45 Incredible Pit Bull Mix Breeds

Portrait of a happy American Pitbull Terrier dog on a walk. A beautiful female hand scratches dog's ear. Dog portrait, horizontal photo
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Written by Katarina Betterton

Published: August 19, 2023

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The American pit bull terriers have long had a bad rap as aggressive, bad dogs when the truth is, they’re brimming with enthusiasm and zest for life. Thankfully, these dogs have received a better reputation in the last 10 years thanks to user-generated content on social media and public education. 

As such, pit bulls have become much more widely adopted and loved — even ranking among the top 10 favorite dogs on American Kennel Club’s list for 2022 with their bulldog cousins. With more demand comes more mixed breeding. And there are some really cute pit mixes.

Keep reading to discover a whopping 45 unique and incredible pit bull mixed breeds, learn their temperament, and see what the mix looks like in real life.

What Is a Mixed Breed Dog?

Mixed breed describes any dog with parents, not of the same breed. While a purebred dog has registered parents both of the same breed, a mixed-breed dog has unregistered parents of different breeds. That could be a pug and a Jack Russell to make a puggle, a St. Bernard and a poodle to make a Bernedoodle, or a Chihuahua and a dachshund to make a Chiweenie.

Mixed breed dogs are often termed “mutts,” but the title has a vastly negative connotation to it. Interestingly, the origin of “mutt” comes from sheep. “Mutt” is short for “muttonhead,” which was thrown around in the 1800s to call someone stupid, as sheep were generally thought of as unintelligent animals. After the 1900s, records indicate the use of “mutt” for both people and animals began to occur.

Far from stupid, pit bulls are a hardy breed that mixes well with many other types of dogs.

45 Pit Bull Mixed Breeds

1. Alaskan Pit Bull

An Alaskan Malamute and a pit bull mix to create an Alaskan pit bull. This crossbreed is energetic, has a love for adventure, and remains steadfastly loyal to its family. It’s definitely a breed for active couples and families, as the dog will need consistent exercise to keep it occupied and healthy. 

2. American Pit Bull

Scariest Dogs

Pit bulls are probably the most feared dogs in the U.S. They’re associated with dogfighting, attacking people, and serving as guard dogs for drug dealers.


Also known as a bullypit, the American pit bull is a cross between the American bulldog and a pit bull. Both breeds are muscular, active, and loyal, which makes for a loving and fierce protection dog. The bullypit keeps the energy and enthusiasm from their pit bull parent while adding in the American bulldog’s affection and want to snuggle.

3. Aussiebull

Not to be confused with the bull Aussie, which is a mix between an American bulldog and an Australian shepherd, the Aussiebull combines a pit bull with the Australian shepherd for an adorable, affectionate pup. This dog, while prone to destructiveness out of separation anxiety or boredom, is quick to please and incredibly loving.

4. Beagle Pit 

Large Brindle and white beagle pit bull mixed breed Rescue Dog with white chin and white chest wearing blue collar looking up at camera with white socks

©Karen Dole/Shutterstock.com

The rare mix between a pit bull and a beagle creates the beagle pit; a protective and playful pup with great grooming needs. Both parents’ short coats make the beagle pit’s coat easy to maintain. Amid the temperament of the beagle pit is a thirst for activity, demand for attention, and staunch protective instincts for its territory and family.

5. Blue Pit Bull

Blue nose Pit bull dog playing and having fun in the park. Grassy floor, agility ramp, ball. Selective focus. Dog park. Sunny day.

©Diego Thomazini/Shutterstock.com

The mix of a Blue Heeler and a pit bull creates an easily-trainable companion dog known as the blue pit bull. These dogs like to hang out with their parents whenever they can and remain steadily obedient to their humans.

6. Borderbull 

The pit bull and border collie mix can have a mixed bag of temperaments, but most combinations are sweet and well-tempered. Drawing from both gene pools, this mixed breed has the proclivity for being alert, loyal, responsible, affectionate, social, and happy. They do, however, have the chance of being overly mouthy.

7. Bull Boxer

Bullboxer 1

Both boxers and pit bulls love kids, making this mixed breed a perfect nanny for young kids.

©Ipek Morel/Shutterstock.com

Thanks to the boxer’s sweet temperament and the pit bull’s general affection, these are amazing family dogs for young kids. They’re gentle, sweet, and very protective of the children in their family. While they do need to be trained from puppyhood to curb the mixed breed’s streak of stubbornness, they’re all-around gentle giants with a deep well of love for their humans.

