Octopus Spirit Animal Symbolism and Meaning

Written by Crystal
Updated: June 7, 2023
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Octopus Spirit Animal infographic
Octopus Spirit Animal infographic

Do you have an inner octopus?

People admire your enigmatic nature but may never really know who you are. You have a strong connection to your emotions but seldom show them to others. In times of crisis, you remain calm and collected.

As a spirit animal, the octopus encourages us to stay flexible in our thinking and to be adaptable to change. The octopus also reminds us that we have more control over our lives than we realize. We can choose which aspects of our personality to reveal to others.

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What else can we learn from the octopus? Keep reading to learn all about octopus spirit animal meaning and symbolism.

What Is the Meaning of the Octopus Spirit Animal?


If you have an octopus spirit animal, you are strategic, creative, and intelligent.

©Olga Visavi/Shutterstock.com

If you have an octopus spirit animal, you are strategic, creative, and intelligent. You are also a master of camouflage, able to adapt to any situation. As an octopus, you are curious and constantly exploring your talents. You are also very sensitive and strongly connected to how you feel.

When a new situation enters your life, you adapt faster than others. Just like the octopus, you know how to quickly change to match what’s happening. You’re clever and efficient, making it easy to escape problems that would weigh others down.

When you know the ways of the octopus, you can see both sides of every issue and find creative solutions. You’re not afraid to try new things, even if they initially seem a bit strange.

Studies show octopuses have the capacity to express different personalities. You, too, have a unique way of showing off who you are. This might be through a creative endeavor or through meaningful conversations.

The octopus spirit animal is also a reminder that life is a living network. Even if we don’t always show it, there is a deep emotional bond that ties us all together. We are all connected by a common thread, and the octopus reminds us of that connection.

Positive Characteristics of the Octopus Spirit Animal

What makes the octopus so awesome? There are a lot of positive traits this spirit animal has to offer. The more you understand your strengths, the easier it’ll be for them to shine.

Positive characteristics of the octopus :

  • Strategic
  • Creative
  • Intelligent
  • Master of camouflage
  • Adaptable
  • Curious
  • Sensitive
  • Emotionally wise
  • Clever

Since you live life with octopus energy, you’re always sensitive to others around you. You also find it easy to come up with clever solutions, whether at work or at home.

When you live life like an octopus, everything can be fascinating. You see what’s below the surface of almost every situation. Friends are impressed by your ability to find the simplest things interesting.

Negative Characteristics of the Octopus Spirit Animal

When someone with an inner octopus feels unbalanced, things can get a bit slippery. If you identify with the octopus spirit animal, you may need to watch out for these negative qualities:

  • Deceptive
  • Sly
  • Untrustworthy
  • Clingy
  • Impatient
  • Provocative
  • Impulsive
  • Possessive
  • Sarcastic
  • Manipulative

If you’re feeling insecure, you may be deceptive and manipulative, using your intelligence to get what you want. Unhappy octopuses tend to be secretive and isolated, only furthering their unhappiness. The solution is simple, though, reach out to friends. Even texting someone when you’re feeling down can be a big help.

What Does the Octopus Symbolize?

blue ringed octopus

The octopus symbolizes the mystery of the unknown.


The octopus symbolizes the mystery of the unknown. Octopuses are creatures of the night, spending the day hidden away in caves or under rocks. They’re often seen as symbols of secrets and hidden knowledge. As an octopus, you may want to explore the mystical side of life.

The octopus is also a symbol of intelligence and creative problem-solving. Octopuses can open jars and solve complex puzzles. They’re able to adapt quickly to new situations, making them excellent survivors. As an octopus, you’re clever and resourceful. You know how to use your talents to escape difficult situations.

The octopus is also a symbol of transformation. Octopuses can change their skin color and texture to match their surroundings. They’re highly adaptable creatures that remind us to think flexibly. When you have an octopus as a spirit animal, you’re reminded that change is always possible.

The Meaning of an Octopus Sighting

If you see an octopus, it means that you are being called to look beneath the surface of things. There is something that you do not see clearly. The octopus asks you to be curious and use your intuition to better understand.

The octopus is also a reminder to be adaptable. They are master shapeshifters, able to change their appearance to blend in with their surroundings. So, if you feel out of place or like you don’t quite fit in, the octopus tells you to go with the flow and be confident in who you are. Embrace your unique qualities, and don’t try to be someone you’re not.

The Meaning of an Octopus Dream

close up of an octopus

Dreaming about an octopus may symbolize your hidden talents.


Dreams about octopuses can mean a lot of things depending on the context of the dream. Generally, octopuses are clever and resourceful creatures. Dreaming about one may symbolize your own hidden talents.

