November 14 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: November 18, 2023
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You’re a Scorpio if you’re a November 14 zodiac sign. Astrology is so much more than meaning attributed to the transits of our planets and stars. It is an ancient, symbolic practice that may surprise you with its insight when it comes to your motivations, personality, and preferences. What are some of the preferences and personality traits of the average Scorpio, and how might a Scorpio with a November 14th birthday differ from other Scorpios? 

In this article, we will take an in-depth and personal look at the personality of someone born on November 14th. Not only will we go over the astrological basics behind the sign of Scorpio, but we will also utilize other symbolic methods of analysis to discover all of the ways a November 14th Scorpio is special. Let’s begin by discussing the core concepts behind this often misunderstood zodiac sign! 

Scorpios are known for their investigative tendencies.

November 14 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 

november 14 zodiac

Scorpios are steadfast, thorough, and persistent.


Astrology assigns multiple associations to every zodiac sign in order to better inform our individual personalities and motivations. When it comes to Scorpio, this zodiac sign is associated with the element of water, fixed modality, and the planets of Mars and Pluto. In addition, Scorpios are the 8th zodiac sign and represent the astrological 8th house of transformation, taboo, and communal connection. 

Let’s begin with the 8th house. This is a house of both death and rebirth. It is also associated with circumstances that allow us to transform alongside other people. Transformational themes are very important to Scorpio, as this intense zodiac sign values personal growth. The average Scorpio understands how necessary it is to die and be reborn throughout life, in a variety of ways. 

Tying into the 8th house’s themes of transforming via group connections, the element of water is also associated with connection. Water signs are motivated by how they can connect empathetically with others, using their emotional sensitivity to create safe spaces and open communication. Scorpios are also dreamy, creative, and understanding people, unafraid to see their friends at their very worst! 

Finally, as a fixed sign, Scorpios are steadfast, thorough, and persistent. Fixed sign placements occur during the main, unwavering portion of every season. Scorpio birthdays happen during the height of fall, which manifests as fixated, somewhat obsessive behaviors. The average Scorpio isn’t afraid to pursue something until the very end, even if they can be occasionally rigid in their methods! 

But what significance do Mars and Pluto have over the average Scorpio personality? Let’s discuss these planetary rulers now. 

November 14 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

november 14 zodiac

Power is an important theme for both Mars and Pluto.

©Artsiom P/

Not every zodiac sign has two planets associated with it. However, Scorpios were assigned to Mars alongside Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The tireless, fearless, and intense energies associated with Mars aligned well with Scorpio and the ram of the zodiac, though both of these signs utilize their energies differently. While the average Aries is bold and combative, Scorpios are more calculating in how they use their energy and address potential competition.

Your Mars sign will help you better understand your drive, passion, and intensity. All of these descriptors can be assigned to Scorpio, though Mars’s energy is typically more aggressive than this water sign appears to be. That’s why, upon Pluto’s discovery in the 1930s, this dwarf planet became Scorpio’s ruler in modern astrological teachings. A far more distant planet compared to Mars, your Pluto sign represents generational transformation, destruction, and secrecy. 

Pluto makes a great deal of sense as Scorpio’s planetary ruler, especially when we consider just how private Scorpios can be. Given that Pluto represents transformative circumstances, this planet felt like a natural ruler for Scorpio and the 8th house of personal transformation. As the most distant planet in our solar system, Pluto’s relative isolation is reflected in the Scorpio personality. There is a guarded, protective nature in the average Scorpio. 

Since both Mars and Pluto have ruled Scorpio over the decades, looking at these planets together helps us fully understand this complicated zodiac sign. Scorpios are invested in transforming and growing, particularly in powerful ways. Power is an important theme for both Mars and Pluto, which is why Scorpios enjoy gaining power through covert, secretive ways. They are fearless and tactical in their transformative power! 

November 14 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of  Scorpio

november 14 zodiac

Scorpios have an investigative, curious nature about them.


There is a natural appeal to every Scorpio, likely due to their initial mystery. Scorpios enjoy the power they hold when it comes to secrets, preferring to keep their cards close to their chests until they can fully trust someone. Trust can be difficult for a Scorpio, something that can be either a strength or a weakness in this zodiac sign. While Scorpios have good reason to guard their sensitive inner workings, this zodiac sign often maintains their walls for far longer than necessary. 

