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Siamese cat resting on the floor.
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Written by Marisa Wilson

Published: October 9, 2022

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Humans love cats because of several reasons. Not only are they easy to take care of, but they offer lovely company and amusement. You already know how amazing cats can be if you’ve seen any Youtube videos on cats reacting to cucumbers. Although cats have a (mostly) unjustified reputation for being distant and rude, cat owners are familiar with the advantages of having cuddly, adorable cats around. 

However, most dog owners are aware of their pet’s breed, whether it be a terrier or a Chihuahua, but many cat owners are still unable to do so. There are many breeds of cats, and each one is distinct. Additionally, every cat breed will present you with a unique experience different from another breed. The following are the most common cat breeds, whether you want to add a new feline friend or have a cat in your home.


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The Sphynx is generally a healthy cat who can live between 9 to 15 years.


Sphynx cats differ in their degree of hairlessness, with some having a very fine “peach fuzz” all over and others having just a fine fuzz over the extremities. Their lack of fur is still the most noticeable trait of this striking cat. The lack of fur allows everyone to see the Sphynx cat’s bone structure and muscle. 

This cat is remarkably robust, with long, graceful lines and somewhat loose skin that develops wrinkles in some spots. They have a relatively long and neat tail, rounded paws, and a head that is slightly wedge-shaped with enormous eyes and ears. The Sphynx cat is a playful, acrobatic performer who enjoys strutting its stuff. They have a peculiar sense of humor that frequently contrasts with their somber demeanor. 

This caring and devoted breed will stick with you around the house and attempt to participate in whatever you are doing, taking advantage of any chance to perch on your shoulder or snuggle up on your lap. They are intellectual, curious, and energetic, making them a handful. The sphynx does best as an exclusively indoor cat for her safety and typically gets along with kids and other pets.


Bengal cat like a leopard sneaks

The only breed that has rosette markings that genuinely represent its wild Asian


lineage is the Bengal.

© Alexander_Evgenyevich/Shutterstock.com

The Bengal cat’s distinctive coat distinguishes them from other felines. The only breed that has rosette markings that genuinely represent its wild Asian leopard lineage is the Bengal. Their coats with spots or marble patterns are as stunning and elegant. They need brushing once a week to get rid of loose hair and dead skin cells because their fur is so short. 

Bengal cats have similar weights to domestic cats, but due to their lengthy, muscular physique, they tend to be larger in stature. You shouldn’t be shocked if you see your Bengals peering down at you from shelves because they have long legs that make them good jumpers. Bengals are delicate and sweet on the inside, despite their wild exterior. 

These friendly cats are social, although they might declare one household member their favorite. Bengal cats get along well with young children, other cats, and even household dogs. The secret, though, is early socialization and exposure to family members. You might have difficulties introducing a new animal to older Bengals already accustomed to their habits.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex sitting in blankets on bed

The Devon Rex makes for a great companion for those with allergies.


If Frodo Baggins had a cat, this would be it. It has elfish qualities. The Devon’s preferred perch is directly above head height, on their favorite person’s shoulder. They show a keen interest in everything happening and won’t allow themselves to be excluded from any activity. You can count on them to remain as near to you as possible while sporadically expressing their ideas in a low voice. They enjoy the attention of both friends and family since they love people. 

This cat is intelligent and moderately active. They don’t move all the time but enjoy playing fetch and learning new tricks. Their creative mind will be delighted by puzzles and interactive toys, which will keep them occupied while you go out and earn money to buy more of them. The Devon will attempt to eat in the dining room with everyone because they believe they are people. 

If you don’t properly monitor their food consumption, they will munch themself into a few extra pounds. They prefer to sleep under the covers. Devon Rex hunt down the warmest areas they can, like a missile seeking heat. Choose a Devon if you want a mischievous, nimble cat to hang out with, and you won’t be shocked if you catch a glimpse of them planning its path to your shoulder from the top of a shelf.


