November 22 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: November 19, 2023
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If you’re a November 22 zodiac sign, it can be difficult to determine whether you’re a Scorpio or a Sagittarius. The sun transits the zodiac signs differently every year, so be sure to check where it was the year you were born. For the sake of clarity, November 22nd is generally considered the very first day of Sagittarius season! What does astrology have to say about this independent fire sign? If this is your birthday, how are you different from other Sagittarius birthdays? 

A Sagittarius can be very confident and very blunt!

These are the questions we will answer in this article today. By utilizing astrological methods of self-discovery, we can learn a great deal about someone born on November 22nd. Plus, we’ll incorporate numerological elements and other forms of symbolism to shine some light on this specific Sagittarius birthday as well as the sign of Sagittarius in general. Let’s dive in and learn the basics behind this zodiac sign now! 

November 22 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

november 22 zodiac

Sagittarians are incredibly action-oriented and motivated by their tireless drive.

© sutthisumdang

Understanding the basics of astrology can help you interpret all zodiac signs easier. When it comes to the sign of Sagittarius, it is a mutable fire sign and the 9th zodiac sign out of 12. Mutability refers to the time of year that Sagittarians are born, particularly in the northern hemisphere. These birthdays happen as fall turns into winter, which means weather and temperatures are generally changeable and unpredictable. 

In the Sagittarius personality, mutability translates into an adaptable resilience and a preference for the new. Sagittarians are well known for their changeability, especially when it comes to their curiosity and desire for new experiences. All mutable signs collaborate well with others, adapting to fill in gaps and becoming someone well suited to the task at hand. Sagittarians make excellent collaborators, though their independence often takes precedence over obligation to others!

Speaking of independence, Sagittarians are fire signs. Some characteristics of fire signs include confidence, ambition, and bold personalities. Being an individual is of great importance to fire signs, and they have the energy to pursue their individuality in all areas of their life. Sagittarians are incredibly action-oriented and motivated by their tireless drive, something that propels them into the next great experience of their lives! 

As the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarians are connected to the 9th house in astrology. This house represents philosophy, personal truths, and intellectual expansion. It revolves around sharing ideas and seeking knowledge, something that Sagittarians view as their personal mantra. Sagittarians represent everything that the ninth house has to offer, especially when it comes to their personal philosophies and intellectual goals in life. 

November 22 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

november 22 zodiac

As the planet in charge of our inner expansion and philosophical ideals, Jupiter makes these concepts extremely important to Sagittarius.


You likely know that the planets and stars are what astrology is all about. But did you know that every zodiac sign has a ruling planet that influences it? For Sagittarius, that ruling planet is Jupiter. A gas giant and the largest in our solar system, Jupiter is a planet associated with abundance, luck, and optimism. In your birth chart, your Jupiter sign illustrates where you find truth in your life and the philosophies you stand for. 

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and lends this sign its luck. There is an uncontrollable optimism in every Sagittarius, something that helps this fire sign achieve greatness. Often, Sagittarians forge their own path and go their own way fearlessly, assuming everything will go according to plan. And, thanks to Jupiter, this is typically what happens. Sagittarians accomplish the impossible because they don’t believe anything is impossible. Jupiter teaches them this.

As the planet in charge of our inner expansion and philosophical ideals, Jupiter makes these concepts extremely important to Sagittarius. The 9th house is connected to Jupiter and vice versa, working in tandem to show Sagittarians why seeking the truth is important. Jupiter asks each of us to grow and change, to reach our full potential, something that Sagittarians instinctively pursue.

Are there any drawbacks to having Jupiter as a planetary ruler? The only conceivable one is the fact that Jupiter is associated with greed and gluttony. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “too big for their britches”, you’d be right to assume that this phrase is meant for Sagittarians! Given that they are so lucky and optimistic about their life path, Sagittarians can come off as egotistical, boastful, and greedy. However, Sagittarian curiosity tends to win out over these more negative behaviors. 

November 22 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Sagittarius

november 22 zodiac

Sagittarians are constantly moving forward, finding little reward in resentment or things of the past. 

© Vasylenko

Change is feared by many other signs of the zodiac, but not Sagittarius. In fact, new experiences and consistent change inspire Sagittarians each and every day. Sagittarians are energetic and excitable, constantly taking steps in new directions so that they can further expand and grow as individuals. While Sagittarians often fall into the trap of believing that the next best thing is better than their present, this mentality propels them into amazing circumstances. 

