpios notice everything and have powerful intuitions that allow them to see even more, inferring a great deal about those around them. But this constant intuitive inference can stand in the way of a Scorpio’s compassionate side. Scorpios want to get to the bottom of things, whether it be a job assignment or someone’s emotional state. 

This can manifest as an interrogation or clinical assessment more often than not. While Scorpios know how to read a room, their mystery and stoicism can be intimidating. At their core, Scorpios want to be helpful and empathetic to those around them. They enjoy knowing the inner depths of people, both because it allows them to help others and feeds into their drive for power. Even if a Scorpio doesn’t do anything with the information they learn about someone else, they still hold power over this person because of what they know! 

The notion of power rings true when it comes to what a Scorpio chooses to share and when. They understand that information, particularly deep, personal truths, is power. That’s why Scorpios don’t open up to just anyone, preferring to maintain their power through their mysterious auras. 

What Makes a November 11 Zodiac Sign Special?

november 11 zodiac

Scorpios are already self-assured individuals, which is why the number one may tempt this Scorpio birthday into egotistical behavior.


There is something clearly special about someone born on November 11th, especially from a numerological perspective. Have you ever heard of angel numbers? This new age concept taps into the power of numbers, particularly numbers in repetition. Someone born on 11/11 clearly has a connection to the number one as well as the number 11. Let’s discuss the number one as a number of importance for this particular Scorpio birthday. 

A November 11th zodiac sign likely has a clear, strong sense of self. The number one obviously represents the self, independence, confidence, and authority. It is a powerful number and the very first number of our numerological alphabet. From an astrological perspective, the number one is connected to Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. It is also connected to the first astrological house which represents the self and our external personalities. 

Did you know that Aries has Mars as a planetary ruler? A Scorpio so connected to the number one and therefore the sign of Aries may feel Mars in their life more than other Scorpio birthdays. The average Aries is driven, competitive, and self-assured, fearless as they go about their life. A Scorpio born on November 11th is no exception to this way of being, preferring to rely on their own confidence and ideals more than anything else. 

However, the number one poses an issue for this Scorpio birthday. Scorpios are already self-assured individuals, which is why the number one may tempt this Scorpio birthday into egotistical behavior. This birthday may need to guard against power-hungry behavior or situations where they assert their authority too strongly. It’s already easy for a Scorpio to convince anyone of anything, but this particular Scorpio birthday will be even more powerful than average! 

Career Paths for November 11 Zodiac Signs

november 11 zodiac

Scorpios have an eye for detail and use this to harness emotional intimacy in whatever creative endeavor they choose to pursue.


There is confidence and authority found in this Scorpio birthday. While all Scorpios do well in positions of power, someone born on November 11th may be more comfortable in a career that allows them to demonstrate such power regularly. This Scorpio may not need to operate behind the scenes or keep their power hidden, as they have the number one on their side. Therefore, becoming a politician, lawyer, CEO, or social media influencer may be in the cards. 

Scorpios will still maintain their sensitive sides in their chosen career path. Emotionally advanced and compassionate, Scorpios do well in human resources, social work, trauma centers, and psychological fields. They know how to make people feel comfortable when they are at their most vulnerable, something that may bring a Scorpio a great deal of satisfaction in the workplace. Remember that Scorpios find a great deal of satisfaction and even power by helping others transform in their own ways. 

This advanced emotional intuition also helps Scorpios in creative careers. Water signs have a deep investment in creativity, often becoming musicians, theater artists, painters, and even directors (there’s power in directing and producing!). Scorpios have an eye for detail and use this to harness emotional intimacy in whatever creative endeavor they choose to pursue. They make wonderful poets, designers, actors, and so much more! 

Relationships and Love for November 11 Zodiac Signs

november 11 zodiac

Trust is an important word for any Scorpio relationship, something that should never be broken! 

©Marko Aliaksandr/

Thanks to their connection to the 8th house, Scorpios are extremely motivated by the ways that they can change and grow through connection to others. Therefore, Scorpios are extremely romantic and long for close, romantic connections throughout their lifetime. All fixed signs have this longing inside of them. This modality greatly prefers sustaining and maintaining relationships over the long term rather than changing partners frequently. 

But remember that Scorpios keep their inner workings hidden during the early stages of any relationship. This zodiac sign needs to feel in control and powerful when first getting to know someone as a method of protection. Scorpios focus almost entirely on their partner during the early stages of romance, learning everything they can about someone else so that they can feel powerful and in control. 

This method of getting to know someone may feel like an interrogation from time to time, but Scorpios are naturally curious people. Plus, they know how to make their partners feel accepted and comfortable, something that helps grow intimacy in a relationship. Once a Scorpio knows enough about the person they are with, they will steadily and surely open up if they trust this person. Trust is an important word for any Scorpio relationship, something that should never be broken! 

Matches and Compatibility for November 11 Zodiac Signs

november 11 zodiac

Once a Scorpio knows enough about the person they are with, they will steadily and surely open up if they trust this person.


Who might match well with a Scorpio, but particularly a Scorpio with a birthday of November 11th? Your entire birth chart is a better metric for romantic compatibility rather than just your sun sign. However, some signs simply click better than others, communicating more effectively and aligning on similar issues. For Scorpios born on November 11th, these matches might appeal:

  •  Aries. While not a classic match in astrology, a November 11th Scorpio may be particularly drawn to Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Confident, curious, and energetic, Aries bring new life into a relationship with a Scorpio. Likewise, Scorpios enjoy how young at heart Aries can be. While this pair may butt heads from time to time, they truly appreciate the independent and confident natures of the other! 
  • Virgo. Earth and water signs have the capability of nourishing and growing together, something that is certainly true of a Virgo-Scorpio match. Also fond of details and sustaining a relationship for the long haul, Virgos see just how special Scorpios are. There is a mutual understanding in this match as well as an appreciation of day-to-day life. More stable than spontaneous, a Virgo-Scorpio match allows both of these signs to work toward something beautiful! 

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on November 11th

  • Paracelsus (physician)
  • Ephraim McDowell (surgeon)
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky (writer)
  • Paul Signac (painter)
  • Vesto Slipher (astronomer)
  • George S. Patton (General)
  • Alceu Amoroso Lima (writer)
  • Hugh Scott (politician)
  • Raemer Schreiber (physicist)
  • Daisy Bates (activist)
  • Kurt Vonnegut (writer)
  • LaVern Baker (singer)
  • Kenneth Fleetwood (designer)
  • Jack Keller (producer)
  • Barbara Boxer (politician)
  • Daniel Ortega (politician)
  • Lee Haney (bodybuilder)
  • Stanley Tucci (actor)
  • Demi Moore (actor)
  • Bill Musgrave (coach)
  • Carson Kressley (TV personality)
  • Jennifer Celotta (producer)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio (actor)
  • Brittny Gastineau (model)
  • Jon Batiste (musician)
  • Adam Rippon (athlete)
  • Trey Smith (actor)

Important Events That Occurred on November 11th 

november 11 zodiac

On this day in 1918, Poland declared independence.


  • In 1620, the Mayflower Compact was officially signed
  • In 1805, the Battle of Dürenstein occurred
  • In 1889, Washington was officially welcomed into the United States Union
  • In 1918, the WWI Armistice was signed, bringing about the end of WWI
  • And, on the same day, Poland declared their independence
  • In 1926, Route 66 officially opened
  • In 1968, the Maldives declared their independence
  • In 1994, Bill Gates purchased a work of Leonardo Da Vinci’s for over $30 million (Da Vinci’s “Codex”)

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