November 20 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: November 20, 2023
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Scorpio birthdays happen from roughly October 23rd to November 21st, which makes a November 20 zodiac sign a Scorpio born toward the end of this season! Even if your birthday falls on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, you likely present as a typical Scorpio. But what is the personality of this zodiac sign like, and how might a Scorpio born on November 20th be different from other Scorpio birthdays? 

What does astrology have to say about you? Even if you’re a bit skeptical about this ancient practice, astrology has the potential to offer you some significant insight into your own personality and way of being. If you were born on November 20th, this article is all about your own unique way of being from an astrological perspective. Let’s discuss some of the foundations behind someone born on this particular day from an astrological point of view! 

While Scorpios are consistent, they can trend toward obsessive.

November 20 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 

november 20 zodiac

Every zodiac sign is associated with an element, and water is the element assigned to Scorpio.


Do you consider yourself a novice when it comes to all things astrology? There are a few foundational astrological concepts to discuss in order to fully understand the Scorpio personality. For example, Scorpios are the 8th sign of the zodiac and linked to the 8th house of rebirth and transformation. They also follow Libra on the astrological wheel, learning from this air sign the value of seeing multiple perspectives. 

Every zodiac sign is associated with an element, and water is the element assigned to Scorpio. Your elemental placement affects what you are motivated by and how you best communicate and interpret the world around you. For water signs, including Scorpio, the emotional world and connecting are huge motivators. Scorpios communicate from a place of honesty, connecting to those around them with empathy and emotional sensitivity. 

Modalities are also assigned to each zodiac sign, reflecting certain seasonal aspects that manifest in characteristics in someone’s personality. For example, Scorpio birthdays occur during the height of the fall season, a time of season when temperatures are relatively predictable and stable. This means that Scorpios are fixed signs, representing this reliable seasonality. They are equally reliable and good about seeing things through. 

When we combine all of these things together in the Scorpio personality, we see a dedicated and emotionally in-tune person capable of connecting to others through transformative circumstances. The 8th house speaks of shared resources as well as our capacity to transform together, something that Scorpios inherently value. Plus, learning such an important lesson from Libra means that Scorpios understand how to utilize multiple perspectives in order to enact truly transformative circumstances!

November 20 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

november 20 zodiac

Scorpios are ruled by Pluto in modern astrology, though ancient astrology connects this intense zodiac sign to Mars.


Your zodiac sign has a ruling planet, the final foundational principle of astrology. After all, the planets are of utmost importance in astrology, as every planet has meanings and interpretations assigned to them. Scorpios are ruled by Pluto in modern astrology, though ancient astrology connects this intense zodiac sign to Mars. While some astrologists believe only one planet of these two influences Scorpio, looking at both planets together can lend additional insight.

For example, Mars is a planet associated with drive, ambition, and action. Your Mars placement will determine how your energy manifests and may determine your level of aggression or assertion in life. Scorpios represent Mars through their intense and driven energies. There are deep wells of action and drive in every Scorpio, something that helps them pursue their passions until the very end. 

But Pluto is a different sort of planetary ruler. This planet passes through the signs every 250 years or so, which means your Pluto sign placement affects generations more than individuals. Ruling destruction, transformation, and secrets, Pluto lends Scorpio the notion of the importance of operating covertly. While intense and destructive, Pluto helps Scorpios attempt more and transform, even if the circumstances are difficult. 

Looking at what both of these planets might do to a Scorpio, we see power and fearlessness as two primary themes. Both Mars and Pluto long for power, though Mars prefers to take it and Pluto views it as inevitable. Scorpios therefore pursue power at all costs, using a combination of their own strength and secretive manipulation in order to reach their goals. If this sounds intense, you’re certainly not wrong! Let’s learn some of the other ways that Scorpio intensity manifests. 

November 20 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Scorpio

november 20 zodiac

Scorpios understand what people need to hear.


Given their connection to such powerful, transformative planets, Scorpios are rarely shocked by everyday occurrences. Even the abnormal feels like a Scorpio’s bread and butter, as the 8th house deals with all things taboo or otherworldly. Scorpios have an almost supernatural magnetism inside of them, something that draws people in. This zodiac sign is incredibly powerful when it comes to getting to know others and understanding how other people work.

