Watch Actual Oklahoma Cowboys on Horseback Wrangle a Cow in the City

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: July 10, 2022
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A helicopter view of a loose cow running away from emergency services is not a sight you encounter on a regular basis, even though it’s Oklahoma. That’s why it’s newsworthy!

In this clip, the video opens with dramatic music as a cow can be seen running across a three-lane highway with two all-terrain vehicles in pursuit. One of the smaller ATVs is keeping up with the cow while a slightly larger ATV can be seen remaining behind. Suddenly, it picks up speed and pulls in from behind to try and corner the cow.

The larger ATV is able to catch up and slowly begins to steer the cow off the open road and toward a grassy area. Between the two ATVs, they are able to corner the cow in the grassy area. The larger ATV pulls up against the fence, the cow is in the middle, and the smaller ATV is just behind it. But the cow is determined to get away.

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What may not be obvious at first later becomes the most interesting, action-packed part of the clip. There are two cowboys riding horseback with lassos in hand just behind the two ATVs.

Just as the cow makes its escape away from the two ATVs, the first cowboy comes in fast, expertly waving his right arm in a circular motion to prepare to wrangle the cow.

You can hear the excitement of the news crew as they shout “Get it! Get it! Get it! Stay on ‘em!” Although the scene is a bit blurry and you can’t make out the details, you can hear the triumphant “Yes!” of the news respondent as the cowboy manages to wrangle the loose cow at top speed.

The cow keeps running with the horse in close proximity as the cowboy begins to slow it down. Once the cow realizes it has been captured, it tries to shake its head back and forth to release itself.

The second cowboy approaches from behind and gets ready to constrain the hind legs of the cow. As if capturing a snapshot that combines the days when cowboys ruled the roads with the future, when delivery trucks would rule the roads, a FedEx truck can be seen making its way on the far left lane, mere feet from the scene before turning left, and going off-screen.

Between the two cowboys, the loose cow is contained. The video goes on to repeat the excitement of the two ATVs attempting to approach the cow.

Unbelievable footage captures Oklahoma cowboys in action.

This was definitely an all-hands-on-deck scenario and the cowboys worked impressively to wrangle that loose cow and keep traffic on that road safe.

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