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How Big Do Rats Get? Picture

Rats are furry, long-tailed creatures with an ever-present appetite to match their ever-growing teeth. They can be found almost anywhere globally, particularly in places inhabited by human beings. If people… Read More

By Emmanuel Kingsley 2 years ago

10 Spiders in Arkansas Picture

Arkansas boasts an array of flora and fauna, lending its nickname, the Natural State. Along with common animals like deer and coyotes, it's also home to unique animals like armadillos… Read More

By Patrick Sather 2 years ago

Wasps Predators: What Eats Wasps? Picture

Wasps are identified as stinging insect groups in order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita. Despite their diversity, wasps are well distinguished from Apocrita ants and bees by behavioral and physical characteristics,… Read More

By Emmanuel Kingsley 2 years ago

Are Crocodiles Dinosaurs? Picture

Quick Answer: No, crocodiles are not dinosaurs. Crocodiles evolved from reptiles that existed before dinosaurs. Both crocodiles and dinosaurs came from the crown group Archosaurs, which were reptiles that included… Read More

By Cindy Rasmussen 2 years ago