November 3 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: November 19, 2023
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You’re a Scorpio if you’re a November 3 zodiac sign. Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign and represents the fall season that they are born during with intensity, fearlessness, and devotion. Astrology has been utilized by people around the world for centuries. By tracking the stars and planets in our sky, astrology makes predictions and assigns symbolic meaning to certain patterns. While it isn’t exactly a scientific study, astrology is still a fun tool for learning about yourself.

Scorpios can be both secretive and fearless.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, your zodiac sign may have more to say about you than you think. In this article, we will discuss the zodiac sign of Scorpio in great detail, including the astrological foundations that influence this sign. Plus, we will utilize other ancient symbolic techniques alongside astrology to paint a portrait of someone born specifically on November 3rd. How is this Scorpio birthday different from others? Let’s find out now! 

November 3 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

november 3 zodiac

Scorpios are motivated by the concept of transforming, especially alongside others.


All Scorpio birthdays happen when fall is in full swing in the northern hemisphere. When signs are born during a stable, predictable part of the year weather-wise, this makes them fixed signs. Scorpios represent their fixed modality best when their curiosity is piqued. This intense zodiac sign is tireless and obsessive when pursuing answers or information about any given topic. Scorpios are also skilled at maintaining things compared to beginning things or altering their course of action. 

This fixed modality is paired with the element of water, making Scorpios incredibly intuitive when it comes to interpreting the emotions of both themselves and others. There is an empathy and devotion in every Scorpio, something that allows them to nurture others. All water signs are invested in emotions to some degree, capable of analyzing the emotional climate of both people and places with ease. 

One final foundational aspect of Scorpio is the fact that they are the 8th sign of the zodiac. Linked to the astrological 8th house, Scorpios are highly motivated by the themes of this house. The 8th house is all about transformative circumstances, including death and rebirth. There is a sense of darkness and mystery in the 8th house as well as a mention of shared resources. Scorpios are motivated by the concept of transforming, especially alongside others. Sharing in transformative experiences will be important to the average Scorpio throughout their lifetime! 

But Scorpios aren’t solely intense because of their connection to the eighth house. While its themes of the occult, taboo, and inner darkness certainly lend to the Scorpio personality, this zodiac sign’s ruling planets have even more influence over it. 

November 3 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

november 3 zodiac

Pluto rules over Scorpio in modern astrological teachings.

©NASA images/

What do you know about your Pluto sign? A dwarf planet that influences generations more than the personality of an individual, Pluto rules over Scorpio in modern astrological teachings. Pluto was discovered far later than other planets closer to the sun, which means that Scorpio had a different planetary ruler back in ancient times. Mars was once Scorpio’s sole ruler, and both of these planets have a certain level of influence over this zodiac sign. 

Pluto carries with it many destructive themes and qualities, including the ends of cycles and transformative circumstances. These aspects align well with Scorpio and the 8th house. Pluto is a deep planet, obscured in its faraway position in our solar system. Scorpios instinctively obscure and conceal their inner depths, darkness, and vulnerabilities because of this connection. They understand that the best power is power no one else knows about and can take advantage of. 

But what of Mars? Scorpio still reflects many traits of its original planetary ruler, especially with the notion of power in mind. Mars and your Mars sign represent drive, energy, competitiveness, and action-oriented goals. While currently ruling Aries, the red planet felt like a natural fit for Scorpio once upon a time. There is an ambition in every Scorpio, though it isn’t as obvious an ambition compared to the average Aries

Considering both Mars and Pluto at the same time paints the clearest picture of a Scorpio. There is a tireless drive in this water sign that can only be attributed to Mars. However, this drive and ambition happen beneath the surface, deep inside, where very few people notice it happening. This is due to Scorpio’s connection to Pluto and where most of their secretive nature manifests. 

November 3 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Scorpio

november 3 zodiac

Scorpios keep their cards close to their chest.


The depth of a Scorpio is often obvious when you first meet one. Nothing about a Scorpio is on the surface, nor are they interested in anything so simplistic. Scorpios are fearless and unafraid to talk about the most taboo or controversial things in the world. Often, this zodiac sign shocks others simply because they can. The other reason they converse in such a fearless way is so that they can find people who are similarly minded. 

