A Pack of Birds Decides to Gang Up on a Giant Snake

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: May 28, 2022
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While Angry Birds is a fun game that was popular in the early 2010s, these angry birds are something else entirely. A snake seems to be slithering along, minding his own business. Suddenly a flock of birds surrounds him and seem to have a bone to pick with the serpent. 

It’s not too common to see a flock of birds team up to attack a single animal. These feathery critters seem to have fun as they take turns attacking the snake. Whether it’s pecking on his scales or attempting to pick him up with their feet, they’re not leaving him alone. 

One commenter has an interesting theory that the snake previously ate the bird’s eggs. Birds are known to have fantastic memories. The commenter says: “This isn’t an attack. It’s vengeance. And notice how while one distracts the enemy, another bird attacks from behind. Their assault is coordinated.”

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There is a bit of commentary from the Australian man recording the video. He seems to have knowledge about this type of snake and confirms they do eat bird eggs. Every time the poor snake raises its head in an attempt to dominate the flock, one of them snatches them with its talons. 

As the serpent continues to make his way away from the aggressive birds, they continue to attack him and follow him wherever he goes. Something even more surprising upon a closer look at the birds is that there are two different species going after the snake. One is a beautiful, iridescent blue and green, while the others appear to be brown. 

You’re left on the edge of your seat during the entire video wondering whether the snake will make a great escape or if he’ll succumb to the actions of the birds. What do you think will happen? The only way to know is to watch til the end! 

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Can you imagine a flock of birds ganging up on a snake like this one?
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