Siamese Cats - Lynx Point Siamese Cat

As a loving cat, the Siamese needs a parent who will devote as much time to them as they do to them.

©Pixel Cat Photo/Shutterstock.com

In addition to being gorgeous, the Siamese cat is also brilliant. They are easily teachable. The Siamese has its own desires, just as the majority of other highly intellectual breeds. As a loving cat, the Siamese needs a parent who will devote as much time to them as they do to them. 

Their parent needs to spend time playing with the Siamese and be kind to them. The Siamese will immediately display a weight increase due to their long, strong frame. Siamese exhibits a pot belly after overindulging for one day. The diet needs to be carefully managed. The long, lean legs were not intended to support a large body. 

Perches and cat trees should be available because Siamese is excellent jumpers and enjoy heights. Siamese cats enjoy playing with toys found in the house for their amusement. They require little maintenance for their coat, but they like spending time being brushed because they tend to link it with affection. Despite their graceful appearance, the Siamese may be a great lap cat. They will sleep next to their owners and are quite affectionate.

American Shorthair

American shorthair laying on hardwood floor

American shorthair cats have a charming and loving nature for a breed that was once created mainly to hunt rats and mice.


This medium to large-sized cat breed known as the “American Shorthair” has a dense, thick coat that tends to thicken over the winter but only needs occasional brushing. Although the American and domestic shorthair has similar appearances, they are not the same. Because the domestic shorthair cat is a hybrid, its temperament can vary greatly. 

American shorthair cats have a charming and loving nature for a breed that was once created mainly to hunt rats and mice. They adore spending time with their human family and don’t mind when kids carry them around. American shorthair cats are renowned for being laid-back and docile yet naturally interested enough to make a fun companion. 

American shorthairs adore attention but aren’t abrasive about it and usually are relatively quiet. Because of their adaptability and tolerance, they can get along with kids and other pets as long as they are properly introduced. They can be independent and not demand constant care while being social kitties.

Scottish Fold

Scottish fold sitting with paws crossed

The Scottish Fold is one of the most expensive cat breeds.


The Scottish Fold is a lovely breed. They are simple cats to take care of ad live with inside. They are warm and at ease around every member of their family. You must be gentle with their tail. When handled incorrectly or unintentionally, the tail of some of these cats is known to stiffen and inflict pain. 

The Scottish Fold’s diet needs to be handled with care. They should avoid gaining weight because this breed is naturally round. Nutritional management is essential because they eat well and are not as active as other breeds. The Scottish Fold needs interaction from its owner. They enjoy being brushed as part of play, despite the coat being simple to maintain. 

Play with the tail of the Scottish Fold as they age by gently rocking it up and down and side to side. They should be taken to the clinic to ensure she doesn’t have arthritis if any stiffness is noted or if they seem to be in pain when the tail is moved.


Beautiful Himalayan cat playing outside in the garden.

Himalayan cats adore being handled, cuddled, and spending time with their family.


Himalayan cats are called “gentle giants” of the feline world despite their bigger stature. They have sweet, calm temperaments, are playful and adore the attention of their owners. If you’re seeking a low-maintenance pet, they may not fit the bill because of their long, silky coats, which need daily grooming. Although himmies are kind, mellow cats, don’t believe that makes them uninteresting. 

They won’t likely go crazy climbing your drapes like other breeds; these cats enjoy playing with toys. They are sharp and highly tuned in to their owners, frequently welcoming them at the door after a separation. Himalayan cats adore being handled, cuddled, and spending time with their family. As long as they aren’t too rowdy, these medium- to large-sized, sociable cats usually get along well with kids. 

They can also adapt exceptionally well to a home with other pets that get along with cats. Although Himalayans don’t require much exercise, they are quite playful and will misbehave if they get bored. A vet can help choose a cat food designed to prevent or reduce hairballs because Himalayans are prone to them due to their long, silky coats.


Tallest cats - Siberian cat

Siberian is a forest cat that originated in snowy Russia, where it needs its plush triple coat to fend off the elements.


