November 30 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: November 19, 2023
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With birthdays occurring from roughly November 23rd to December 21st, a November 30 zodiac sign is indeed a Sagittarius. Independent and adventurous, Sagittarians long to maintain their individuality in their quest for knowledge and truth. If this sounds like you and your birthday is on November 30th, you may be wondering what else astrology has to say about your personality. 

A Sagittarius can be very adaptable yet change his or her mind often.

Do you consider yourself a skeptic or a believer when it comes to astrological teachings? No matter what you think about this ancient technique, astrology continually surprises people with its insight and specificity. And today, we will use astrology to get specific about someone born on November 30th. Let’s get started and talk about the astrological foundations and details of the zodiac sign, Sagittarius, now! 

November 30 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

november 30 zodiac

Sagittarians embrace their mutable modality daily, capable of changing their minds in an instant!


Sagittarians are the 9th zodiac sign and a fire sign with a mutable modality. What does all of this mean and how does it affect the average Sagittarius personality? For starters, as the 9th zodiac sign, Sagittarians are linked to the 9th house. This astrological house stands for our philosophical ideals and how we long to share our knowledge with others. Sagittarians are instinctively motivated by their individual pursuit of truth, knowledge, and higher meaning in this life. They seek new experiences and new points of view while walking this philosophical path. 

As a fire sign, Sagittarians have in them a drive, energy, and confidence that allows them to reach their lofty goals. While earth signs are motivated by practical matters and water signs are motivated by emotional matters, fire signs are motivated by action-oriented matters. Taking action is of great importance to the average fire sign, and Sagittarians are no exception to this. This zodiac sign is constantly taking action and making changes in order to feel satisfied.

Finally, Sagittarians are mutable signs, joining Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo. All mutable sign birthdays happen as one season becomes another. This changeable, adaptable time of year lens a great deal of adaptability and flexibility to these zodiac signs. Sagittarians embrace their mutable modality daily, capable of changing their minds in an instant! Mutable signs also make wonderful collaborators. Sagittarians are adept at collaborating with others and filling in gaps with their problem-solving skills.

Going back to the connection that Sagittarians have with the 9th house of philosophy, there’s one more major player here that ties into this sign’s intellectual nature. Let’s discuss the ruling planet of Sagittarius now. 

November 30 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

november 30 zodiac

There is an optimism and positivity in every Sagittarius because of the luckiness found within Jupiter.


Inherently connected to philosophy and expansive potential, Jupiter rules over the sign of Sagittarius. It also is connected to the 9th house, given their shared messages of intellectual debate and philosophic growth through connecting to others. Your Jupiter sign will give you some insight into your own personal truths and philosophies, the things that you believe in, and how you share what you’ve learned in your lifetime. 

Given that Sagittarians are always connected to this concept, this zodiac sign is highly motivated by learning. Jupiter is associated with higher education and expansion of our belief systems, of what we know to be true. The average Sagittarius is constantly pursuing new knowledge with a hunger that is rarely sated. Jupiter is also associated with travel, particularly over a vast distance. It’s rare to find a Sagittarius that doesn’t like to travel! 

Jupiter is generally understood as a positive, generous planet. It’s the largest planet in our solar system and can therefore be thought of as having a lot to give. Jupiter is even a lucky planet, associated with fated things and endless possibilities. There is an optimism and positivity in every Sagittarius because of the luckiness found within Jupiter. This planet ensures the average Sagittarius that anything is possible, even if you’re unsure.

The largesse of Jupiter makes the average Sagittarius bold and unstoppable. Fire signs are already confident, independent people, but Jupiter ensures that Sagittarians live large! This is typically a positive thing, though Sagittarians can grow a bit braggy from time to time. It’s important for this feisty fire sign to remember humility, especially as they experience bigger and better things over the course of their lifetime.

November 30 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Sagittarius

november 30 zodiac

Sagittarians want everyone to be as adventurous and independent as they are.

© Vasylenko

Any and all things are possible to a Sagittarius. When this fire sign’s mutable modality and endless energy meet their optimistic outlook from the planet Jupiter, Sagittarians become the most adaptable and capable signs of the zodiac. One of the greatest strengths of this sign is the fact that they believe in themselves so strongly. Sagittarians often take the biggest risks of any other zodiac sign because they know their chances of success are high. 

