November 17 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: November 18, 2023
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Even though a November 17 zodiac sign is a late-season Scorpio, this birthday still represents the best of the Scorpio personality! Deep, sensitive, and mysterious, Scorpios are fixed water signs and the 8th sign of the zodiac. However, you may not know what this means if you are a novice when it comes to astrology. What might this ancient practice have to say about you if November 17th is your birthday? 

Scorpios’ birthstone is the topaz!

Today, we’ll take a look at all things Scorpio, but specifically a Scorpio born on November 17th. From your potential strengths, weaknesses, and preferences when it comes to both love and career, we’ll turn to astrology for answers. Not only will we address some astrological foundations so that you have a better grasp on this ancient practice, but we will also get specific about how a Scorpio born on this date might differ from other Scorpios. Let’s get started! 

November 17 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 

november 17 zodiac

There are many reasons why Scorpios are largely misunderstood.


We mentioned that Scorpios are fixed water signs and 8th out of 12 on the astrological wheel. What does all of this mean, and how does it influence the Scorpio personality? To begin, Scorpios are the 8th zodiac sign connected to the 8th astrological house. This house represents death and rebirth as well as shared resources. It is a complicated, secretive house, which is just one of the reasons why Scorpios are largely misunderstood! 

Being a fixed sign means that you were born during a time of the year that is largely stable in terms of its season. Scorpio birthdays happen when fall is in full swing in the northern hemisphere. Things are reliable and predictable during this time, at least when the weather is concerned! All fixed signs are equally reliable and steadfast, with Scorpios being particularly dedicated when it comes to their goals and latest obsessions. 

Finally, the elemental placement of Scorpio is water. Elemental placements affect how the signs interpret the world around them. For water signs, emotional interpretation and human connection are of utmost importance. Scorpios have a high level of emotional intuition and are extremely compassionate when it comes to their fellow man. They are incredibly motivated by helping those around them transform through emotional expansion. 

If all of this makes sense so far, there’s one more important aspect of astrology to consider before we dive into the details of the Scorpio personality. Every zodiac sign has a ruling planet, a planet that represents the heart of whatever sign they rule over. Scorpios are a bit complicated in this respect, as they have had two ruling planets assigned to them over the centuries. Let’s discuss both of these planets, as they are both relevant to the Scorpio personality. 

November 17 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

november 17 zodiac

As Scorpio’s original planetary ruler, Mars lends this zodiac sign a desire for power and a sense of competitiveness.


Pluto is the current planetary ruler of Scorpio, but Mars represented this zodiac sign before Pluto’s discovery in the 1930s. Your Mars sign placement rules your drive, energy, and ambition. However, your Pluto sign placement rules your ability to transform, even in the most destructive of circumstances. What does all of this mean for Scorpio, especially when it comes to the inner workings of this complicated zodiac sign? 

Mars rules Aries in modern astrology, and the first sign of the zodiac represents Mars quite well. Aries are incredibly energetic, ambitious, competitive, and occasionally aggressive. Related to the god of war, Mars seeks power and triumph in all things. As Scorpio’s original planetary ruler, Mars lends this zodiac sign a desire for power and a sense of competitiveness. Just like Aries, Scorpios want to win. However, they don’t want you to know just how much winning means to them. 

Why are Scorpios so remiss to share their competitive side? Pluto may be partially to blame. Also associated with power, but power earned through inner transformation, Pluto represents the deep, secretive side of Scorpios. This water sign values personal transformation, no matter how difficult it may be. In fact, transcending through hardships is one of Scorpio’s greatest strengths. They find immense power through this transformative process. 

While Aries are straightforward when it comes to their personal power, Scorpios choose to conceal theirs. This allows a Scorpio to feel even more powerful, as they know that only a select few are aware of all of the cards that a Scorpio holds. There is power in choice, in whether or not you let someone know all of you. Scorpios understand this and operate largely beneath the surface thanks to Mars and Pluto working side by side! 

November 17 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Scorpio

november 17 zodiac

In many ways, Scorpios are investigators more than anything else.