Frequently misunderstood because of this intensity, Scorpios keep their cards close to their chest. However, they are magnetically attractive and draw people in with little effort. This is largely due to Scorpio’s water element connection. They are tuned into the emotional states of others and can easily connect, make someone else feel special. This level of intimacy is rare in most other zodiac signs, though you may not even notice that it is one-sided at first! 

In fact, Scorpios are largely remiss to be so intimate and vulnerable with others. This water sign will learn everything about someone else before they reveal even the slightest trait, memory, or habit in themselves. The Scorpio stoicism is one of the biggest weaknesses of this sign, though every Scorpio will likely argue this point. Secretive and capable of concealing their true intentions, Scorpios often appear manipulative when they are simply trying to protect themselves. 

However, once a Scorpio decides to be vulnerable with someone else, they are a rare and special person indeed. You can tell a Scorpio anything and they won’t judge you. This zodiac sign is incredibly observant and has a wonderful memory. Just know that Scorpios don’t open up to everyone, so be sure to treat what you know about them with respect! 

Numerology for November 3 Zodiac Signs

november 3 zodiac

Scorpios are already creative individuals, but this particular Scorpio may invest heavily in their creative life. 


The number three holds an obvious importance over someone born on November 3rd. From an astrological perspective, the number three is associated with Gemini as the 3rd zodiac sign and the 3rd house of intellect and communication. Numerology speaks of the number three as a creative number, one of strength and clear purpose. But what does all of this mean for a Scorpio born on November 3rd? 

This particular birthday may have a clear and powerful way of speaking. Scorpios already have a presence about them and a way with words that allows them to both connect to others and stake a claim. A Scorpio born on November 3rd may be even more commanding in their tone and way of speaking. However, it won’t feel alienating or too intense, given the number three’s connection to sociable, light-hearted Gemini. 

In fact, Gemini characteristics are readily associated with the number three, which may make this Scorpio birthday slightly similar to this mutable air sign. Geminis are deeply creative and readily adaptable, something a November 3rd zodiac sign may also demonstrate in their life. Scorpios are already creative individuals, but this particular Scorpio may invest heavily in their creative life. 

Finally, the adaptable and changeable nature of the number three may influence this Scorpio birthday in a positive way. Often, Scorpios grow fixated and obsessive, incapable of changing their minds, paths, and more due to their fixed natures. However, the mutability of Gemini may bring a bit more spontaneity and flexibility into the life of a November 3rd Scorpio! 

Career Paths for November 3 Zodiac Signs 

november 3 zodiac

A November 3 zodiac sign will be especially skilled at communicating with others.


There is a probing nature to every Scorpio, something that suits them well in a variety of careers. Remember that Scorpios are a fixed sign, which means they prefer to maintain and sustain things rather than begin them or otherwise change course and do something different. This is integral for a Scorpio when it comes to their career path. Even if they find different places to work, it is likely that Scorpios maintain a career in the same field or topic for the entirety of their life.

The questioning and curious nature of Scorpio makes them well-adapted to careers in research, science, mathematics, or anything that allows them to pick up on patterns. Scorpios make wonderful criminologists, lawyers, investigators, and profilers. Remember that this zodiac sign never misses a detail and is extremely good at sensing the emotional climates of both places and people. 

This emotional awareness makes Scorpios naturally suited to careers in counseling and therapeutic situations. Scorpios are always sympathetic and capable of helping others understand their obscure or unwanted thoughts. A November 3 zodiac sign will be especially skilled at communicating with others, which may make them an even greater, sympathetic psychologist compared to other Scorpio birthdays. 

However, given this Scorpio birthday’s connection to the number three, a career in the arts or creativity feels inevitable. Scorpios are already very good at most creative endeavors, particularly poetry and composing. Their emotional awareness translates well into pieces of art, especially when we consider someone born on November 3rd! Whether it be poetry or directing, interior design or dancing, Scorpios understand how to master most creative projects.

Relationships and Love for November 3 Zodiac Signs

november 3 zodiac

Scorpios are known for their obsessions.

