October 29 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Published: September 7, 2023
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What makes an October 29 zodiac sign so special? As a Scorpio born on this specific day, you represent an intense, compassionate water sign. But what do you know about Scorpios and astrology in general? By studying your specific birthday, you may learn more about your personality and motivations than you first expected! So, what does this ancient practice have to say about someone born on October 29th? 

By using astrology and other forms of symbolic study, we can analyze the personality of every possible birthday. While astrology is designed to be a fun, social method of study, it may still surprise you with what it can teach you about yourself. If you were born on October 29th, we’ll go over the strengths and weaknesses of your personality as well as what your potential future may hold. Let’s begin by discussing the basics behind the zodiac sign of Scorpio now. 

October 29 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

october 29 zodiac

Scorpios believe that inner transformation is key to our development alongside one another. 


If you don’t know this already, every zodiac sign has a modality, an element, a ruling planet, and a specific placement within the zodiac. Scorpios are the 8th zodiac sign out of a possible 12, ruled by Pluto, and are water signs of a fixed modality. But what does all of this mean, especially in regard to the Scorpio personality? Once you learn some of these astrological basics, you can apply them to each and every sign of the zodiac! 

Scorpio’s placement as the 8th zodiac sign connects them to the 8th house in astrology. The astrological houses all have assigned meanings, with the 8th house representing transformation, shared experiences, and death. While this may sound intense, it manifests in the Scorpio personality as a desire to grow through shared experiences with others. Scorpios believe that inner transformation is key to our development alongside one another. 

This desire to connect ties in well with Scorpio’s elemental assignment. Water signs long to bridge the gap between others, collaborating using their compassionate hearts and empathetic souls. Scorpios are no exception to this, as they use their keen emotional intuition to serve others. Water signs are also inspired by creative endeavors and dreams, finding that love and hope connect us more than other concepts. 

Modalities are slightly more complicated to understand, as they correspond with when your zodiac sign occurs during the seasons. As a fixed sign, Scorpios represent the stable peak of their season, which is fall in the northern hemisphere. Fixed signs are reliable, somewhat predictable, and resistant to change. However, Scorpios are also steadfast and dedicated because of their modality placement, a zodiac sign that never gives up! 

October 29 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

october 29 zodiac

With Mars and Pluto both affecting the personality of a Scorpio, these two planets create one of the most intense, persistent signs in the zodiac.


Pluto has already been mentioned as Scorpio’s planetary ruler. In modern astrology, this is indeed true. However, astrology is an ancient practice and Pluto was only discovered in the 1930s. Therefore, Scorpio’s original planetary ruler was, in fact, Mars. When we look at the influence of both of these planets on this serious, intense zodiac sign, the personality of a Scorpio begins to take shape. 

Despite Pluto’s small stature, this planet has a large, generational influence. Your Pluto sign represents secrets, destruction, and the ways in which you can feel powerful, depending on where Pluto was when you were born. Scorpios tap into Pluto’s desire for power daily. This water sign holds a great deal of personal power and is remiss to give it up to just anyone. They value destructive, transformational circumstances and view them as an important part of life.

But the steadfastness of a Scorpio could be partially thanks to their connection to Mars. If you don’t know where your Mars sign is in your birth chart, you may want to check it out. This planet rules our desires, ambition, and energy, affecting our drive and overall competitiveness depending on where it is placed. However, Scorpios are driven, tireless people, likely thanks to their ancient Martian assignment. 

With Mars and Pluto both affecting the personality of a Scorpio, these two planets create one of the most intense, persistent signs in the zodiac. Scorpios find a great deal of satisfaction in their own personal power, power that they have earned through transformative circumstances. When Martian drive pairs with secretive Pluto, it makes for a zodiac sign that longs to come out on top, even if no one else realizes it! 

October 29 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of  Scorpio

october 29 zodiac

The notion of trust and therefore betrayal runs deep in a Scorpio.