The medium-sized, semi-longhaired Siberian cat is a magnificent sight to behold and a loving companion. Siberian is a forest cat that originated in snowy Russia, where it needs its plush triple coat to fend off the elements. This breed makes an excellent feline companion because of its endearing demeanor, which is outgoing, affectionate, friendly, and active. 

They get along well with gentle, courteous kids and even other cats and dogs. The Siberian cat is energetic and wise. The breed is notoriously slow to mature; it may take up to five years for them to stop acting like kittens. The implication is that a Siberian kitty is a lot of joy to have around. This is a playful, curious, and adventurous breed. 

Play many games with your Siberian cat and expose it to various entertaining toys to keep it mentally and physically occupied. The cat will shed its thick winter fur in favor of a lighter summer one as the weather warms up. The coat will be the thickest in the winter. Since the Siberian cat’s fur is thick, long, and resistant to matting, only occasional brushing is necessary unless they are regularly shedding.

Maine Coon

Tallest cats - Maine Coon Cat

Despite their intimidating size, Maine coons are gentle giants who adore spending time with their owners.


Maine coons are big, loving cats that enjoy spending time with their owners and playing with them. Although owners of Maine coons recognize and appreciate these cats for being affectionate family pets, this cat species is mainly known for its enormous size—up to 40 inches in length. Given that the Maine coon nearly went extinct at one point, the breed’s popularity is remarkable. Despite their intimidating size, Maine coons are gentle giants who adore spending time with their owners. They don’t value privacy or personal space and expect to be included in the family. 

These cats love the idea of following you as you go about your day, from room to room. Although Maine coons are undoubtedly charming and friendly, they are not often lap cats. Given its size, this breed usually prefers to hang out next to you instead of on you, which can be a good thing. They have a high level of intelligence, are energetic, and will play like kittens long into old age. 

While they can be left alone for extended periods, they won’t enjoy it. These cats can become anxious and worried when left alone frequently, so it’s ideal to place them with a family that often has at least one person at home during the day to provide some company. Most Maine coons enjoy being in the water. Although this is fantastic for bath time, it also means that they’ll follow you into the bathroom or try to obstruct you while you’re washing the dishes.


Most Expensive Cat Breeds: Persian

Although Persians tend to be relaxed and easygoing, they also command an air of royalty.


Persian cats have been loved for hundreds of years, and their origins can be found in the deserts of Persia and Iran. Due to their well-known and adored charming, peaceful, and tranquil demeanor, Persian cats are immensely popular. Persian cats need gentle handling despite their friendliness, so no grabbing or roughhousing from small children

They get along well with good-natured, courteous children but prefer to be petted and admired over-exerting themselves physically. Persians also get along well with calm dogs and other cats. They enjoy sprawling out in a favorite position in the house with a good vantage point to observe family activities, whether on a comfortable chair or a window ledge bathed in sunlight. Persians are sedentary; keeping them inside is advisable to avoid overheating or tangling their thick, lengthy. 

Persian cats adore their human families, but as long as they are in their own homes, where they feel safe and secure, they don’t mind being left alone for short periods. The Persian cat requires the most grooming of all the cat species due to its thick, luxuriant, flowing coat. The coat is incredibly dense and lengthy. Simply brushing is insufficient. A Persian with a full coat needs daily brushing with a soft slicker brush and daily combing with a wide-toothed comb to prevent mats from forming.


As you can see, every kitty cat is different in some way. It is essential to keep that in mind when choosing one for your home. Some breeds don’t do well with small children others love playing in the water. Getting a cat that is like you and fits your lifestyle is a good idea. How often do you leave the house? Do you have other pets? 

What care requirements do you hate? If daily brushing seems excessive, then a short-haired cat is ideal. All the things you like or dislike about a cat can be used to find your perfect match. With all these excellent choices, you can see which one works best for you. Now that you know your options share them with other cat fans so they can see these popular kitties! 

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