To say that a Scorpio knows how to manipulate people is factual, but it isn’t necessarily a negative quality. With their emotional intuition, Scorpios understand what people need to hear and how to say these things with such conviction that this zodiac sign is incredibly persuasive. While many Scorpios get a bad rap for this, their intuitive behavior is typically motivated by a desire to help others work through their own traumas or difficult situations. 

It’s important to note that, while a Scorpio may know everything about you, you likely won’t know much about them for a long time. Both a strength and a weakness, Scorpios are incredibly discerning and often remiss to share things about themselves until they are certain they can trust you. While this naturally protects the average Scorpio, this zodiac sign can be mysterious and aloof to a frustrating degree! 

That’s because, at the heart of every Scorpio, there is a compassion that is often taken advantage of. Scorpios choose to open up eventually, to people they can truly trust. While this process often involves conversations that can feel like interrogations, Scorpios truly just want to get to the bottom of who you are and why they should trust you. Trusting others means letting them have some amount of power over you, something that Scorpios are deeply uncomfortable with! 

Numerology for November 20 Zodiac Signs

november 20 zodiac

A November 20th zodiac sign may feel motivated by partnerships, both personal and professional.


What do you know about numerology and its interpretations for our individual birthdays? This ancient practice goes hand in hand with astrology and can be a good tool for learning about your personality. When we look at someone born on November 20th, the number two manifests as an incredibly important number. The digits in the month for November add up to the number two, and the number two is clearly present in your 20th day of the month!

From an astrological perspective, the number two is connected to Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, and the second house in astrology representing possessions or things within our own control. When we turn to numerology for answers, this practice speaks of the number two as a number of harmony, peace, and partnerships. But how might all of this present itself in the personality of a Scorpio born on this specific day?

A November 20th zodiac sign may feel motivated by partnerships, both personal and professional. Likely learning from Libra the importance of keeping the peace, the number two insists that this Scorpio birthday maintains harmony and an appropriate balance in their life. This Scorpio birthday may have an instinctive grasp upon their own time management, balancing personal relationships and professional ones with ease. 

Also a fixed sign and Scorpio’s opposite on the astrological wheel, Tauruses work incredibly hard so that they can indulge even harder. A Scorpio so connected to the number two may feel compelled by Taurus to indulge in their life, once their hard day of work is over! However, Tauruses are known for their stubbornness and rigidity, something that may only echo the fixed nature and occasional stubbornness of this Scorpio birthday. 

Career Paths for November 20 Zodiac Signs 

november 20 zodiac

Scorpios work hard to achieve a great deal in their lifetime.


With the number two in mind for this specific Scorpio birthday, a November 20th zodiac sign may choose a career path alongside one other person. The importance of workplace partnerships won’t be lost on this Scorpio birthday, and they may in fact thrive in a professional partnership in any field. As a fixed sign, Scorpios enjoy long-term career paths, careers that allow them to progress toward a promotion or achievement of some kind. 

And, speaking of achievement, Scorpios work hard to achieve a great deal in their lifetime. The notion of power comes into play in the Scorpio workplace. While they won’t want to be the star of the show or in charge of everyone publicly, Scorpios enjoy the satisfaction that comes from having a position of power in their chosen career. However, remember that Pluto operates largely in secret, which makes Scorpios adept at holding their power behind the scenes.

When it comes to the potential career paths that a Scorpio might pursue, this water sign is wonderful in psychological or therapeutic careers. Scorpios connect to others quickly and help others feel at ease, even when discussing their most traumatic or taboo circumstances. This is why many Scorpios go into marriage or sex counseling, addiction or trauma counseling, and much more.

Something we have yet to discuss about Scorpios is their eye for detail. This zodiac sign makes an excellent investigator, researcher, or planner, someone who never misses a pattern or a mistake. Scorpios are also deeply creative signs, using their human understanding to craft beautiful pieces of art. While this may still be in the realm of acting, many Scorpios prefer less extroverted roles such as directing, photography, or writing. 