If you were born on October 29th, how often do you feel misunderstood? This is a huge theme in the Scorpio personality, the notion that few people understand this intense, dark zodiac sign. Scorpios are fearless in the face of self-discovery and new experiences, often unfiltered in conversations. Many people think of Scorpios as pessimistic or even perverted, but this water sign simply understands that we are all capable of containing multitudes, some aspects darker than others! 

This isn’t to say that Scorpios can’t be pessimistic from time to time. Born during the time of year when darkness grows more prevalent, Scorpios aren’t afraid to explore their own demons as well as the demons of others. While this can occasionally manifest negatively in the Scorpio personality, it often makes this zodiac sign incredibly compassionate and relatable. Scorpios are adept at forming intimate bonds with others by discussing the more taboo and fringe concepts in society. 

However, these discussions are often one-sided. Because they understand the notion that not everyone appreciates their darknesses, Scorpios don’t often share personal details about themselves right away. they are more likely to get to know someone else than share things from their own life, a weakness of this zodiac sign. Scorpios prefer to keep things private so that they maintain their position of power, opening up once they know they can trust you. 

This notion of trust and therefore betrayal runs deep in a Scorpio. While incredibly devoted and gentle in their relationships, Scorpios are quick to cut ties with someone whom they view as having betrayed them. This may be a method of self-protection, and valid in many situations. However, Scorpios can get vicious if they believe someone doesn’t have their best interests in mind! 

What Makes an October 29 Zodiac Sign Special?

october 29 zodiac

A Scorpio so connected to the number two may struggle with themes of possessiveness and overly controlling behavior throughout their life.


Numerology can help us discern some important personality differences between Scorpios and Scorpios specifically born on October 29th. By adding up the digits and the number 29, we see that the number two is a number of importance for someone born on this date. From a numerological perspective, the number two represents partnerships and balance, while astrology assigns this number to Taurus and the second house of possessions or ownership.

Scorpios connected to the number two may feel a desire to form close and balanced partnerships throughout their lifetime. The notion of balance will be especially important to this Scorpio birthday, as maintaining an equal share or a fair split with others will likely matter to them. Fairness is always important to Scorpios, but especially a Scorpio born on October 29th! But what does astrology have to say about this number? 

It’s interesting to note that Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite on the astrological wheel. This fixed earth sign represents stableness, comfort, and pleasure through taking ownership of things. A Scorpio connected to the number two and the second sign of the zodiac may take on certain Taurus traits such as their hard work ethic or occasional stubbornness. Likewise, the second house is all about understanding the things in your life that you have control over. 

Speaking of control, a Scorpio so connected to the number two may struggle with themes of possessiveness and overly controlling behavior throughout their life. Stubbornness may already be a characteristic of someone born on this day, as Scorpio’s fixed modality only enhances this behavior. An October 29th zodiac sign may not be as willing to share what they have compared to other Scorpio birthdays. 

Career Paths for October 29 Zodiac Signs

october 29 zodiac

Remember that, despite their intense auras, Scorpios are fantastic at making people feel comfortable! 


While we are all capable of taking on any career paths that we are interested in, astrology can help us determine what we might be best at from a professional perspective. For example, fixed signs, such as Scorpio, do well in long-term career paths, careers that allow them to maintain and work towards something. This could be anything from starting a business to studying one specific field, as Scorpios love to get specific! 

Detail work and intricate careers tend to appeal to this investigative zodiac sign. In fact, Scorpios make excellent investigators, private detectives, criminologists, and more. They easily see patterns and pick up on subtleties, more than the average zodiac sign. Scorpios also make excellent designers and creative artists, capable of weaving intimate stories that inspire and deeply affect their audiences. 

As a water sign, Scorpios understand emotions better than other elements. Therefore, a career in psychology or psychiatry may appeal to this empathetic zodiac sign. Scorpios are also unafraid of trauma, intensity, and personal transformation, which may make them excellent candidates for relationship, addiction, or trauma counseling settings. Remember that, despite their intense auras, Scorpios are fantastic at making people feel comfortable! 

Finally, the notion of power may play into the career path that a Scorpio chooses, especially an October 29th zodiac sign. This could mean a career in politics, an executive role of some type, or something else. However, remember Pluto’s influence on Scorpio. This zodiac sign prefers to have power in private rather than public. This may mean a career in producing, directing, or otherwise running an operation without being seen publicly! 