The optimism of a Sagittarius is often infectious. This fire sign is charismatic and straightforward, making them a dramatic and excitable friend. While Sagittarians will always tell you the truth, they tell you the truth without sugarcoating. In fact, one of the greatest weaknesses of this zodiac sign is the fact that they say things so bluntly. Sagittarians never mince their words and can easily offend people who aren’t ready for what they have to say. 

Dedicated to their personal freedom, Sagittarians rarely let anything hold them back. In fact, many Sagittarians do the opposite of what people expect or ask of them, just so they can feel free. Even if you place a boundary or a rule on a Sagittarius, they likely won’t hold a grudge against you. Sagittarians are constantly moving forward, finding little reward in resentment or things of the past. 

However, Sagittarians also find little reward in things of the present. There is a restlessness in every Sagittarius, something that often leads to rash decisions. While Sagittarians find value in every change they make in their lives, there is a sense of dissatisfaction in this sign. Still, the optimism of Jupiter steps in and helps a Sagittarius maintain positivity, even when they feel as if they are missing out or otherwise on the wrong path. 

Numerology for November 22 Zodiac Signs

november 22 zodiac

While the average Sagittarius seeks the new in every situation, this Sagittarius birthday may find a better balance between the familiar and the unknown.

©ZeKa Plakser 28/

The number two is of significant importance to this Sagittarius birthday. Even the digits representing the month of November add up to the number two, which has deep meaning in both numerology and astrology. From a numerological point of view, the number two represents harmony, balance, and the potential for partnerships in a lifetime. When we turn to astrology for answers, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and the second house represents possessions as well as other things under our control. 

But what does this mean for the Sagittarius personality? Someone born on November 22nd may find themselves instinctually capable of maintaining balance in their life. Likewise, the number two represents both workplace and romantic partnerships, something this Sagittarius birthday may have in spades. While the average Sagittarius seeks the new in every situation, this Sagittarius birthday may find a better balance between the familiar and the unknown. 

Tauruses are known for their steadfastness, work ethic, and appreciation of day-to-day life. A Sagittarius connected to the number two and therefore the second sign of the zodiac may appreciate more routine than the average Sagittarius. Spontaneity is typically the name of the game for this fire sign, but a November 22nd zodiac sign may enjoy a bit of predictability and appreciate the novelty found in day-to-day activities. 

Finally, the second house speaks of possessions and what is within our power to control. A Sagittarius so connected to the number two may have a great deal of self-control inside of them. The idea of self-control echoes the potential need for this Sagittarius birthday to have more predictability in their life. Someone born on November 22nd may find satisfaction in controlling their need for spontaneous situations! 

Career Paths for November 22 Zodiac Signs 

november 22 zodiac

With a strong sense of self and their trademark method of communication, Sagittarians do well in activism careers or law careers.


Mutable signs often become Jacks of all trades, and Sagittarians are no exception to this. In fact, the average Sagittarius needs to change jobs frequently in their lifetime in order to feel in control of their own freedom. Being tied down to a career goes against the Sagittarian mentality of independence, which is why a single career path is rarely the answer for this sign. But what potential path might a Sagittarius walk when it comes to their professional life? 

Travel is one of the things that Jupiter presides over, and Sagittarians enjoy traveling more than many other things. Choosing a career that allows them to do so is always a good idea. Whether this be teaching, an athletic career, or even becoming a flight attendant, Sagittarians do well in careers that allow them to stay on the move! Remember how much Sagittarians value new experiences and meeting new people. Traveling is one of the best ways to do both of these things! 

Speaking of athletic careers, Sagittarians have a great deal of energy and may do well in physical jobs. However, Sagittarians are also deeply intellectual and will want to be intellectually stimulated at work more often than not. With a strong sense of self and their trademark method of communication, Sagittarians do well in activism careers or law careers. They may also become politicians, but Sagittarians firmly believe in the power of the individual. Sagittarians often find politics grating or as something that goes against their core desire for freedom. 

Remember that this Sagittarius birthday is connected to the number two. This may indicate that workplace partnerships are common for this Sagittarius. Sagittarians often do well in a duo, especially if they are matched with someone who can grasp their philosophical ideas! 