Scorpios have an investigative, curious nature about them. When Mars meets the fixed modality of this sign, it ensures that every Scorpio works tirelessly until they have the answers they want. There is an obsessive quality to every Scorpio, something that manifests in all corners of their lives. Whether it be a relationship or a job opportunity or a simple Google search, Scorpios want to get to the bottom of everything, all the time! 

This dedicated nature makes the average Scorpio a wonderful friend. Once this often misunderstood zodiac sign chooses to open up, they become a friend for life. Being vulnerable is extremely difficult for a Scorpio, though they have no trouble when others choose to be vulnerable with them. Scorpios are used to being the odd one out, which is why they are especially skilled at helping others feel like they belong. 

However, once a Scorpio chooses to be vulnerable with someone, it’s important that their vulnerability is respected. Scorpios have a reputation for vindictive, manipulative behavior, especially when they view a potential betrayal in their life. Remember that this zodiac sign easily learns the deepest secrets you have, which is why it may be in your best interest to stay on a Scorpio’s good side! 

What Makes a November 14 Zodiac Sign Special?

november 14 zodiac

A Scorpio connected to the number five may feel inspired creatively throughout their lifetime.


Numerology can help us discern how a November 14th Scorpio might be different from all the rest. Adding up the digits in your birthday can help you get more specific about your astrological interpretation. For a Scorpio born on November 14th, the number five is of significance. This is a number associated with creativity, passion, and fun, all things that can benefit the average Scorpio! 

From an astrological perspective, the number five is connected to the 5th house of pleasure and fun as well as the 5th zodiac sign, Leo. Leos are charismatic, creative zodiac signs, represented by the 5th house’s notion of creation and entertainment. A Scorpio connected to the number five may feel inspired creatively throughout their lifetime. Scorpios are already uniquely creative signs, but a November 14th Scorpio may choose to make a career out of their creativity! 

While Scorpios are intense and dark on the best of days, a November 14th Scorpio may know how to indulge in the lighter side of life. The 5th house is all about creation for the sake of creation, indulgence for the sake of indulgence. A Scorpio so connected to the number five may feel motivated by pleasure, relaxation, and even games. There is a levity in this Scorpio birthday, to be sure. 

Taking matters into your own hands is also a theme of the number five, particularly from a numerological perspective. We have five digits on our hands and feet, we have five senses– the number five may make a November 14th Scorpio more hands-on and physical than the average Scorpio. This particular Scorpio birthday will find a great deal of satisfaction when it comes to building something with their own two hands! 

Career Paths for November 14 Zodiac Signs

november 14 zodiac

All counseling or mental health careers suit a Scorpio.


In many ways, modalities point to how the signs operate in both their careers and relationships. Fixed signs find the most satisfaction and fulfillment in maintaining and sustaining things, whether it be relationships, projects, or where they live. Scorpios are no exception to this mentality, enjoying a singular career path that they contribute to for a long time. Often, fixed signs remain in the same career fields their entire lives. 

Scorpios are naturally gifted when it comes to investigative or detail-oriented careers. Nothing slips past a Scorpio, especially when it comes to human behavior. They understand how to read a room or a vibe, especially in a conversation. Therefore, Scorpios make excellent profilers or lawyers, law enforcers or psychologists. All counseling or mental health careers suit a Scorpio, as this intuitive water sign isn’t afraid to help people work through their darkest problems.

A November 14th Scorpio may not be able to resist a career in the arts. Given just how creative and dreamy water signs are already, a November 14th Scorpio connected to the 5th house of pleasure and creation will be naturally suited to creative endeavors. This could include acting, singing, painting, and more, though most Scorpios enjoy a creative career that operates behind the scenes rather than front and center. Remember just how private Pluto is! 

Building and design may also be of interest to a November 14th Scorpio. The notion of taking matters into your own hands is very important to this birthday, which is why they may become architects, graphic designers, fashion influencers, and much more. Scorpios enjoy maintaining personal power in their career path, which is why self-employed opportunities may appeal as well. 

