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10 Birds That Mate For Life Picture

Key Points: Several birds select only one partner for life.Together they share nest building and foraging duties and also raise their young together.Certain bird species actually choose each other when… Read More

By Dana Mayor 1 year ago

10 Animals That Shed Their Skin Picture

Key Points Some animals on this list shed their fur or feathers rather than their skin, these animals include dogs, sheep, and birds. This list incudes crabs, snakes, and people!An… Read More

By Rebecca 1 year ago

Do Birds Pee? Picture

Key Points Birds (with a few exceptions) do not have a bladder or a urethra and so are unable to urinate.However they do have kidneys which get rid of excess… Read More

By AZ Animals Staff 1 year ago

The Top 5 Groups of Animals With Exoskeletons Picture

Key Points An exoskeleton develops around the animal's external frame. For invertebrates, the shell consists of proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates. The exoskeleton of mollusks is a calcium carbonate shell.Anthropods make… Read More

By Rebecca 1 year ago

What Do Lizards Eat? Picture

Lizards eat a varied diet that ranges from insects, to eggs, to fish and berries Lizards are one of the most adaptable members of the reptile family. You can find… Read More

By Patrick Sather 1 year ago

What Do Foxes Eat? Picture

Foxes are omnivores that eat a diet that's heavy in frogs, birds, rodents, and rabbits Foxes often get a bad rap, and not just in fairytales, where they often act… Read More

By Patrick Sather 1 year ago

What Do Ducks Eat? Picture

Ducks eat an omnivorous diet that includes plants and small animals such as fish and insects Have you ever fed ducks at a local pond or lake? While often considered… Read More

By Patrick Sather 1 year ago

Can Elephants Swim? Picture

Elephants are surprisingly agile animals for their enormous size. They can run at speeds of up to 25 mph, and their young are able to hold their bodies up and… Read More

By Hailey Pruett 1 year ago

10 Birds With Long Tails Picture

Key Points Birds on this list include the white-tailed tropicbird and the superb Lyrebird.White-bellied Go-Away Bird is also a member of this list.Birds with long tails aren't straightforward, such as… Read More

By Rebecca 1 year ago

9 Birds That Attack Humans Picture

Key Points Some birds on this list attack humans to protect their young, some birds attack humans because they mistake them for food!Some animals on this list attack humans and… Read More

By Rebecca 1 year ago

9 Smartest Birds in the World Picture

Key Points: Birds are much smarter than humans once gave them credit for. Many birds use tools, outsmart other animals, recognize faces, solve puzzles, plan for the future, show empathy,… Read More

By Heather Hall 1 year ago

What Do Skunks Eat? Picture

Skunks are omnivores that eat a varied diet ranging from nuts and seeds, to insects, to small rodents and frogs Have you ever smelled the spray of a skunk? If… Read More

By Patrick Sather 1 year ago

7 Deadliest Birds On Earth Picture

Key Points The Australian magpie has erratic flight patterns which can target random people, pets, and even predators of the magpie leading to thousands of injuries every year, and roughly… Read More

By Rebecca 1 year ago

10 Birds with the Longest Beaks Picture

Key Points The sword-billed hummingbird is the only bird known whose beak is longer than its entire body. The bill developed, as in many other hummingbirds, to sip nectar from… Read More

By Rebecca 1 year ago

What Do Turtles Eat? Picture

Turtles eat a diverse diet that includes leafy greens, aquatic plants, vegetables, fish and more! Turtles rank among the most loved and common household reptiles on earth. In the order… Read More

By Patrick Sather 1 year ago