8. Bull Pit Bull

Known as the pit bullmastiff or bull pit bull, the bull mastiff and pit bull combine to create a beefy, massive dog that protects its family above all else. They can grow as large as 100 to 150 pounds and look forward to working on tasks. They’d rather do a job than lay around on the couch, so training at an early age is actually pretty easy. Because they’re eager to please, social, and active, the pit bullmastiff looks for ways to learn.

9. Bull Spaniel

Overall, this mixed breed of dog is easygoing with humans and loves to play. While it may have some issues with dog aggression if not socialized early, the general temperament of a cocker spaniel pit bull mix remains friendly and good-natured.

10.  Catabull

A Catahoula Leopard Dog x Pit Bull Terrier mixed breed dog with freckles on its face and floppy ears standing outdoors



dogs mix with a pit bull to result in a strong breed that required early training to handle.

©Mary Swift/Shutterstock.com

Also known as the piahoula, this new and rare type of crossbreed combines a Catahoula leopard dog with a pit bull to create a dog that keeps owners on their toes. These dogs are energetic, alert, and strong, making it an unwieldy breed for anyone who hasn’t parented either breed before.

11. Chipit 

The chipit dog has limitless energy despite its small size.


Pit bull and Chihuahua mixes are small — growing only to around 30 pounds at the max. These pups love to play for hours with their active families; one walk a day may not be enough unless you have young kids at home that can entertain the dog! While the chipit can be well-behaved and low-maintenance, those qualities depend on steady training in puppyhood.

12. Chowpit 

Also known as Pitchows, the pit bull and chow chow crossbred is a massive canine with strong ties to its family and an alert sense of self that serves it well as a watchdog. Chowpits love their families and remain protective of them even around family friends. They’re confident, independent, assertive, and brave dogs.

13. Corgi Pit 

Pit bull and corgi mix might just be the cutest thing on earth.

Corgi pits love to stay close to their family and work to protect and play with them on a daily basis.

©Justin stiffler/Shutterstock.com

When pit bulls crossbred with Welsh corgis, a corgi pit is born. Deriving their goofiness from their pit parent, the corgi pit loves to be silly and have fun with its family. They’re attached at the hip to their humans, protective of children, and desperate for as much playtime inside and outside as they can get.

14. Corso Bull

Cane corsos alone are large. Pair it with a pit bull and you’ll have an unstoppable family protector with a good-natured and loving temperament. These mixed breeds will tend to startle easily, though, so proper training and socialization of both people and animals at an early age remain advantageous to families who want an approachable corso bull.

15. Dachshabull 

Dachshund Pit Bull mix puppy at the beach

Dachshabulls come in several different colors and have a ton of energy.


The elongated dachshabull has a pit bull’s affection and a dachshund’s playfulness. Both breeds bring stubborn, courageous, and active traits to the table, making this breed a lot to handle for first-time dog owners. However, experienced pet parents will love the alert, protective, and loving qualities of a dachshabull.

16. Doberpit

With two protective and loving breeds, the doberpit is one of the most loving and affectionate guard dog breeds. As a cross between a pit bull and a Doberman pinscher, the doberpit looks tough but only wants to be loved fiercely and taught a few commands they can use consistently to protect their family.

17. English Pit Bull

The English bulldog brings a sort of reserved feeling to the crossbreed, making the English pit bull overprotective and guarded. Unless specifically trained, these dogs are not kid-friendly and should not be taken on by new owners. They are big dogs, too. English pit bulls can grow to weigh over 100 pounds. 

18. Eskimo Pit 

The bark of an Eskimo pit does more than alert a family to an intruder; it scares that intruder off. However, the cross between an American Eskimo dog and a pit bull is not overly aggressive. It’s a great watchdog and family protector while coming off as both charming and affectionate. Its deep bark seems frightening, but the breed doesn’t entertain the proclivity to act overly aggressive by biting or threatening to attack others.

19. French Pit Bull 

Similar to the pit bullmastiff, the French pit bull actively searches out its owners anytime they’re not together to remain close enough to protect them. These are overprotective and deeply affectionate dogs that are wary of strangers. Combining the pit bull’s loyalty and the French mastiff’s intelligence, this crossbreed will do everything in its power to keep its owner safe from harm.

20. German Pit Bull

large mixed breed young dog headshot of shepherd pitbull

German shepherd-pit bull mixes are incredibly protective and hardworking dogs.