Relationships and Love for October 29 Zodiac Signs

october 29 zodiac

Scorpios view their romantic partnerships as all or nothing, seeking out soul-changing romances. 

©Marko Aliaksandr/Shutterstock.com

Scorpios feel very strongly about love. This zodiac sign believes in lengthy, deep relationships, often just as intense as they are! Most fixed signs feel this way about their romantic lives, as fixed signs do best when they can contribute to something and work toward a mutual goal throughout their lives. Scorpios certainly believe in this and view their romantic partnerships as all or nothing, seeking out soul-changing romances. 

A Scorpio born on October 29th will seek out an equal, fair partnership. The number two influences this particular birthday when it comes to balance in the relationship. This could also refer to a balance between work and romance, personal lives and time together. However, remember that the second house represents possessions and things within our control. It isn’t outside of the question for this Scorpio birthday to be a bit possessive of their partner. 

This is already something that Scorpios can struggle with when in love. Given their guarded natures and fixated mentalities, Scorpios naturally feel possessive of their partners. A Scorpio born on this day in particular will reflect this, viewing their romantic interests as something of utmost importance to them. This Scorpio birthday may need to pay attention to their more obsessive, possessive behaviors so that they can guard against them over time. 

Matches and Compatibility for October 29 Zodiac Signs

october 29 zodiac

It isn’t outside of the question for this Scorpio birthday to be a bit possessive of their partner. 

©Marko Aliaksandr/Shutterstock.com

Given that Scorpios seek lasting, intense matches, this zodiac sign may not appeal to everyone. Knowing your entire birth chart can help you better determine your romantic compatibility with someone else. However, astrology never has all the answers when it comes to just how complicated love lives can be! Trust your intuition and your own choices when it comes to romance, as Scorpios always do. 

For the sake of fun, what signs match well with a Scorpio born on October 29th? Here are some signs of the zodiac that this birthday likely can’t help but be attracted to!:

  • Taurus. Given the numerological connection between an October 29th zodiac sign and Taurus, this could prove to be an exciting, lasting match. While opposites on the astrological wheel, Tauruses and Scorpios have the potential to bring out the best in each other. They indulge one another and nourish each other, so long as they are able to get past their initial, fixed perspectives! 
  • Virgo. Another earth sign like Taurus, Virgos match particularly well with Scorpios. Modest and thorough, Virgos appreciate how intense and detail-oriented Scorpios are. This is a match that sustains each other for the long haul, connecting and growing as the years go by. Virgos won’t mind how intense or possessive Scorpios get of them, and Scorpios will enjoy caring for humble, hard-working Virgos. 

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on October 29th

  • Josephine Beall Bruce (activist)
  • Fanny Brice (comedian)
  • A. J. Ayer (philosopher)
  • Bill Mauldin (artist)
  • Carl Djerassi (chemist)
  • Isao Takahata (filmmaker)
  • Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (politician)
  • Bob Ross (artist)
  • Richard Dreyfuss (actor)
  • Paul Orndorff (wrestler)
  • Kate Jackson (actor)
  • Lee Child (author)
  • David Remnick (editor)
  • Randy Jackson (singer)
  • Stanley Donwood (designer)
  • Winona Rider (actor)
  • Tracee Ellis Ross (actor)
  • Johnny Lewis (actor)
  • Katherine Timpf (TV personality)
  • Parris Goebel (dancer)

Important Events That Occurred on October 29th 

october 29 zodiac

On this day in 1792, Mount Hood was first seen and named.

©kwan tse/Shutterstock.com

  • In 1792, Oregon’s Mount Hood was officially spotted and named
  • In 1945, the very first ballpoint pen was sold
  • In 1956, the Suez Crisis officially began
  • In 1964, the Star of India and 21 other gems were stolen from the American Museum of Natural History
  • In 1986, the M25 officially opened in London
  • In 2002, the Ho Chi Minh City ITC Inferno occurred
  • In 2012, Hurricane Sandy officially made landfall in the United States

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