Relationships and Love for November 22 Zodiac Signs

november 22 zodiac

Given that Sagittarians rarely regret anything, this fire sign pursues romance wholeheartedly.


While the average Sagittarius is remiss to settle with any one person in their lifetime, what of a Sagittarius born on November 22nd? With the number two in mind, this Sagittarius birthday may seek out long-term relationships more than the average Sagittarius. The concept of balance also comes into play for the Sagittarius birthday. While most Sagittarians break off relationships that feel too stifling, this Sagittarius may appreciate a bit more balance and time spent in their committed relationships. 

Given that Sagittarians rarely regret anything, this fire sign pursues romance wholeheartedly. They aren’t afraid of the outcome and don’t give their insecurities a second thought. If a Sagittarius is interested in dating you, they won’t hesitate to tell you! Their straightforward natures help them cut through a great number of social niceties and small talk. Sagittarians don’t waste any time, so be sure you can keep up with them if you want to date one! 

Despite a November 22nd Sagittarius preferring more balance and partnership potential in general, this birthday is still a Sagittarius. Constantly curious and uninterested in setting down roots, Sagittarians are notorious for breaking up with their romantic partners unexpectedly. It can be difficult to get a Sagittarius to commit, especially when it comes to love. This isn’t to say they don’t value who they are with when they are with them. They are simply aware of just how many people there are in the world! 

Speaking of people, Sagittarians are attracted to someone’s intellect more than their physical appearance. This zodiac sign finds value in a wide variety of people, as many mutable signs do. No matter what happens to the outcome of the relationship, Sagittarians view every romantic encounter as meaningful! 

Matches and Compatibility for November 22 Zodiac Signs

november 22 zodiac

It can be difficult to get a Sagittarius to commit, especially when it comes to love.

©Marko Aliaksandr/

Not every zodiac sign works with a Sagittarius, especially long-term. However, it’s important to never base your romantic compatibility on astrology alone. While there are certain things in astrology that indicate the potential for a lasting match, know that all matches and compatibilities are possible! Some zodiac signs may simply click faster with a Sagittarius compared to others. 

What zodiac signs are most compatible with a November 22nd Sagittarius? Here are some matches when we consider this birthday in particular:

  • Libra. Air signs and fire signs tend to mix quite well with each other, which is just one reason why Sagittarians match well with Libras. A November 22nd Sagittarius may be particularly drawn to this cardinal air sign, given their shared need for harmony and balance. Libras are intellectual and philosophical as well, which helps the average Sagittarius remain stimulated and interested in the relationship! 
  • Aquarius. Also a philosophical air sign, Aquarians appreciate just how unique and independent Sagittarians are. The appreciation is mutual, as Sagittarians enjoy how rebellious Aquarians are. A November 22nd Sagittarius may remain in an Aquarius match for a long time. As a fixed sign, Aquarians prefer lasting matches, but they also understand a Sagittarian’s need for freedom! 

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on November 22nd

Number 101 candle - Birthday card design in orange background

©Luis Echeverri Urrea/

Noteworthy individuals and Sagittarian celebs born on November 22nd include:

  • René-Robert Cavelier (explorer)
  • Thomas Cook (travel agency founder)
  • George Eliot (author)
  • John Nance Garner (politician)
  • Herman Harrell Horne (philosopher)
  • Edward Bernays (theorist)
  • Wiley Post (aviator)
  • Dora Maar (artist)
  • Benjamin Britten (composer)
  • Bridget Bate Tichenor (painter)
  • Rodney Dangerfield (comedian)
  • Eugene Stoner (inventor)
  • Peter Hall (director)
  • Robert Vaughn (actor)
  • Billy Jean King (tennis player)
  • Kent Nagano (conductor)
  • Richard Kind (actor)
  • Jamie Lee Curtis (actor)
  • Mads Mikkelsen (actor)
  • Boris Becker (tennis player)
  • Mark Ruffalo (actor)
  • Scarlett Johansson (actor)
  • Dacre Montgomery (actor)

Important Events That Occurred on November 22nd

november 22 zodiac

On this day in 1943, Lebanon officially gained its independence.


  • In 1574, the Juan Fernández Islands were discovered
  • In 1943, Lebanon officially gained its independence
  • In 1963, US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated
  • And, on the same day, Lyndon B. Johnson was officially sworn in as President of the United States
  • In 1995, the popular animated film “Toy Story” was officially released

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