©MarieDolphin/ via Getty Images

The mix of a German shepherd and a pit bull results in a furry, smart, and affectionate dog that works hard to protect its family. They are very athletic and get along well with kids both in the house and during playtimes outside. Because of their zest for adventure, German pit bulls make great fieldhands. 

21. Goldenbull

Pitbull and Golden Retriever mix

Goldenbulls have a protective street in their otherwise social nature.


This sweet-faced crossbreed between a golden retriever and a pit bull provides a unique sort of family dog. While not as protective as other crossbreeds of the pit bull, the goldenbull will alert its family of intruders or strangers. They are incredibly playful and social dogs, getting along well with most people they meet, children, other dogs, and family friends.

22. Greybull Pit

The unique combination of a pit bull and a greyhound creates the greybull pit, a sweet and gentle dog that prefers sticking next to its owner. They inherit the speed from their greyhound parent and the intelligence of their pit bull parent, making the greybull pit a fast and smart breed.

23. Great Danebull 

With floppy ears, saggy faces, and a personality filled with affection, the pit bull-Great Dane mix is a perfect dog for families that want a large dog for protection and love. The crossbreed likes the undivided attention of its owners and constantly wants to be around family.

24. Great Pyrebull

With old-soul eyes and a soft coat, the crossbreed of a great Pyrenees and a pit bull, often called a “Pitenees” has natural guarding instincts. It often retains the strong will and independence of a great Pyrenees and will stay aloof or wary of any new members of the family. They may require additional socialization training to become comfortable with new dogs, people, or situations.

25. Jack Pit 

The energy of a Jack Russell shows through when mixed with a pit bull even more than a purebred dog. These dogs are incredibly friendly but not the best choice for first-time dog owners. The intense amount of energy, as well as their demanding nature, makes strict training a must in puppyhood to avoid solidifying unruly behaviors.

26. Labrabull 

Pitbull and Golden retriever mix puppy (cross breed dogs)

Labrabulls have the affection and temperament to become an owner’s new best friend very quickly.


Taking the loyalty characteristics of both pit bulls and Labrador retrievers and kicking it into high gear, the labrabull will bond very quickly with new families. They love kids and will protect them both during playtime and during serious situations. Lab-pit mixes are affectionate, happy, and loyal dogs that make amazing family pets.

27. Newfoundbull

Massive, furry, and fun, the Newfoundland mixed with a pit bull has shockingly high emotional intelligence. So much so, you can often see these crossbreeds as therapy and service dogs. The dog works well with children thanks to its patience and unending loyalty. Furthermore, its energy motivates it to learn and grow with its owner throughout its life. 

28. Pit Pei

Crossing the Chinese shar-pei with the American pit bull terrier begets a dog breed that herds, hunts, guards, and plays in a surprisingly gentle-mannered way. These dogs, while powerful beings, tend to take a pacifist approach to many situations and remain unbothered by children and other animals. However, when they sense a threat, these dogs’ protective nature comes to the forefront.

29. Pitboodle

The poodle brings its intelligence, trainability, and alertness to the mix while the pit bull’s overwhelming need to please and affection shine through in a family- and fun-loving crossbreed. The pitboodle loves lounging around its home environment with family and will protect its home fiercely.

30. Pitsenji

A rare mix, the pit bull-basenji mix is a little stubborn and is a lot of dog to handle. Depending on the individual dog and its personality, it may inherit the trademark “yodel” of its basenji parent. They are incredibly active dogs that need at least one hour of walking a day — but the more, the better. They also need mental stimulation, so interactive toys, games, and puzzles will ensure they grow up happy and well-adjusted.

31. Pit Bull Mastiff Mix


Pit bull mastiffs have a sweet soul and a discerning nature.

©AlexNazath/ via Getty Images

The English mastiff has a discerning personality that demands trust and reliability. Once they choose to trust you, they accept you as part of their pack and will act in accordance with the unspoken rule of “I protect you, you protect me.” English mastiff-pit bull mixes are much the same: they are loving and gentle but will risk life and limb to protect their family — especially children.

32. Pitkita

Both Akitas and pit bulls strive to please their owner, so this crossbreed of dog has a loyal and enthusiastic nature that focuses on making their owner happy. These dogs are pretty easy to train, even with their stubborn streak. They also like other people, making them pretty friendly as pit bull crossbreeds go.

33. Pitsky 

A Pitsky (American Pit Bull Terrier X Siberian Husky) watching a bird.

A pitsky dog makes a great protector and companion to smaller children.


