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Roaches in Michigan Picture

Let’s say you live in Michigan, and something small, dark, and scaly just crawled over your foot in the dark. What is it? Well, chances or good, you just felt… Read More

By Brandi Allred 10 months ago

Mountain lions in Virginia Picture

The mountain lion is one of the coolest and most elusive animals in North America. It is secretive and intelligent, rarely seen unless it wants to be. Unfortunately, these animals… Read More

By Colby Maxwell 10 months ago

Garter Snakes in Maryland Picture

The geography of Maryland is diverse, with marsh-filled coastal plains, wetlands, and farmlands. There are mountains, ridges, forests, valleys, and streams spanning the state. Garter snakes are common throughout the… Read More

By Gabrielle Nicole 10 months ago

6 Black Snakes in Michigan Picture

Michigan is a nature lover's heaven, boasting magnificent lakes, waterfalls, and towering forests. If you reside near the Great Lakes, you know that Michigan has a diverse range of animals.… Read More

By Taiwo Victor 10 months ago

How are Rivers Formed? Picture

Rivers are remarkable flowing bodies of water that move downhill from their point of origin. Some rivers flow for thousands of miles, providing water and economic benefits for those that… Read More

By Kyle Glatz 10 months ago

Discover 7 Geckos in Hawaii Picture

Hawaii is home to a unique variety of reptiles ranging from tiny skinks to massive sea turtles and iguanas. Interestingly, none of the geckos in Hawaii are native–all have been… Read More

By Hailey Pruett 10 months ago