November 23 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: November 19, 2023
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Being a November 23 zodiac sign means your birthday falls right at the beginning of Sagittarius season! This mutable fire sign is full of energy, charisma, and possibility. Do you know what astrology has to say about your personality, motivations, and potential for love? Whether you believe in this ancient practice or not, astrology continually surprises those who choose to study it, especially when it comes to self-analysis.

A Sagittarius can be independent but also impulsive.

Today, we will utilize astrology and other ancient, symbolic studies to analyze the personality of someone born on November 23rd. While this person is most definitely a Sagittarius, there are certain characteristics unique to someone born on November 23rd! Let’s get started and address some astrological fundamentals before we get more specific about what it’s like to be a Sagittarius born on this day. 

November 23 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

november 23 zodiac

Sagittarians are incredibly dedicated to their own independence and sense of freedom.

© Molokovich

It’s important to know that all signs of the zodiac have planetary rulers assigned to them as well as elements and modalities associated with them. When it comes to Sagittarius, this zodiac sign is a fire element and of a mutable modality. This sign is also ruled by Jupiter and is the 9th zodiac sign out of 12. All of these things have some sort of influence on the personality of a Sagittarius. Let’s discuss them briefly now. 

Fire signs are motivated by energy and action-oriented things, making them proactive, charismatic, and straightforward. They are typically active and driven individuals, ambitious and confident in their own selves. Sagittarians are no exception to this, using their fiery elemental associations to be more independent and adventurous in their own life. Plus, they are curious and social, finding a great deal of satisfaction in learning things about others.

Mutable modality assignments happen for signs whose birthdays occur as one season becomes another. This transitive time happens during Sagittarius season, as fall begins to grow colder. Mutable signs are known for their adaptability and changeability, their ability to collaborate and fill in the gaps that other signs can’t. They are the bridge from one season to another, which makes the average Sagittarius flexible and prone to changing their minds. 

Finally, as the 9th zodiac sign, Sagittarians have a sense of wisdom and maturity about them. They follow Scorpio on the astrological wheel and learned the importance of steadfastness from this fixed water sign. Sagittarians are incredibly dedicated to their own independence and sense of freedom, however this manifests in the individual. Scorpios are equally dedicated and intense to the things they care about and paved the way for Sagittarius in this regard. 

November 23 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

november 23 zodiac

Intellectual and philosophical, Jupiter asks the average Sagittarius to journey in search of answers.


While modalities and elements matter greatly when it comes to interpreting the signs, your ruling planet may have even more to say. Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the great gas giant and largest planet in our solar system. Alongside Venus, Jupiter is highly regarded in the astrological community as a positive planet, one of generosity and optimism. In fact, Jupiter is associated with luck and personal growth, two things that Sagittarians have in spades. 

Jupiter is part of everyone’s birth chart, and your Jupiter sign placement will help you interpret the ways in which you will personally expand in your lifetime. Inner philosophy, personal growth, and emotional expansion are all aspects of Jupiter, things that Sagittarians inherently value. This optimistic, wandering zodiac sign is highly motivated by self-actualization, growth, and learning new things that propel their philosophic ideals. 

Jupiter is a planet of possibilities. As a generally positive planet, Jupiter lends Sagittarians a sense of ease and fearlessness when they choose to take on something new. The average Sagittarius believes that everything is possible, so long as you are willing to take the risk. While all fire signs are some level of fearless in this respect, Sagittarians often take the largest risks and accomplish a great deal because of their connection to Jupiter. 

Intellectual and philosophical, Jupiter asks the average Sagittarius to journey in search of answers. Long-distance travel is readily associated with this planet, which is just one reason why Sagittarians feel so at home while on the road. However, when you’re ruled by a planet with so much possibility, it can feel difficult to settle. 

November 23 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Sagittarius

november 23 zodiac

At the end of the day, Sagittarians want everyone to be just as independent, curious, and invested in their own freedom as they are! 

© Vasylenko

Sagittarians are well known for their constant changes, their ability to alter their life path in an instant. Jupiter propels them forward, even when they could benefit from staying put. Being of mutable modality also contributes to this changeability and sense of restlessness. While it can certainly be beneficial, having so much forward-driven momentum, Sagittarians often see the grass as being greener on the other side. They rarely allow themselves to accept their present circumstances. 