Love and Relationships for November 14 Zodiac Signs

november 14 zodiac

There are no secrets in a Scorpio relationship.


Besides their initial mystery, Scorpios are attractive partners because of their social intuition. This is a zodiac sign that wants to know everything about you, using its probing, investigative nature to accomplish just this. Scorpios are obsessive when it comes to love, though you may not realize it at first. Maintaining an aura of privacy and mystery is very important to this water sign, as they use this behavior to protect themselves. 

In many ways, the 8th house is about dying and transforming alongside someone else. It is about losing control so that necessary change can occur, something that most Scorpios contribute to their romantic lives. While this zodiac sign values romantic transformation, the average Scorpio won’t choose to go through this potentially painful undertaking with just anyone. When a Scorpio chooses to love, it is for forever. 

Remember that this is a natural way of being for all fixed signs. Maintaining and contributing to a long-term relationship will be very important to the average Scorpio, but particularly a Scorpio born on November 14th. Leos are deeply romantic zodiac signs, also of a fixed modality. Plus, when paired with the 5th house’s themes of romance, pleasure, and creation, a November 14th Scorpio likely can’t help but feel like love is extremely important to them! 

Still, should you choose to love a Scorpio, it’s important to practice patience and respect when interacting with this sensitive zodiac sign. There are no secrets in a Scorpio relationship, especially once they choose to open up with you. While Scorpios are devoted and dedicated to their partner until the very end of the relationship, know that this zodiac sign isn’t afraid to use the private information they have gathered against you should things turn sour! 

Matches and Compatibility for November 14 Zodiac Signs

november 14 zodiac

For Scorpios, water signs communicate instinctively with other water signs and have overlapping, complementary motivations with earth signs.

©Marko Aliaksandr/

While certain astrologers may say otherwise, all zodiac matches are possible. Your entire birth chart will be a better reference for you when it comes to determining your astrological compatibility. However, as a general rule of thumb, the elements can help you determine who you best communicate with based on your sun sign alone. For Scorpios, water signs communicate instinctively with other water signs and have overlapping, complementary motivations with earth signs. 

But what of a Scorpio with a November 14th birthday? Here are some promising matches for this Scorpio in particular: 

  • Leo. While not always the easiest match for a Scorpio, a November 14th Scorpio may be drawn to the 5th zodiac sign, Leo. Fixed and a fire element, Leos are bold, creative, and generous people. They will appreciate how intense and deep Scorpios can get, while a November 14th Scorpio will feel inspired by the average Leo’s charismatic lifestyle. Stubbornness could be a problem in this relationship, given that both signs are fixed. 
  • Cancer. Associated with the home and nurturing, Cancers are a natural match for Scorpios. Also a water sign, Cancers have a sensitivity about them that makes them passionate and compassionate in equal measure. Scorpios know how to communicate with Cancers on an almost psychic level, lending this match a natural rhythm for the long haul! 

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on November 14th

  • Robert Fulton (inventor)
  • Antonius von der Linde (historian)
  • Claude Monet (painter)
  • Frederick Jackson Turner (educator)
  • Leo Baekeland (inventor)
  • John Steuart Curry (painter)
  • Aaron Copland (composer)
  • William Steig (artist)
  • Joseph McCarthy (politician)
  •  Pierre Bergé (industrialist)
  • Terence Marsh (designer)
  • Sacheen Littlefeather (activist)
  • Charles III (King)
  • James Guthrie (producer)
  • Condoleezza Rice (politician)
  • Michael J. Fitzgerald (writer)
  • Bryan Stevenson (activist)
  • Stefano Gabbana (designer)
  • Patrick Warburton (actor)
  • David Lindsay-Abaire (writer)
  • Josh Duhamel (actor)
  • Adina Howard (singer)
  • Travis Barker (musician)
  • DeVonta Smith (athlete)

Important Events That Occurred on November 14th

november 14 zodiac

On this day in 1957, the Apalachin meeting occurred in New York.

©Tanya Antusenok/

  • In 1851, “Moby-Dick” was first published in the United States
  • In 1957, the Apalachin meeting occurred in New York
  • In 1967, the Orchestre de Paris officially debuted
  • In 1994, passenger service officially began for the Channel Tunnel

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Marko Aliaksandr/

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