Relationships and Love for November 20 Zodiac Signs

november 20 zodiac

Scorpios can get incredibly obsessive and fixated on the person they are interested in.


Given just how long it can take a Scorpio to trust, this zodiac sign tends to fall in love for the long haul. All fixed signs operate in this way, preferring to maintain and sustain their relationships. This is where fixed signs find a great deal of value and self-worth. Scorpios are no exception, especially when it comes to finding someone who values their intensity. This zodiac sign is used to being misunderstood, which is why they partner with confident, unafraid people. 

Scorpios can get incredibly obsessive and fixated on the person they are interested in, which is why this person needs to maintain their own confidence during this process. A Scorpio won’t fall in love with someone who can’t handle their investigative nature, which is why they hold their cards so close to their chests until they are sure the person they are interested in can handle them. 

Once you’ve proved to a Scorpio that you aren’t afraid of their intensities, they will slowly open up to you over time. Scorpios are deeply private and devoted partners, seeking someone with a similar energy. Remember the secrecy of Pluto, as this will greatly affect how Scorpios choose to love someone else. Deeply passionate and capable of knowing you unlike anyone else, Scorpios need to be respected and loved for their guarded natures.

When we consider a Scorpio with a November 20th birthday, the notion of the second house comes into play. As the house of possessions and all things within our control, this Scorpio birthday may struggle when it comes to control in a relationship. A November 20th zodiac sign may want to control the things that their partner does.

Matches and Compatibility for November 20 Zodiac Signs

november 20 zodiac

Once you’ve proved to a Scorpio that you aren’t afraid of their intensities, they will slowly open up to you over time.


Scorpios are notorious for their relationship reputation. However, it’s important to remember that love transcends astrology. So many things make us compatible with one another other than our sun signs! While Scorpios may seek revenge after a breakup, loving this sensitive water sign is always worth it.

Some of the signs most likely to match with a Scorpio born on November 20th include:

  • Taurus. While opposite zodiac signs can butt heads, a November 20th Scorpio won’t be able to resist the pull of most Tauruses. Strong, romantic, and elegant, Tauruses help Scorpios appreciate the day-to-day and all of the luxurious things life has to offer. Scorpios can also help Tauruses connect to their emotional selves, making for a lasting match (once both parties learn to work with the other’s stubbornness!).
  • Pisces. Water signs understand each other well, which is why Pisces appeal to Scorpios. The maturity and wisdom in a Pisces attracts Scorpios, though Pisces still know how to have fun! Both of these water signs will communicate easily, which helps a Scorpio open up in romance. This is a lasting match, one of intuition and psychic energy.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on November 20th

Who else is a Scorpio born on November 20th? Here are some of the most well-known people:

  • Patrick Henry Jones (lawyer)
  • Josiah Royce (philosopher)
  • Kenesaw Mountain Landis (executive)
  • Norman Thomas (socialist)
  • Edwin Hubble (astronomer)
  • Pauli Murray (poet)
  • Emilio Pucci (designer)
  • Robert Byrd (politician)
  • Dulcie Gray (actor)
  • Benoit Mandelbrot (mathemetician)
  • Robert F. Kennedy (politician)
  • John Gardner (author)
  • James Hardy (winemaker)
  • Richard Dawson (actor)
  • Don DeLillo (author)
  • Joe Biden (politician)
  • Norman Greenbaum (singer)
  • Mark Bradford (artist)
  • Gail Ann Dorsey (musician)
  • Ming-Na Wen (actor)
  • Joel McHale (actor)
  • Ryan Leslie (musician)
  • Future (rapper)

Important Events That Occurred on November 20th

november 20 zodiac

On this day in 1945, the Nuremberg trials officially began.

©Tanya Antusenok/

  • In 1789, the very first state ratified the Bill of Rights (New Jersey)
  • In 1815, the Second Treaty of Paris was signed
  • In 1945, the Nuremberg trials officially began
  • In 1958, The Jim Henson Company was established under a different name
  • In 1966, the popular musical “Cabaret” officially debuted on NYC’s Broadway
  • In 1984, 50 billion hamburgers were officially made by fast food giant, McDonald’s

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