©Marko Aliaksandr/

Given that Scorpios often conceal their emotions just under the surface, it can take some time to know whether or not they are interested in you romantically. However, the intensity and magnetism in the average Scorpio make them irresistible, even if they don’t give everything away immediately. That is one of Scorpio’s charms when it comes to romance: they are a bit of a mystery, especially early on in the relationship! 

Scorpios are known for their obsession, and love is a natural outlet for such behavior. While it can occasionally broach into unhealthy or fixated territories, Scorpios use their fixed energies to singularly focus on the person they are interested in. Scorpios love pursuing romantic interests and revel in the prize of romance when they win it. Winning is very important to this zodiac sign, even if they don’t let on. 

Once they know for certain they can trust you, Scorpios steadily open themselves up in a romantic relationship. This is something of great importance for a Scorpio, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Scorpios view their inner world as their personal power, power that is lost when this information is shared. Just like the 8th house, Scorpios view falling in love as a type of death and rebirth, something their partner also needs to respect.

And, in this transformational circumstance, Scorpios truly shine. fixed signs feel like eternal romantics, given their preference for contributing to relationships for the long haul. Scorpios are of course no exception to this. When they let someone in, let someone have power over them, it is often for life. This isn’t to say that Scorpios don’t have casual flings, but the relationships they deem deep and important?  These are the ones they want to maintain and sustain! 

Matches and Compatibility for November 3 Zodiac Signs

november 3 zodiac

Once they know for certain they can trust you, Scorpios steadily open themselves up in a romantic relationship.


While it may not be worth mentioning, it’s important to understand that astrological compatibility shouldn’t be the only thing you consider when dating someone. It’s a fun, relatable practice to contemplate when starting a relationship, but we are so much more complicated than astrology! Always remain realistic and positive when it comes to romance, and be sure to date people of all zodiac signs, no matter your supposed compatibility. 

For a Scorpio born specifically on November 3rd, some matches seem more promising than others. Here are some likely compatible matches for this Scorpio:

  • Virgo. Earth signs and water signs work well together. Scorpios and Virgos are classic astrological matches and can truly grow alongside one another! Also ruled by Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet), Virgos are intelligent and service-oriented. Their eye for detail helps them notice just how special Scorpios are, especially a Scorpio born on November 3rd. Plus, Scorpios understand how compassionate Virgos are and support their tenderness daily.
  • Cancer. Given that Cancer is also a water sign, they understand Scorpios on a deep level. Scorpios of course appreciate this depth in Cancer as well as their devoted charms. Cancers long to build a loving home with Scorpios, and vice versa. This match is dreamy and creative, deeply involved in each other’s lives for the long haul!

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on November 3rd

Celebrity being photographed by paparazzi photographers at event

Check out these famous people born on the third of November!

©Caiaimage/Tom Merton/iStock via Getty Images

Some memorable and notable Scorpios born on November 3rd include:

  • Karl Baedeker (publisher)
  • Joseph Hellmesberger Sr. (composer)
  • Jokichi Takamine (biochemist)
  • Wilfred Trotter (surgeon)
  • Gustaf Tenggren (artist)
  • Osamu Tezuka (artist)
  • John Barry (composer)
  • Michael Dukakis (politician)
  • Terrence McNally (playwright)
  • Anna Wintour (editor)
  • David Ho (researcher)
  • Roseanne Barr (actor)
  • Dolph Lundgren (actor)
  • Phil Katz (programmer)
  • Colin Kaepernick (NFL player)
  • Elizabeth A. Smart (activist)
  • Kendall Jenner (TV personality)

Important Events That Occurred on November 3rd

november 3 zodiac

On this day in 1957, Laika and Sputnik 2 were launched into space.

©scanned by user Neozoon, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons – License

  • In 1524, the Act of Supremacy was passed in England
  • In 1838, The Times of India was founded and originally published as The Bombay Times
  • Multiple US Presidents were elected on this date, including John Adams and Ulysses S. Grant
  • In 1957, Laika and Sputnik 2 were launched into space
  • In 1975, Good Morning America officially premiered
  • In 1996, Kobe Bryant made his NBA debut
  • In 2014, the One World Trade Center officially opened

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