Orca Casually Throws Seal 80 Feet in The Air Like It’s Playing Catch

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: July 24, 2022
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Orcas are apex predators that loom throughout every ocean on earth. They have a vast diet that includes great white sharks and as you’ll see in this video, seals. Movies like Free Willy” (1993) put a spotlight on these orca whales, sharing what happens when these magnificent marine mammals are kept in captivity.

This video, filmed near Victoria, British Columbia, takes an aerial view of a group of whales. Two years after “Free Willy” was released, the male orca in this group was born. His name is T69C, and he travels with three female orcas. The video starts with suspenseful music as the scene is set.

The group of orcas is traveling along in the water as a flock of seagulls rests atop the water, with several others taking flight in circles, just above the group. One of the whales breaches and you can see its massive dorsal fin.

The view switches from aerial to on the water, and a man can be heard saying something behind the camera as T69C is seen erupting from the water, its black and white markings in full view just before it disappears back into the ocean with heavy splashes.

He seems to have caught something in the water and is wrestling with it. Keep your eyes peeled as you watch the clip because it moves quickly and between the splashes and the flying seagulls, you may miss what happens next.

T69C emerges from the water again, his flukes (lobs of his tail), flapping upward from the water, releasing a seal into the air. The seal spins in circles as it reaches incredible heights, melding into the flock of seagulls for just a minute before it begins its descent back into the water.

The man behind the video can be heard excitedly saying, “Yes, yes, yes!” as he continues capturing this unbelievable moment. The seal comes down with a mighty splash as another onlooker exclaims, “That seal went 80 feet up in the air!”

The rest of the video captures the orcas breaching, showing off their fins as the seagulls decide that the best place for them is in the air, and not resting on the water where these creatures have decided to feast.

The video returns to an aerial view, where the group of whales can be seen continuing into the deep blue.

T69C, the male orca whale in this clip uses its flukes to chuck an unsuspecting seal into the air.

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