Alternatively, the octopus could represent someone in your life who is devious and untrustworthy. If an octopus was chasing you in your dream, it could mean you don’t feel safe. Something in your waking life is threatening your peace of mind. Perhaps you’re avoiding an important issue that needs to be addressed.

Octopus Dream Context

As with all dreams, however, it is best to consider what was happening in the dream in order to arrive at the most accurate interpretation.

Consider the following dream context:

  • Was the octopus happy and healthy, or was it sick and dying?
  • Was the octopus friendly or aggressive?
  • What emotions did you feel in the dream?

These are all important factors to consider when interpreting the meaning of your dream. The way the dream makes you feel matters as well. Usually, octopus dreams leave the dreamer with a mystical sensation. They’re peaceful creatures that offer us a glimpse into the hidden parts of ourselves.

Spirit Animals Similar to the Octopus

If you meet someone with a butterfly spirit animal, chances are you’ll feel an instant connection. Butterfly energy and octopus energy both know how to move with ease. They’re both symbols of change and transformation.

Similar spirit animals:

If you identify with the octopus, then you may find that you have similar qualities to these other spirit animals. Elephants may seem like an unlikely spirit animal for octopus types, but they actually have a lot in common. Both animals are intelligent and have excellent memories.

Like the octopus, squid is an intelligent and skilled hunter. Cuttlefish are also adept at camouflage, and their eight arms make them similar in appearance to the octopus. Rays and sharks are both powerful predators, while eels are known for their stealth and ability to slither through tight spaces. Snakes are often associated with wisdom and sorcery, making them another natural fit for the octopus spirit animal. Finally, ostriches are large and enigmatic birds that are often associated with mystery and magic.

If you feel a connection to any of these animals, then it is possible that they are your spirit animals too. Octopus types are often attracted to other creatures that possess similar qualities. Whether you identify with one animal or many, allow your intuition to guide you on your journey of self-discovery. Don’t be afraid to take on more than one spirit guide at a time.

Spirit Animals Opposite of the Octopus

Despite their differences, there is a lot that opposing spirit animals can learn from each other. For instance, dolphins can be tricky for octopus types to get along with. Dolphin energy is all about playfulness and lightheartedness, while octopus energy is more serious and introspective. A playful dolphin can help the octopus lighten up a little.

Opposing spirit animals:

Those with toucan energy usually wind up competing with octopus types. Like the octopus, toucans are known for their intelligence and ability to solve problems creatively. They’re also social creatures who enjoy being around others.

Bunnies usually have trouble agreeing with octopus types. Bunnies are gentle, timid creatures who prefer to stay out of the spotlight, while octopuses are more confident and assertive. Bunny energy is also generally more optimistic, while octopus energy can be more dark and brooding.

Panda spirit animals are another challenging relationship for those with octopus energy. Pandas like to play and have fun. Octopuses, on the other hand, are more serious and cerebral. They’re also loners who prefer to spend time alone, while pandas are social animals who enjoy being around others.

Finally, lions can be difficult for octopus types to understand. Lion energy is all about power, strength, and courage. Octopuses are more subdued and introspective. They’re also known for their ability to change and adapt, while lions are creatures of habit.

How To Connect With Your Octopus Spirit Animal

Blue-ringed octopus swimming in the open ocean.

You can try meditating to connect with your octopus spirit animal.

©Iman Daniel/Shutterstock.com

If you feel called to connect with your octopus spirit animal, there are a few things you can do to deepen your connection. First, try spending time in nature observing octopuses at an aquarium. Pay attention to their movements and behavior, and see if you can find any qualities that you identify with.

You can also try meditating on your octopus spirit animal. Visualize yourself transformed into an octopus, and imagine what it would be like to live in the ocean depths. In your mind, move all eight of your tentacles. Feel the cool water against your skin, and let yourself sink into the depths.

Finally, try keeping a journal dedicated to your octopus spirit animal. Write down your thoughts and impressions after spending time observing octopuses or meditating on your octopus spirit animal. Allow your intuition to guide you, and see what insights you can glean from the experience.

Final Thoughts on Octopus Spirit Animal Meaning

Living life like an octopus is one of the best ways to be! This animal offers lessons about expressing yourself without trying to impress others.

You are intelligent, resourceful, and creative if the octopus is your spirit animal. Octopus types are constantly pursuing things that help them express themselves. This could be exploring a new hobby or creative outlet.

Finally, an octopus sighting can be a reminder that you are not alone. You have a strong support system of family and friends. These people will help you through tough times.

Octopuses tend to be independent, but don’t let that stop you from asking for help. It’s also a good idea to seek out compatible and opposing energies so you can continue growing. Explore what the Taurus and Pisces spirit animals have to offer too. Who knows? You may have more than one spirit animal.

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