Scorpios are often considered the most psychic and emotionally in-tune zodiac sign. Given their connection to the 8th house of transformational taboo, Scorpios aren’t afraid to get real with people. In fact, they require it for all of their significant relationships. The intellectual and emotional depth of the average Scorpio can be daunting, which is why Scorpios don’t get deep with everyone! 

Scorpios aren’t just intense about their personal feelings and connection to others. They are intense about everything. The fixed modality of Scorpio makes this zodiac sign prone to obsessions, fixations, and occasionally unhealthy patterns. Once a Scorpio finds something they are interested in, they don’t hesitate to explore that interest as deeply and fully as possible. However, this all-consuming way of taking in information also applies to their personal relationships. 

In many ways, Scorpios are investigators more than anything else. They are curious about how people work, what they think about, and their deepest secrets. While Scorpios rarely share intimate, personal details about themselves (they are deeply private people), they will want to know everything about you. In fact, one of the greatest strengths of the average Scorpio is their ability to make other people feel special. They know what to say so that you always feel heard and respected. 

While this ability often manifests from a compassionate place, Scorpios have a bad reputation for manipulating and using what they know about other people to their advantage. This can be in subtle ways, as is a Scorpio’s wont. However, Scorpios are also known for their penchant for revenge should relationships not pan out the way they expect. If a Scorpio has shared intimate details with you and you choose to disrespect that information, be prepared for retaliation! 

What Makes a November 17 Zodiac Sign Special?

november 17 zodiac

A November 17th Scorpio may be even more fearless when it comes to exploring the dark and taboo subjects of our world.


If you’re a Scorpio born on November 17th, you have an additional and important connection to the number eight. Scorpios are already the 8th sign of the zodiac, connected to the 8th house of transformational and shared circumstances. But, when we add up the numbers in 17, the number eight manifests and further echoes the energy of this particular zodiac sign. To fully interpret this Scorpio birthday, we turn to numerology for insight.

Both numerology and angel number 888 discuss this particular number as a number of infinite possibilities. There is power in the number eight, as Scorpios fully understand. The number eight represents ambition, inner strength, and new opportunities. A Scorpio so connected to the number eight may feel this aspirational pull all their lives. There is always a sense of new possibilities out there for this Scorpio birthday. 

In many ways, the number 8 simply reinforces all of the powerful and intense characteristics of Scorpio. A November 17th Scorpio may be even more fearless when it comes to exploring the dark and taboo subjects of our world. All Scorpios respect the macabre, but this Scorpio birthday especially enjoys learning about the unknown or even the frightening. They may even broadcast their interest in such things to others. 

However, a November 17th Scorpio may grow to invested in their own secrecy and power. It’s important for this Scorpio birthday to balance out their more pessimistic, dark side, the unspoken aspect of the Scorpio personality. Given the fact that this zodiac sign is so connected to the darker themes of our world, a November 17th Scorpio may struggle with their own optimism and morality from time to time. 

Career Paths for November 17 Zodiac Signs 

november 17 zodiac

A November 17th Scorpio may pursue a career in the arts, especially if this allows them to express their darker, intense sides.


Given their inquisitive, investigative natures, Scorpios make excellent profilers, criminologists, researchers, and so much more. Scorpios thrive on details and depth, which is why they are well-suited to finding patterns and subtleties that other signs might miss. The tenacity of Scorpio is where they truly shine in the workplace, as they won’t give up until they have found every answer and done all the work they can! 

This tenacity is largely due to their fixed placement. All fixed signs enjoy maintaining, sustaining, and contributing to something over a long amount of time. Scorpios prefer not to dabble in multiple careers in their life, given their obsessive, focused energies. Therefore, choosing a rewarding career path is of utmost importance to them. Whatever they choose to commit to, Scorpios will maintain it until the very end! 

Not only are Scorpios emotionally in tune, but they are also adept when it comes to making other people feel comfortable. This makes them naturally suited to psychological fields and jobs that allow them to help others transform. Remember all of the transformational themes found in Pluto and the 8th house. Scorpios often feel the most satisfied when they help other people connect and heal from their traumas. 