While it may appear as if Sagittarians don’t think things through before they leap, this is far from the case. Remember the philosophical and intellectual leanings of both Jupiter and the 9th house. Sagittarians consider everything and weigh the pros and cons, much like their classic astrological match, Libra. The consideration that a Sagittarius uses in order to make decisions is vast. 

However, one of the greatest weaknesses of this fire sign is the fact that they do indeed change their minds so frequently. While this allows a Sagittarius to constantly pursue new curiosities and experiences, this zodiac sign is well known for ghosting people or abandoning situations suddenly. The wandering nature of Sagittarius cannot be avoided, as new experiences and possibilities constantly call to them. 

Still, Sagittarians make wonderful friends and powerful advocates for those they care about. This zodiac sign can be a bit contrary and certainly marches to its own beat, but Sagittarians are excellent when it comes to helping people advocate for themselves. Sagittarians want everyone to be as adventurous and independent as they are, as they view their fearless way of being as one of the best ways to live. 

Numerology for November 30 Zodiac Signs

november 30 zodiac

For this Sagittarius birthday, the number three lends more adaptability, creativity, and intellect to an already intellectual sign.


The number three is a significant number for this Sagittarius birthday. We can use numerology to separate a November 30th zodiac sign from other Sagittarians, especially when we consider the meaning behind this powerful number. From a numerological perspective, the number three represents creativity, stability, and adaptability. These meanings tie into what the number three means in astrology as well.

From an astrological perspective, the number three represents the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini. Geminis are mutable air signs known for their sociable natures and curiosity. Likewise, the third house represents intellect, communication, and how we share our ideas and generally communicate with others. But what does all of this mean for a Sagittarius born on November 30th? 

For this Sagittarius birthday, the number three lends more adaptability, creativity, and intellect to an already intellectual sign. A November 30th Sagittarius may find that they have a great deal of strength when it comes to public speaking or socializing. The third house is all about communication, something that Sagittarians typically do in a blunt and straightforward manner. This Sagittarius birthday may understand the importance of communicating in a gentler way! 

Geminis are highly creative signs, which is why this Sagittarius birthday may enjoy creative endeavors of all types. The number three is also a stable, foundational number. Good things come in threes, and a November 30th Sagittarius may find a great deal of stability in their life when pursuing their goals! 

Career Paths for November 30 Zodiac Signs 

november 30 zodiac

Sagittarians are excellent storytellers given their propensity for new experiences.


It’s often a fair assumption that Sagittarians don’t stick with any one career path their entire life. However, Sagittarians value self-mastery thanks to their independent natures. While they don’t necessarily long to make a name for themselves in any given career path, they enjoy standing out and perhaps even forging a brand new career. As a mutable sign, Sagittarians make excellent collaborators in the workplace. Likewise, their fire element ensures that they have endless energy to accomplish their goals. 

While they won’t necessarily think of themselves as aspirational leaders, Sagittarians inspire those around them endlessly. Becoming a mentor, coach, or teacher in any field may suit a Sagittarius well. A Sagittarius born on November 30th will excel in any of these careers as well as careers in public speaking, advocacy, politics, and even law. Remember that this particular Sagittarius birthday is connected to the number three and may have a very persuasive way of communicating their ideas. 

Creativity is also connected to the number three, so this Sagittarius birthday may be drawn to a career in the arts. Sagittarians are excellent storytellers given their propensity for new experiences and appreciating people from all walks of life. Whether it be writing, comedy, or songwriting, Sagittarians know how to tell a good story. They may also be drawn to physical creative careers such as dance or construction. 

No matter when a Sagittarius is born, this independent fire sign won’t appreciate a job that asks them to assimilate or otherwise conceal their personality. Sagittarians are generally incapable of this, which is why they may be drawn to social media influencing or starting their own brand. Likewise, travel is always necessary for a Sagittarius, so why not get paid to do it?! 

Relationships and Love for November 30 Zodiac Signs

november 30 zodiac

Like all other fire signs, Sagittarians waste no time when it comes to getting to know a potential romantic partner.


Freedom is of utmost importance to a Sagittarius, which is why they can struggle with long-term relationships. As a mutable sign that understands just how much possibility there is in a lifetime, Sagittarians are remiss to settle down. They prefer to date a wide variety of people throughout their lives, learning something new from each and every one of them. Even if a Sagittarius relationship doesn’t last very long, this fire sign gives itself fully to every romance. 