Often, Sagittarians feel like rebels and contrarians. While all fire signs are deeply independent and remiss to be told what to do, Sagittarians are among the worst culprits for this stubbornness. The mutable modality of Sagittarius allows them to change their minds, opinions, and just about everything else in an instant. This behavior often manifests when they are told how to behave, how to feel, or even what to do in their workplace. They will often do the exact opposite of what has been asked of them, just to prove that they can! 

Still, because of this revolutionary way of dealing with their circumstances, Sagittarians often accomplish truly amazing feats in their lifetime. Uninterested in being held down or held back by anyone or anything, Sagittarians are truly free. Their independence is admirable and inspiring, even when they don’t mean it to be. At the end of the day, Sagittarians want everyone to be just as independent, curious, and invested in their own freedom as they are! 

Numerology for November 23 Zodiac Signs

november 23 zodiac

This Sagittarius birthday is likely deeply creative and invested in their own pleasure.


Given the fact that numerology is the symbolic study of our single-digit numbers, we need to do a bit of math before we can properly interpret the birthday of someone born on November 23rd. The number two and three added together gives us five, a very important number for this Sagittarius birthday. Associated with the 5th zodiac sign, Leo, and the 5th house of pleasure, fun, and entertainment, a Sagittarius so connected to this number longs for excitement in their life.

The average Sagittarius experiences life at their own pace, making their own decisions when and if they want to. A Sagittarius born on November 23rd may be heavily influenced by the number five and its message of joy. From a numerological perspective, the number five is all about creation, creativity, and enjoying life by taking it into your own hands. Sagittarius already know the importance of seizing the day, and this Sagittarius birthday likely thinks of this as their mantra. 

In astrology, the 5th house represents self-actualization and creation as well as all of the things that bring us pleasure. There is a sense of entertainment and joy in this house, something that a November 23rd Sagittarius understands all too well. This birthday wants life to be a fun and exciting adventure at all times, even if it means they have to get a little bit creative in order to accomplish such an enjoyable life! 

This Sagittarius birthday is likely deeply creative and invested in their own pleasure. However, this can lead to some impulsive behaviors, something that Sagittarians already struggle with. Life can’t always be fun and games, but this Sagittarius birthday will try their hardest to make it so! 

Career Paths for November 23 Zodiac Signs 

november 23 zodiac

A traveling Sagittarius is a happy Sagittarius, which means that any traveling career will suit this fire sign.


It is rare for a mutable sign to stick to a single career path their entire lifetime, and Sagittarians are no exception to this. Curious and endlessly talented, Sagittarians may find themselves jumping from career to career, from place to place. However, given their connection to Jupiter, a planet that rules higher education and learning, Sagittarians may attend college or other forms of higher education multiple times in their life.

Preferring to dabble when it comes to a career, many Sagittarians choose job paths that allow them to express their independence and exercise a bit of freedom. The only thing that Sagittarians are dedicated to is their own self-improvement and life path, which is why their careers shift depending on their own priorities. Given their inspiring independence, Sagittarians make excellent influencers, public speakers, mentors, teachers, and even professors at the local university. 

A traveling Sagittarius is a happy Sagittarius, which means that any traveling career will suit this fire sign. This could be anything from journalism to political endeavors to becoming a flight attendant. Sagittarians are often lucky enough that they don’t need to stress about finding or securing a job. Opportunities tend to land in the lap of this tireless and restless fire sign, which is why they are unafraid to switch careers so often! 

A November 23rd Sagittarius is connected to the number five and its creative interpretations. This may mean that this specific Sagittarius birthday pursues a career in the arts. Sagittarians make excellent artists in any field, using their blunt and sarcastic humor to connect to others. Plus, Sagittarians are never afraid to try anything new, which often revolutionizes whatever artistic fields they choose to pursue! 

Relationships and Love for November 23 Zodiac Signs

november 23 zodiac

Intellect and personal philosophy will be very important in a Sagittarius match.