There is a creativity in every water sign, and Scorpios are no exception to this. A November 17th Scorpio may pursue a career in the arts, especially if this allows them to express their darker, intense sides. Whether they become a singer, actor, and director, or poet, Scorpios understand the human condition well enough to illustrate it in whatever art they put their mind to! 

Relationships and Love for November 17 Zodiac Signs

november 17 zodiac

With their propensity for emotional empathy, Scorpios know how to bond with their partner in deep, impossible ways.

©Marko Aliaksandr/

Just like their potential career, Scorpios prefer to commit to one person, and for the long haul. Fixed signs prefer to maintain relationships rather than explore many different options in their life. Scorpios especially value an eternal match, given their connection to the number eight and its notion of infinity. Likewise, the 8th house represents death and rebirth through shared things, such as deep relationships. 

A Scorpio born on November 17th will especially long for an eternal match. However, these matches take time to develop. While Scorpios are magnetic and have no trouble attracting other people to them, they have many different requirements that need to be met before they will be vulnerable with someone else. Every Scorpio has a different view on relationships and expectations in those relationships, but there will likely always be some computation happening in a Scorpio’s head when they first meet someone! 

Scorpios are deeply sensual and devoted when in love. Once they find someone that they feel comfortable opening up in front of, Scorpios commit. This zodiac sign can even get a bit possessive of their partner, but it’s typically more attractive than anything! With their propensity for emotional empathy, Scorpios know how to bond with their partner in deep, impossible ways. Their love is special, especially because it is always earned! 

Matches and Compatibility for November 17 Zodiac Signs

november 17 zodiac

Not every zodiac sign appreciates Scorpios, finding their intensity and expectations daunting. 


With so much depth and intensity, Scorpios attract a variety of zodiac signs. Given their guarded natures, Scorpios often seem mysterious and attractive. Plus, they have the depth and emotional sensitivity to back up their mysterious ways, making them wonderful partners for the long haul! However, not every zodiac sign appreciates Scorpios, finding their intensity and expectations daunting. 

With this in mind, and when we consider someone born on November 17th, here are some potentially strong matches for this Scorpio birthday: 

  • Scorpio. Given a November 17th Scorpio’s connection to the number eight, they may be especially attracted to fellow Scorpios. A Scorpio-Scorpio match is just as you’d expect it to be: intense, eternal, and psychic. While this match can occasionally encourage the darkness in each other, Scorpio pairings also understand each other better than any other matches, given their shared sign. 
  • Virgo. If the devil’s in the details, then Virgos understand Scorpios better than most. Earth signs and water signs work extremely well together, and Virgos and Scorpios are no exception to this rule. Helpful and devoted, Virgos value the intense depth found in the average Scorpio. Likewise, Scorpios appreciate just how observant and careful Virgos are. 

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on November 17th

Who are some of the most memorable and well-known Scorpios born on November 17th? Here are a few, along with their professions:

  • Nicolas Appert (inventor)
  • August Ferdinand Möbius (mathemetician)
  • Grace Abbott (social worker)
  • Lev Vygotski (psychologist)
  • Eugene Wigner (physicist)
  • Soichiro Honda (CEO)
  • Rance Howard (actor)
  • Gordon Lightfoot (singer)
  • Bob Gaudio (musician)
  • Martin Scorsese (director)
  • Danny DeVito (actor)
  • Lorne Michaels (producer)
  • Tom Wolf (politician)
  • Cyril Ramaphosa (politician)
  • Peter Cox (singer)
  • RuPaul (TV personality)
  • Chanda Kochhar (businesswoman)
  • Jeff Buckley (musician)
  • Brandon Call (actor)
  • Rachel McAdams (actor)
  • Tom Ellis (actor)
  • Christopher Paolini (writer)
  • Shanica Knowles (actor)

Important Events That Occurred on November 17th

november 17 zodiac

On this day in 1962, the Dulles International Airport was dedicated.

©Tanya Antusenok/

  • In 1558, Elizabeth I officially became the Queen of England
  • In 1905, the Eulsa Treaty was signed
  • In 1962, the Dulles International Airport was dedicated
  • In 1973, US President Richard Nixon gave his infamous “I am not a crook” speech
  • In 1994, “Sunset Boulevard” had its NYC Broadway debut

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