Like all other fire signs, Sagittarians waste no time when it comes to getting to know a potential romantic partner. They are straightforward with their intentions and typically don’t offer commitment as an expectation. When it comes to what a Sagittarius is looking for in a potential partner, intellect and banter are two very important aspects. Sagittarians are known for their ability to spar verbally, especially a Sagittarius so connected to the number three. 

Love is very important to a Sagittarius, though they don’t view love as an ultimate commitment. Nothing should be a commitment to a Sagittarius, as they long to maintain their freedom above all else. Dating someone equally independent and confident helps a Sagittarius match last. Imposing too many boundaries, rules, or insecurities on a Sagittarius will make them run away in an instant! 

For a Sagittarius born on November 30th, intellectual debate and philosophical conversations will be of utmost importance. This is an intellectual sign in the first place, especially with their connection to the number three. While dating a Sagittarius is always an adventurous whirlwind, this particular Sagittarius birthday may enjoy slowing down and having a good conversation over a few drinks more than other Sagittarians. 

Matches and Compatibility for November 30 Zodiac Signs

november 30 zodiac

Love is very important to a Sagittarius, though they don’t view love as an ultimate commitment.


You of course know that astrology isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to dating someone. However, Sagittarians rarely consider much before diving into a date with someone new. They are drawn to interesting people and people they feel as if they have never met before. Sagittarians rarely ever date the same types of people and prefer to find matches rooted in equal intelligence and the potential to learn something new! 

But what about Sagittarius born on November 30th? Here are some matches for this Sagittarius in particular, based on astrology and numerology!:

  • Gemini. As the third sign of the zodiac, a November 30th Sagittarius likely can’t help but be drawn to Geminis. This is already a classic, strong match from an astrological perspective. Both mutable and intellectual, Geminis and Sagittarians value freedom and their own independence and routines. By allowing the other the same freedom, Sagittarians and Geminis often end up being together for a long time! 
  • Aquarius. Another air sign but of a fixed modality, Aquarians appeal to Sagittarians because of their philosophical natures. There is an intellectual in every Aquarius, something that the average Sagittarius picks up on immediately. This is a match built on independence and banter, two things that Sagittarians value greatly. While Aquarians may long for commitment in time, they entertain Sagittarians to no end and both of these signs expand together. 

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on November 30th

Sagittarius, Astrology Sign, Astrology, Abstract, Night

© sutthisumdang

Some famous and noteworthy Sagittarians born on November 30th include:

  • Jonathan Swift (writer)
  • Alexander Berry (explorer)
  • Oliver Winchester (manufacturer)
  • Theodor Mommsen (scholar)
  • Henri Ernest Baillon (botanist)
  • Mark Twain (author)
  • John McCrae (poet)
  • Lucy Maud Montgomery (author)
  • Winston Churchill (politician)
  • Clyfford Still (painter)
  • Philip Burton (mentor)
  • Gordon Parks (director)
  • Johnnie Jones (activist)
  • Shirley Chisholm (politician)
  • Dick Clark (TV personality)
  • Bill Walsh (coach)
  • Bob Moore (musician)
  • Ridley Scott (director)
  • Terrence Malick (director)
  • Marina Abramović (artist)
  • David Mamet (playwright)
  • Mandy Patinkin (actor)
  • Billy Idol (singer)
  • Colin Mochrie (comedian)
  • Bo Jackson (athlete)
  • Ben Stiller (actor)
  • Christophe Beck (composer)
  • Clay Aiken (singer)
  • Chrissy Teigen (model)
  • Kaley Cuoco (actor)
  • Magnus Carlsen (chess player)

Important Events That Occurred on November 30th

november 30 zodiac

On this day in 1907, Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market was officially dedicated.

©Tanya Antusenok/

  • In 1864, the Battle of Honey Hill occurred
  • In 1907, Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market was officially dedicated
  • In 1962, U Thant became the UN’s Secretary-General
  • In 1979, the album “The Wall” by Pink Floyd was released
  • And, in 1982, the album “Thriller” by Michael Jackson was released
  • In 1993, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act was signed into law
  • In 2021 (originally declaring its independence on the same day in 1966), Barbados officially became a Republic

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