©Marko Aliaksandr/

Given that Sagittarians are so motivated by their own independence, long-term relationships are often difficult for this fire sign. However, a November 23rd Sagittarius may feel a longing for love and prioritize it more than other Sagittarius birthdays. This is likely due to their connection to the number five, the 5th house, and the deeply romantic sign of Leo. 

While most Sagittarians grow restless and often bored in many of their romantic matches, a November 23rd Sagittarius may find themselves more invested in maintaining their connections. Leos are deeply romantic and, given their fixed modality, are adept at sustaining long-term matches. A Sagittarius so connected to the number five may feel equally motivated to keep certain relationships going. 

However, a November 23rd Sagittarius is still a Sagittarius. This fire sign bristles at boundaries, rules, and relationship norms. They will not be too keen on settling down, investing in a 401k, or having any other routines based on tradition. Sagittarians are too independent and rebellious to find value in these things, which is why it’s important for them to find someone who also isn’t seeking this. 

Intellect and personal philosophy will be very important in a Sagittarius match. This fire sign is often drawn to people who are confident, interesting, and self-sustaining. Sagittarians get into romantic matches to have fun and learn about things they may not have experienced yet. That’s why it’s important to avoid putting this adventurous sign into a box or a traditional relationship!

Matches and Compatibility for November 23 Zodiac Signs

november 23 zodiac

From an astrological perspective, Sagittarians match well with other fire signs and air signs, with water and earth signs making for a more difficult connection.


Given their big personalities and devotion to their philosophies, Sagittarians don’t match easily with all zodiac signs. This mutable sign won’t want to be held back in love, and their occasionally harsh communication style can rub people the wrong way. From an astrological perspective, Sagittarians match well with other fire signs and air signs, with water and earth signs making for a more difficult connection.

However, astrology isn’t the only thing that goes into romantic compatibility. Remember that all relationships are possible, regardless of your zodiac sign! For the fun of it, let’s discuss some potentially lasting matches for this Sagittarius birthday specifically: 

  • Leo. As a fire sign equally connected to the number 5, Leos are a natural match for this Sagittarius birthday. While fixed, Leos maintain confidence and independence in a relationship, something that Sagittarians readily pick up on. Given that they are both fire signs, this match may get a bit explosive from time to time. However, the passion and adventure found in a Leo and Sagittarius pairing is beautiful to behold! 
  • Aquarius. Also fixed but an air sign, Aquarians fascinate Sagittarians and vice versa. There is a cerebral and philosophical meeting of the minds when a Sagittarius pairs with an Aquarius. This is a match that can talk to and Inspire one another for hours. Plus, Aquarians are equally independent and invested in their own freedoms, making for a comfortable, casual relationship rather than a restricting one.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on November 23rd

Celebrity being photographed by paparazzi photographers at event

There are many celebrities with this birthday.

©Caiaimage/Tom Merton/iStock via Getty Images

Optimistic and revolutionary, here are some fellow Sagittarians born on November 23rd:

  • Edward Rutledge (politician)
  • Theodore Dwight Weld (abolitionist)
  • Josiah Dwight Whitney (geologist)
  • Billy the Kid (outlaw)
  • Johan Conrad Kikkert (artist)
  • Harpo Marx (comedian)
  • Erté (artist)
  • Peter Strawson (philosopher)
  • Johnny Mandel (composer)
  • Christopher Logue (poet)
  • Robert Easton (actor)
  • Peter Lindbergh (photographer)
  • Bobby Rush (politician)
  • Charles Schumer (politician)
  • Dominique Dunne (actor)
  • Gwynne Shotwell (engineer)
  • Snooki (TV personality)
  • Miley Cyrus (singer)

Important Events That Occurred on November 23rd

november 23 zodiac

On this day in 2019, the Sumatran


officially became extinct in Malaysia.

©Light And Dark Studio/

Over the years, a number of memorable and world-changing events have happened on November 23rd, including:

  • In 1863, the Battle of Orchard Knob occurred
  • In 1936, the very first issue of Life Magazine was published
  • In 1963, “Doctor Who” officially premiered in the UK
  • In 2004, “World of Warcraft” was officially released
  • In 2019, the Sumatran rhinoceros officially became extinct in Malaysia 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © sutthisumdang

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