Orange Kitten Names

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Updated: September 28, 2022
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Key Points:

  • Cats in comics and children’s literature, like Garfield, Tigger and Heathcliff have made orange cats popular.
  • Sunny is a great name for a charming kitty girl with a sweet personality.
  • Pumpkin is a great choice for a chubby little boy kitty.
  • Many people choose to name their new kittens after beloved childhood pets.

Orange cats have long been popular cats to have as pets, regardless of cat breed. Perhaps boosted by cartoon versions, orange kitties are favorites of pet owners all over the United States, and if there is one thing cat owners love, it’s giving their kitty a good name. Some people enjoy naming their cat with a clever play on its fur color, while others like to name them after orange things. Another popular trend is to name the cat after a famous cat, kitten, or character.

There can only be so many Garfields and Heathcliffs around, so here is a list of 20 suggestions for orange kitten names, including several old classics and some fresh new alternatives. Most of the first 10 will be for a girl kitten, and most of the second 10 will be for a boy kitten, but both lists will also have a few gender-neutral names. Some will work better with short-haired cat breeds such as orange tabbies, while others will be good orange kitten names for fluffier kitties.

Orange Kitten Names for Girls

Fun fact: Cats are believed to be the only mammals that do not taste sweetness.


#10: Ginger

An absolute classic in the world of orange kitten names is Ginger. It may be a bit on the nose, but given that “ginger” is what we humans call the orange-haired of our species, it’s a great name for a cat with orange fur. It is better for a girl cat than a boy and could be used for most cat breeds.

#9: Marmalade

Many people refer to orange tabbies as orange marmalade cats, so Marmalade is a great one for a tabby cat, but will work for any cat breed, really, especially a Maine Coon. It’s unique enough to stand out from the Tigers and Garfields, but normal enough that it won’t be weird to call out from your front stoop when the cat needs to come inside for dinner. It’s a gender-neutral name but would work well for a girl kitten.

#8: Creamsicle

Have a cat that’s orange and white? Why not name it after a tasty ice cream treat that’s also orange and white? Some people believe that whatever you name your cat will come out in its personality, so what better way to ensure you have a cat that’s sweet and refreshing to have around than to call it Creamsicle? This one would be a great name for a fluffy orange and white cat, such as a Persian or Turkish Angora.

#7: Amber

Just as it is a popular name for human girls, if your kitten is a darker orange, Amber would be a great name for a girl cat. For a cat with shiny fur, especially, naming them after a jewel tone is a great way to go. This would be great for a Scottish Fold or even a Bengal cat.

#6: Clementine

Clementine, like one of those cute little mini oranges, is a perfect name for a miniature breed of orange cat or any cat breeds with smaller heads, such as a Devon Rex. A name for a girl cat, Clementine suggests a cat that will be small and sweet.

#5: Saffron

Saffron would be a lovely name for an exotic cat breed. When used in food, saffron can be anything from vibrant yellowish-orange to a deep reddish-orange, so it would work as a name for any shade of female orange kitten.

#4: Carrot

Carrot is a cute name for an orange kitty, especially one who likes vegetables or isn’t as quick to learn things as the other kitties are. This name might be a little more gender-neutral but would make a good name for a girl cat.

#3: Apricot/Peach

Depending on the shade of the cat, Apricot or Peach would be a cute name for a little orange girl kitty. Once again, the name suggests a sweet disposition, for a kitten who is a ball of joy. Both of these names lend themselves to nicknames too, which is good for cat owners who never call their pet by its actual name.

#2: Butterscotch

Butterscotch is a little more gender-neutral, but it would be really good for a girl cat too. For any cat breeds that are closer to a pale yellowy-orange than a bright or dark orange, Butterscotch is a great descriptive name and just sounds like a fun pet.

#1: Sunny

Does your girl kitten have a happy personality? Is her coat shiny and bright? Does she light up your life? Call your little ball of happiness Sunny. This name would work especially well with longhair cat breeds who have tufts of fur around their face like the quintessential cartoon sun face.

Orange Kitten Names for Boys

Fun fact: A group of kittens is called a kindle.


#10: Tigger/Tiger

A name like Tigger or Tiger would be perfect for a male orange kitten, in particular for cat breeds with a lot of stripes, such as tabbies. Tigger in particular would be an excellent name for a Bengal cat with orange fur since Bengals are known to be excellent jumpers.

#9: Rusty

Rusty would be as good a name for a male orange kitten as it is for a male human redhead’s nickname. Abyssinians and Devon Rexes would suit this name particularly well since Abyssinians tend to be darker orange and who wouldn’t want a cat you could refer to as a Rusty Rex?

#8: Blaze

Have a male cat that likes to run fast? Blaze is a good name for a fast orange cat, most especially a boy cat. Any cat breeds that are known to be highly active would be well named as Blaze, and also any with flame-like markings in their orange fur.

#7: Cheeto

Like Carrot for a girl, Cheeto brings to mind a boy cat that maybe isn’t all that smart, but is orange and hard to get enough of. One that sheds and leaves fur around like Cheeto dust would also be a good fit, so long-haired breeds might make the best Cheeto cats.

#6: Tabasco

If your boy kitten is temperamental and a little too much for some people, Tabasco is a good name. A high-strung cat with a bite would make a good Tabasco, especially in breeds that are a darker orange color.

#5: Curry

Curry is a good name for a cat who is a little spicy and hard to get enough of. Curry is kind of gender-neutral but would work well for a boy cat. Any orange cat with lots of color variation in its fur would be a good fit for the name Curry.

#4: Goldfish

It is always fun to name an animal after a different animal, and Goldfish would make a great name for a kitten who loves the water or has big eyes. An Exotic Shorthair or an American Bobtail would both make great Goldfish. You could also name your goldfish Orange Kitten, but that would be a bit weird.

#3: Mango

If your orange boy kitten is a bit on the yellow side, Mango will be a wonderful name for him. For a pudgy cat with a sweet disposition especially, Mango would be a good name. This one might be more gender-neutral but is good for a male cat.

#2: Habanero

If your kitten is feisty and likes to play, Habanero would make a really fun name for a male orange kitten. This one probably works best with kittens that are the closest to true orange but would also work with the paler oranges. A Munchkin or a Scottish Fold would make a great cat breed to name Habanero.

#1: Pumpkin

If your orange kitty is a little on the chubby side, they’re going to look a little like a pumpkin anyway, so why not just name them Pumpkin right away? This name would work especially well for cat breeds that have fat, round faces, like Exotic Shorthairs or British Shorthairs.

Sentimental Names

Sometimes choosing a sentimental name from the past is the best idea. Many people like naming their new cats in memory of a beloved pet from childhood. In the same way that people pass on family names, providing your new kitty with a recognized family pet name will make them feel right at home in your family.

Summary of the Top Twenty Orange Kitten Names

Girl KittenBoy Kitten
#1. SunnyPumpkin
#2. ButterscotchHabanero
#3. Apricot/PeachMango
#4. CarrotGoldfish
#5. SaffronCurry
#6. ClementineTabasco
#7. AmberCheeto
#8. CreamsicleBlaze
#9. MarmaladeRusty
#10. GingerTigger/Tiger

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