As one might guess, the energy level of a pit bull-Siberian Husky mix is off the charts. In addition to this energy, though, these dogs have an affectionate and silly nature that makes them great companions to elementary-aged kids. However, kennels and breeders encourage owners to keep an eye on kids and Pitskies that play together, as the dog often doesn’t understand its size and can accidentally hurt a child during heightened play.

34. Pittmaraner

The relatively-new cross between a pit bull and a Weimaraner has become synonymous with intelligence and exercise. Introduced somewhere in the 2000s to the United States, Pittmaraners grow to between 30 and 60 pounds and serve as an eager adventuring companion. 

35. Pitweiler

The mix between a pitbull and Rottweiler is not for the faint of heart. These dogs are incredibly strong-willed, have immense physical prowess, and have a thick stubborn streak that can be hard to curb if you’re not an experienced dog owner. This mixed breed needs consistent exercise and training to avoid its destructive and aggressive tendencies.

36. Pitzu

The cross between a Shih Tzu and a pit bull results in a kid-friendly companion that loves to sit on laps, receive snuggles, and play to their heart’s content with their families. This hybrid breed remains very unlikely to show signs of aggression towards people or other animals.

37. Pointerbull 

Pointer pit isolated

Pointer pits are friendly, high-energy dogs that require plenty of exercise.


This rare crossbreed of a German shorthaired pointer and a pit bull is, all around, a ball of fun. They are friendly and loyal dogs that remain easily trainable thanks to their eagerness to please their owners. Because it’s so lively, it does need constant engagement and exercise, whether that comes from another dog, a daily walk or two, or interactive toys that challenge their mind.

38. Pugbull

The stubborn streak of both the pug and the pit bull comes out in the crossbreed of the two dogs. The Pugbull is an affectionate and daring dog that is smart — and knows it. They will show their stubbornness with training and resource sharing. These are still friendly dogs, though, with much love for their families. 

39. Rhodesian Pit Bull

The Rhodesian pit bull is loyal, agile, and confident. Because humans have trained both parent breeds — the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the pit bull — to fight, slight dog aggression underlies the loyal and good-natured characteristics. Puppies of this crossbreed need training early and often to ensure they’ll be sociable to both humans and animals down the line.  

40. Saint Pit Bull

The sweet nature of both the pit bull and Saint Bernard breed makes the Saint Pitbull a loveable, cuddly giant. Factor in the protective bent each breed has and you have a perfect nanny dog that wants to protect children as much as they want to play. They can be strong-willed, but for the most part they are gentle, energetic, and loving.

41. Schpit 

The schnauzer part of the schpit dog makes the temperament of these dogs a mixed bag. For the most part, they’re active, friendly, and outgoing. However, if a bad mood hits them, these pups will show an aloof or stubborn side of themselves. They are good companion dogs and will happily lay on the couch next to you, or go on a long walk — whichever their owner prefers.

42. French Pittie

The cross between a French bulldog and a pit bull results in a small but mighty breed of dog that loves kids, socializes with nearly any stranger, and begs to go on long walks. While they tend to shed a lot, this stocky dog doesn’t make grooming too high-maintenance of an affair. And, with their adaptability and social skills, they love going out on the town to the groomers to meet new people and dogs. 

43. Springer Pit

The adorable Springer spaniel pit bull mix has the energy to spare. It delights its family with loving affection, clever intelligence, and a deep well of cheer that will make even the saddest frown smile. These dogs are easy to train but aren’t the best protector. After a few minutes of barking, they’ll just want to play or be pet.

44. Bordeaux Pit Bull

While they may look intimidating, the Bordeaux mastiff pit bull mix spends its life wanting to be close to family. They’re gentle, good-natured, and loving dogs with a powerful stance and seemingly-limitless energy. Families that like to walk, hike, and go on adventures will have an eager companion in the Bordeaux pit bull.

45. Shiba Pit

These well-balanced dogs take the intelligence and eagerness of a Shiba Inu and multiplies it with the same characteristics found in pit bulls. What results is an eager-to-please, loving, and active crossbreed. They aren’t too reserved and may calm down just a bit from each breed’s individual hyperness level.

Pit Bull Mixes: Super Dogs of Love, Protection, and Play

Pit bulls can crossbreed with nearly any other breed to create a loveable pup that protects its family and looks forward to playtime every day. These are relatively low-maintenance dogs, and the vast majority are great picks for active families, couples, and first-time dog owners (with exceptions).

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